Paragon : Rampage | Full Match Gameplay #1

Come on come on come on! OHHHHHHH Money! come on give me another one OOOH! Fricken Beautiful WOWWW Whats up everybody Nibori here today were going to do a random match I was asked to play some random matches here and lets get right in here and see if we cant pull off something great! in this match with a bunch of randoms be very scared of opponent number 5 Beastmasters key lets go! were going to get king of the jungle the passive it’s going to regenerate some health and additional while in the jungle and i hate how this happens every time i play this game bothers me everytime health over head get away, get away from me now we’re going to sit in lane with Gideon since the jungle has not spawn yet I can sit with Gideon or Twinblast but since Gideon can roll middle lane were going to roll middle with good ol wizard Gideon sup guy, hi hello oh Lag sup? ima get you ima get you! uhhh RAWWWWW man Rampage has such small pants Bro where did you get that leather from? ohh god the lag! oh Murdock has the special skin nice! nice lookin bro red skin very cool got some issues going on right side but should be fine Nice stop there brother oh you missed swing and a miss look at these guys swinging at me let’s get it I might skip through some of the farming here we will see 60 damage to the jungle minions already life is coming back quick enough to where we are not going to have to worry about that more life per second here almost as much as a health potion lets go right through the jungle here boys! let’s get our exp rolling and get the advantage over the other team here I should be able to get red right now however im going to try and steal the other teams jungle here now we got a health potion worth of regeneration here in the jungle he already got that so thats fine let’s go get our red and then we will be able to get our harvesters and possibly able to get blue on the other side its going to be great let’s go for it take out the little minions first yeah we should be alright Nice! it’s working out well ladies and gentlemen UHUH power grows hell yeah bruh alright what we got going on here left lane is fine middle lane is fine right lane looks fine were alright to start here we got some nice health regeneration pretty slow compared to the other junglers early game but we got more life regeneration going to get my Q skill after we get out of the jungle here so we can rock throw it be really nice middle doing alright every other lane is doing alright and we are doing alright let’s get this harvester up before we get blue because it takes a little while to kill in the jungle here get that up nice job, Beastmasters key is a phenomenal item make sure we get out health back and were good to go RAWWWR blue will be great but we don’t really need it should probably give it to Gideon but…

we got our ultimate instead of our rock throw or boulder throw its fine rocking the jungle everyones doing alright so we can jungle a littlemore our team is doing a great job of holding lanes that’s for sure after we get this we’re going to go back to base and gets some attack speed thats for sure get this, get this last one and go back to base can actually get the other side whites but lets get some attack speed after this thought I heard something boulder throw fantastic RAWRR I love this skin man this skin awesome oh oh he’s rowdy so we’re going to get flashfire piston drop it in here get a 3 and then we are going to get a strike token NICE NICENICE everyone is holding the lanes this is great so far not going to say it but no ones died yet ooop! I thought someone died I I was about to lose it I was about to lose it, I was about to be triggered left side is under attack nice job , good job boys grab this for my fellow team mates real quick bump bump bump we’re almost out of red buff but that’s ok quite sometime before that one comes back we got this attack speed now wes hould be rolling through the jungle really quickly 15 health regeneration not bad not bad not bad we should get a leg up on the enemy teams jungler which would be nice im going to try and steal some of his farm if we can 104 damage in the jungle which is really nice right now and its fairly quick sup bro? nice nice nice yeah you better run away boy! here hold that HAHAH I hit em haha nice alright hopefully he didn’t go for his other side yet ima try and snipe slow em down a little , whos that? oh I didn’t even realize they had a Khimera wow Derp ok so there trying to share jungle which is sucky for them really sucks for them, oh nice we can steal this they left one just for me , thank you take that yoink go back to my jungle as this is being pushed she didn’t over extend to much so we’re not going to deal with that let’s go back to our jungle and do some work now we can put the harvesters on left and right side after we’re done with this clear these out middle is having some issues is he backing up? hit em a little bit here we go not what I wanted to do but he didn’t over extend enough for I could do that Sup big boy you running from me? ok Bye got a little bit until that’s up let’s get this harvester up not much action is going on right now no ganks to be had hummm pretty slow match right now not bad tho not bad doing some decent farming right now, we can go and get the other side after this run through middle see if we cant help out right side is going to get double teamed over there in a minute careful right side careful wouldn’t be able to make i there on time we can try your power grows baby lets get it we got anybody over here? nothing , alright let’s take it out alright we got company boys stop that hold that nope, swing and a miss back to the jungle we go take out red after this shit hes going to get jumped he didn’t see that shit shit shit, good job getting out aaaaaaaaaaaaaa welp bad idea hahaa we go enough life regeneration to not worry about that shit good job boys good job saved a life and we managed to kill one very nice left lane is getting attacked unfortunately..

That’s fine ARRRRG let’s go for red red and well get that not having health issues which is nice regen in the jungle thank you thank you alright good job alright let’s get our jungle here blue is up which is nice we will go get that next ill see if Gideon or Dekker wants blue bluerrrr I said bluerr haha wo wo wo some crazy shit let’s get Gideon his blue can I get the last hit at least ehh well he got it fair enough think someone stole our white camp there its alrght annnd this should be ready to go see if e can get this or not they might have , and they have not fantastic and well go back to base from here SWEET! oh no middles going to get…

Rocked nothing I could do about that anyway wouldn’t get there in time let’s do this , I think he got out anyway actually awwwww spoke to soon almost! probably could of got there in time probably shoulda coulda woulda right? more attack speed a little more damage alright Dekker I dont know why they left that lane no ones middle anyway they should of stayed shoulda stayed left side whatever whatever works man whatever works uhh, let’s go nice attack speed clear the jungle quick then we got to start building damage after this we can get out of the jungle start putting work to people i’ll take that alright I thought they were going to push him apparently not see if we cant steal there camps here nothing, ok cool man sup buddy what do you think this is man? you aint going to kill me dawg nice push on the right side he might kill him nothing really is going on that i need to that i really need to help with at the moment these guys are actually playing very well cool,cool,cool nothing to worry about here fellas beastmode apparently over there I could try and go for her let’s get this harvester real quick not over extended to much but ahhh middle needs some help now shit i better help middle out then poor Gideon get out of there bro! k, hes good hes fine steal the jungle ruin their farm a little bit uhh, Get out of Gideons ult sup bitch awwwwwhhh hello can’t outlive me dawg cant outlive me ! im the rampage dawg! body block body block! ohhh no, get back here nice stop! come on baby get away from me you better run aaaaah no he got dropped, im coming! let’s go buddy let’s go help me out guys come on! noooo! thats a good trade tho yeah eat that rock haha weeeeeeeeee take out their blue steal this shit dude thats for sure thank you, yoink talke all your jungle camps that was a good trade man pretty crazy pretty crazy help out this side push a little bit sounds like a good idea to me ooo whats up oh? you overextended you dumb dumb girl you bye……..

AAaaaaaaaAAAaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAA come at me son *laughs* let’s get it push this lane too alright good job we got 6 points to spend right sides under attack kind of an issue but thats ok wooop back up back up big daddy and were going to back up a little more ohhh shit … HEYYYYY stop that cheeky little bastards we have 6 points to spend but im going to go through the jungle so I don’t miss out on these camps red is up aswell so I don’t want them to get that so let’s get this first and then we will make our way back to base because I don’t want them to get these camps here that be very bad so we got blue coming up here in a second call for Gideon get himself a blue help him out a little bit and possibly try to save left lane after this need help Ineed help well done awesome job on that switch up ok we got 3 we got 3 over here we got 3 boys we got some help which is good , body block that as much as I can mid lane is going to get…

shnookered here probably in a second alright push that, thats good thats good good be right back they got this but I can put it right back up so they can’t get it at least we got enough power nice ok he got out not going to mess with that ahhhhhhh careful keep stealing their jungle and then well go back get our red push middle a little bit I was going to go over there and hit Grim throw a rock at em but whatever push this, id rather save this haha that bull shit was on his path Think he tried killem decent lane clearing with him sofar which is not bad upgrade on our ultimate there push this lane out a little bit then we will go for red give ourselves some wiggle room now I dont know if their red is there but ill go after ours ahhh Twins going to take my red thats fine I just want the experience but.

ohhhhh rough dude rough im not going to be able to get over there in time dude there going to push that tower probably won’t be able to save that tower in time but i’m going to try see if I can get my upgrades here get some damage and attack speed they got it I would of never been able to get over there its fine there middle tower and right tower is almost dead they might continue to push this lane that’s what I would’ve done kept pushing this lane but they didnt….

they were right at this tower too… they had three left side they made that mistake they should of kept pushing this tower, there were going to lose that side anyway and they still lost it so… they should’ve just stuck with it that’s ok it works out for us their mistake NOOOOO! prob middle by prime ain’t no big deal boy somebody is missing, got it do some work 100 damage really quickly not bad at all dude let’s take out this tower come on hurry up minions lets go we got this good job, let’s go baby lets go baby!

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