10 Details You May Have Missed in Pokémon Sun & Moon’s E3 2016 Demonstration

E3 2016 has officially begun and before Nintendo buried us all in a ton of Zelda news, we got to see the first gameplay for Pokémon Sun & Moon. It only covered a single route, the small town near the platform, and a couple battles, yet there was a ton of new information if you knew where to look. And while an analysis is coming, we first wanted to point out some small details from the Sun & Moon presentation that you may have missed. So let’s pull back the curtain. First up is your mother’s Meowth, which actually has a unique cry that’s actually closer to a cat’s meow. It made us wonder if classic Pokémon’s cries had been changed in general, but that’s just not the case.

Ledyba has the same cry as always. Your mom’s Meowth might not be able to talk, but it’s at least a little unique! And speaking of Ledyba, one was caught during the demonstration which showed that it’s number 20 in the Alola Pokédex. Or specifically the Melemele Pokédex as the island’s name gets dropped during Hala’s speech before the battle between Hau and the player. But we also get to see Ledyba’s new Pokédex entry for Sun & Moon which reads, “They are timid and grow uneasy when not in a swarm with others of their kind.

The pattern on their back differs slightly from one to another.” Interestingly, we also noticed a new option to see the Actions of Pokémon in the Pokédex though we’re not sure what actions are being mentioned specifically. Are they the different Pokémon move animations? Or could they be the Pokémon’s idle animations when waiting in battle? We just don’t know yet. We saw the Pokédex one more time when the Treehouse demonstration caught a Pikapek. And while its Pokédex entry provides the same information as the Pokémon website, we did see two things of note. First is that Pikapek is number 10 in the Melemele Pokédex, right after Popplio’s second evolution. Second is that the Pokédex shows that Pikapek will have two evolutions. And this is confirmed by the Pokéball symbols on the top screen. There are two next to Pikapek’s portrait which indicates the two evolutions.

After all, when Ledyba was caught, only one Pokéball symbol was next to it as Ledyba only has one evolution. Moving on, we got a taste of some of the trainer animations in the game. When traveling through tall grass, we can actually see the protagonist wading through it, showing that it takes effort to move. But there’s even more beyond that. During the battle with the Lass, we can see both our trainer and her going into a thinking pose while waiting for the player to choose an action. It’s nothing major but nonetheless a nice detail that gives the trainers’ personality. It turns out that every trainer the player battles during the demonstration shares at least one mannerism though. When the Lass, Preschooler, and even Hau have their Pokémon attack, they point forward just like the trainers from the anime. Like there, it shows the trainers getting into the battle rather than looking passive the entire time. While we’re on the subject of Hau, did you notice that when you go to meet him, he actually has his Litten out of its Pokéball? Now it’s impossible to say if this will have any real meaning like your Pokémon appearing outside of their Pokéballs in the overworld or something completely new, but it’s interesting to see another trainer interact with their Pokémon in this way.

Hau then goes on to mention tonight. But that leaves us wondering? Is this a set time that Pokémon Sun & Moon follows or does his dialog change depending on the time of day? After all, the Treehouse mentions how you got your Starter yesterday. Could time be a little more structured this time around? It’s then that we meet Hala who talks quite a bit during this opening section though only one line applies to Hau. When the battle between yourself and Hau is about to begin, Hala introduces Hau as the grandson of the kahuna. So, based on our previous theory that Hau is Hala’s grandson, does that mean we now know Hala’s role? It looks like he’s the leader of this community. He then goes on to talk about a being called Tapu Koko, which seems the be the guardian Pokémon of Melemele Island.

So that begs the question. Is Tapu Koko the Pokémon’s name? It would be the first time a Pokémon had a name that wasn’t a single word. Or is Tapu Koko a kind of special name for this possible Pokémon? We obviously don’t know but Hala does mention that the reason the player is taking part in this battle against Hau is because you met him. At these words, the crowd reacts and one person refers to Tapu Koko as a curious little thing. While it being a “little thing” could just be a turn of phrase, it could mean much more.

Each island has its own guardian deity Pokémon. These platforms appear all over Alola and now we know that they’re used for special Festival Battles in order to appeal to Tapu Koko. Is it possible that Tapu Koko and potentially others could be a set of Legendary Pokémon in the same vein as Uxie, Mespirit, and Azelf? And we may even know where Tapu Koko is located on Melemele. One of the locations on Oahu, the island on which Melemele is based, is the Koko Crater.

It’s located on the southeastern edge of the island and looks just like the mountain with the crater on top in Melemele. That crater may be where Tapu Koko is located. And could it look similar to the souvenir from X & Y? After all, it was described as representing a protector. Before we end this short look at Pokémon Sun & Moon’s Treehouse demonstration, did you see that the Pokéball items now glisten from a distance, making them more noticeable? And each route now has a short blurb about it, just like the towns in previous games. What’s interesting is that is mentions a spectrum, which may refer to a color spectrum. After all, melemele means yellow in Hawaiian and there’s a quick shot of a rainbow when the game is transitioning into battle. These are just a few of the details that Pokémon Sun & Moon’s gameplay demonstration showed off. Some are obvious while others less-so, but it’s all building to what seems to be a great entry in the Pokémon series. We’re excited to see what else it has in store. Thanks for watching and if you noticed any small details of your own, let us know in the comments.

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