Catch Guide: SOS Level Pokemon in Pokemon Sun/Moon

Hello! This is MineatThe2nd, or Mineat in general, I’m here to teach you about S.O.S. levels and how to use them to catch rare Pokemon in the game. Watch. I’m currently riding a Stoutland. I don’t need that Pokemon, but it can be if you want… My 3DS is about to fall off! Okay, hold on. That’s Lillipup. More Lillipup! That’s all I need… Great. This is obviously a Pokemon that doesn’t want to be called a support Pokemon. Okay. Let me do this. That’s Mudbray. This one’s caught. That’s an Eevee. This one I truly wanted. Other than Igglybuff. So, depending on the moves you can make… If you can present a big enough threat to it, it can actually call out a support Pokemon.

Basically what a totem Pokemon would do anyway, but depending on the settings and its evolution ties, it may even bring out even evolved Pokemon, in the wild. It’s low or high levels, depending. Let’s see this in action! *Going through it obviously….* I need to scare them too, actually.

Pokeballs do count, as they’re about to be caught! So I actually caught an Eevee. *Summing team member levels* I need it to activate, or it just wouldn’t be a video. Ouch! I just pushed the map button, by mistake! *Sigh…* So much Lillipup, I can barely breathe. *Another sigh…* No. Here’s one. Now to scare it. Dang it. I just showed an evolution here. *Fumbles on Home Menu* Wait until I get my hands on you! You’re already annoying. We need a strategy also. Let’s see, 4 pokeballs left. I need to “strategize”.

I have a Great Ball, but I need to use it wisely. Heal Ball? Got it.

Good! Only 2 balls left. Now it’s calling… Another Igglybuff came. I you chain the reactions high enough, you can bring rare Pokemon out to the fray. *Using mind on strategy* One time, it sent a Happiny on me. Then earlier, a Jigglypuff. I wonder where that thing’s mother went….*Leers for miles* Well, we’ll find it later. Maybe, maybe not. Each SOS Level is very much accumulated, depending on how many times the help Pokemon has been called. I prefer to watch out if it’s too high. *Brings intuition to strategy* That can happen, too. *Breaks out more inventory to think about* Got it. Another one appeared as you look for the color. *Blend of scare tactics and strategy ensues* There it is! The SOS Level just reached a new high! If I take out the Igglybuff, this will do wonders, when catching the new Pokedex Pokemon.

*Prepares to capture* Caught it. So far I explained it. nice meeting you! Cya!.

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