Paragon – Tips and Tricks: Success in the Offlane

What is up guys, beanhead09 here with some tips and tricks to help bring you more success in the offlane. The offlane in Paragon is tough, there’s no doubt about it. You’re 1v2 against a support and enemy adc, and you have pretty much endless pressure on your tier 1 tower from the 2nd minute of the game. You need to understand this and expect it when going into your games.

If you think you’re going to get 30 creep score in the first 5 minutes, go for full damage in the early game and maraud your way to the enemy teir 1, you probably need to realign your expectations. We don’t have broken Greystone anymore… The truth of it is more like 10 cs in the first 5 minutes, dodging enemy abilities and auto attacks whilst trying to fend minions off of your tower, and waiting for your health token to get you back up to fighting fitness whilst hanging around just about in experience range of the enemy minions. You need to be a certain type of player to truly excel in the off-lane.

You need to be patient, methodical, and have particular time periods and phases of the game in mind. Because despite it being an uphill battle, both metaphorically and literally, you will get your opportunities. Let’s run through some tips then to help you get going. DUMMY WARD The first thing that will help you out is to use a dummy ward. This topic has been covered extensively recently, but if you are new to it, a dummy ward is an empty shadow ward card that you put in your deck. Buy this ward at start of a match, place in a helpful spot, and then recall and sell, allowing you to buy your real first cards. Great spots for the dummy ward are the opening at the bottom of your jungle, and the opening at the bottom of the enemy jungle in the off-side river. By placing a ward here, you’ll be able to see movement into your lane from the enemy jungler or mid-laner.

Plus, your jungler will have some vision of enemy ward locations if they come to gank your lane really early. Vision of wards is super helpful info for a jungler, so putting a ward in the river is really effective. You can also pop it on the river buff, or in the enemy jungle. Both of these are less selfish places to ward, but they do help your team keep a better eye on the enemy jungler, and when contesting the 3 minute river buffs. If done quickly, you can place a dummy ward, recall, and get back into position for the start of the game without losing out on any time. OFFLANE JUNGLE The next tip is to make use of the off-lane jungle camps. These should be super easy for you to take down as soon as they spawn at 1:20. These camps are a good source of card points and hero experience, and can really supplement your levelling alongside the lane minions. You’ll also help contribute to your team’s card levels via the amber link. I like taking both camps before heading to lane. The healer token I use will keep me healthy, and the fact I’m not in my lane hitting minions, means that the lane will be pushed to my tower as the enemy adc and support are at the very least securing last hits.

Worst case scenario I miss a minion or two worth of experience, but I’d have gained more than that from the jungle camps. It’s not just at the start of the game you can take these camps. If your lane starts pushing into enemy territory it can be super risky to go chasing that precious experience. If it isn’t safe, fall back to the jungle and farm up those camps.

Without you in lane, and the enemies hitting the minions, the creeps will start coming back your way before long. Making the lane safe to be in once more. DON’T DIE This next little tip may seem obvious, but I think it’s value can be often overlooked. Don’t die. It’s not worth it in any scenario in the first 8 or 9 minutes of the game, especially in the off-lane. The off-laner has one advantage over the enemy adc and support, and that advantage comes in the form of hero levels.

As a solo laner, you’ll be levelling up faster than your opponents. If you’re dead, not only do you miss out on valuable farming time as you wait to respawn, but your opponents get a good experience boost for killing you. They also get further ahead in card power than they already were. Dying in lane within the first 8 or 9 minutes is a sure fire way to turn your already difficult battle into an even harder one. LEVEL 5 This next bit of advice is tied to the previous one a little bit. And that is to have a plan, and set up a plan, for when you hit level 5. Reaching level 5 gives you access to your ultimate, whilst the adc and support will usually still be level 3. This level advantage is huge, and offers you enormous play making potential. Heroes such as Kwang, Aurora, Countess, even somebody like Gideon, really do become a whole load more scary at level 5. Their ultimates give them huge kill potential, which you need to look to make use of. As you’re approaching level 5, look for opportunities to poke down your opponents, prioritising the adc if possible.

If you’re able to poke them down to about half health, then you can usually all-in them at level 5 to take them down. The icing on the cake here is if you’re able to co-ordinate a gank from your jungler at around this time too. The enemy adc and support will have a hard time retreating to safety if the gank is pulled off well. You need to remember the previous tip here, don’t die. If you die, you delay your level 5 and speed up your opponents level 5, taking away this huge window of opportunity in the laning phase. YOUR TOWER WILL GO DOWN This next point isn’t so much advice, as it is preparing yourself for the inevitable. Your tier 1 tower will go down. Sometimes it might take 10 minutes, sometimes 12. Sometimes it will take just 5. The only constant here is that you can’t defend it indefinitely. It is not worth dying for the sake of keeping this tower standing.

I’ve already spoken about why dying in the laning phase is so detrimental to your chances of success, and dying for your tower is no different. If you’re getting low, fall back, ask for cover from your jungle, (but remember they have a whole load of other things to do as well) and recall back to base. And if your tower is getting low and you won’t be able to defend it, fall back. Maybe that’s a chance to grab the off-lane jungle, or recall back to base to re-charge and buy cards. As soon as that tower is down, the adc and support are going to look to roam to put pressure elsewhere on the map. If you’ve fed the adc a kill or two in order to keep your tower up for 2 more minutes, the rest of your team is going to have a harder time dealing with them than if you hadn’t given them any kills.

SET UP SLOW PUSHES The final big tip I’m going to give you here is to set up slow pushes. This should be the bread and butter of all laners. Slow pushes are an excellent way to pressure two parts of the map at the same time. You set up your minions to pressure one tower, so that you can go and have an impact elsewhere on the map. This is going to be most effective in the offlane once your tier 1 tower has fallen, as the distance between the two front towers is increased. The longer the distance, the bigger the wave of minions that will build up, and the greater the pressure on the enemy tower. Setting up a slow push is simple, you just need to make sure that your minions will kill the enemy minions, and that you have another wave approaching from base.

The best way to do this is to quickly kill the ranged minions, and then last hit the melee minions in a wave or 2. You can then leave your minions to it. The idea here is that your minions will slowly overpower the enemy minions wave after wave, forming a larger group of minions that will require the attention of an enemy hero. With practise and experience, you will know if a minion wave is pushing out towards the enemy tower, or in towards your own tower. If it’s coming in, it requires your attention. Head over, soak up that card power and experience, and reset the slow push. Champs I just want to close out with a couple of quick fire tips: A healer token and health potion start is a great way to start healthy in the early game. Take these items over early damage in order to sustain in lane for longer. Soaking up that precious experience. Don’t spam the ping for help within the first few minutes. Your team will be able to see that you’re having a hard time, but they may not be able to help you effectively.

The first few minutes is important for all roles, and it’s likely you’ll frustrate your team as they focus on their other priorities. By all means ping once or twice if you feel it’s necessary, but spamming in the first few minutes could tilt your team mates, which sucks for everybody. Grab shadow wards early, and keep them placed. In the river, enemy jungle, your own jungle.

These are all great spots to keep you safe, and spot enemy movements. If you’re playing an elusive hero such as Aurora or Greystone, you can usually put some hits on the enemy amber link fairly safely. This can deny the enemy team huge amounts of card points if done frequently. Be careful though, heroes such as Kwang and Countess and get caught out here.

Champs there is huge depth to the off-lane in Paragon, way more than can be covered in one video. But hopefully you’ve been able to pick up some tips and tricks to add to your own game, or maybe you’re just starting out and this is all brand new to you. Either way, I really hope I’ve been able to take something form this video. What are some of the tips you’d offer players in the off-lane? Which heroes do you prefer to take down there? Of course Aurora has been hugely popular recently, but is there anybody else that you swear by? I’ve actually had a load of fun with Shinbi.

If you have enjoyed this video, please do give it a thumbs up to let me know, and why not subscribe to stay up to date with all of my upcoming paragon content. Thanks so much for watching as always champs, stay safe, head down that off-lane, and I will see you in my next video.

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