Paragon – Jungle Serath – The Inconspicuous Devil

What is up guys beanhead09 here bringing you a build and quick guide to dominating as Serath in the jungles of Agora. In this current meta it should come as no surprise that Serath isn’t the top tier jungler option that maybe a Rampage or Sevarog would offer you, but she’s hella fun, and given the correct supporting cast, she can single handidly win games that venture past the 45 minute mark. The key to Serath, as with any other hero, is being aware of her strengths and her weaknesses, and the play making potential of her kit. Let’s get into it. As always, here is my build, feel free to pause for a better look.

There are no real noteworthy cards, I guess a couple of things to draw your attention to are the starting items, 2 damage tokens and a vampiric elixir, the crit chance of nearly 100%, and the thunder cleaver to speed up your jungle clears. When levelling Serath I take her slow ability first, Chastise. This will help me jungle clear for the first couple of camps. I’ll then take Heavens Fury at level 2 and Ascend at level 3. As I move through the game I’m levelling my Heavens Fury first, followed by Chastise, and finally Ascend, of course putting points into my ultimate, Hersey whenever I can. By kiting the jungle minions and following the route outlined in this video, you can fully clear the green camp, all white camps with their respawns, and contest the first river buff at the three minute mark. This will allow you to either look for a gank, or head over to the offlane jungle to get your 3rd card point. In the early game and heading into the mid game, Serath’s potential is still lying dormant. During this time you need to be careful with your positioning when moving around the map and picking fights.

If you do get caught, it’s likely you could be taken out if you stay and fight. Fortunately, her kit is riddled with escape potential. Look at using Ascend defensively when retreating. By making use of the verticality it offers you have escape potential over most heroes. Throw your slow onto any chasers to create some distance between you. And don’t forget that your Heaven’s Fury will grant you a short duration of immunity. This is great for avoiding telegraphed damage such as Howitzer Rockets and Gadget Mines, aswell as Crowd Control abilities from Steel, Aurora and Rampage. A well timed Heaven’s Fury can even negate a Countess ultimate. The key to your early and mid-game is to farm, farm, farm.

Of course you need to have a presence in lane, but pulling off offensive ganks as Serath can be tough due to her lack of hard CC. Instead, look for opportunities to catch over extended enemies, aswell as opportunities to counter gank. A great initiation combo for Serath is to open up with a basic attack and a Chastise, following up with more basic attacks. If you need to, hold on to your Heaven’s Fury to negate incoming crowd control, otherwise throw it down for some more damage. You can chase enemies using your ascend, before hitting more basic attacks, and Heaven’s Fury if you have it up. You need to remember here that Serath is a late game carry, so don’t expect to 3 or 4 shot heroes at least until you have your crit damage bonus card maxed. When you do initiate as Serath, you need to consider the heroes you’re fighting. Although Serath does have elusiveness in her abilities, it all requires a certain amount of practice and finesse to pull off reliably. If a fight looks too dangerous, it probably is.

Fall back and re-group. All of the river Buffs are fantastic on Serath. I think my favourite is the blue buff as it enables you to effortlessly stick to your targets, beating them down with just a few swings of your mace. During the mid-game you should be looking to secure raptors for the easy card points. Don’t be afraid to use your ult if you’re fighting them three stacked as you will deal extra damage, and reduce the amount they’re able to put out.

Your thundercleaver will help loads here, and don’t forget your vampiric elixir if you still have it. You should even be able to solo orb prime as soon as you have your crit bonus and lifesteal. I tend to look for opportunities at this from around 45 card points. Of course this is a risky move, so don’t try this unless you’re sure you’ll be able to sneak it, your lanes are pushed, or the enemy team is dead. In the late game Serath is an absolute monster if played well. But remember, she’ll still get burst down in team fights if you just dive in with no regard to the enemy damage. Skirt around the team fight, pick your moments, and focus on the safest targets that you can hit. Diving for that Sparrow is tempting, but you run a huge risk of being peeled off by the enemy support. Play smart, and fight safely.

Heaven’s Fury is great at lifestealing off of enemy heroes and minions in team fights, so don’t be afraid to use it if you get low. It’s on a 6 second cooldown at max rank, so you should be able to get through multiple uses in more drawn out fights. One last point here, Serath is a great late game split pusher.

She can 1v1 pretty much anybody that comes to stop her, and she can melt towers and inhibs super quick thanks to her high basic attack damage. She may even get the attention of 2 enemies, giving your team a 4v3 elsewhere on the map… Champs I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick Serath overview and build. Serath isn’t an easy hero to pick up and succeed on right off the bat. You need to take the time to learn her abilities, and pick the fights in which she shines. Yea there are better picks in the current meta, but there is nothing like the feeling of charging into battle as a late game Serath. I hope you’ve found this video useful. I really enjoy making these guides, so keep the suggestions coming for the next ones! Do you any of you guys already play a load of Serath? Which cards are you using? The Dreadfeast Relic has been in and out of my build a couple of times already, but I think I prefer the sustained lifesteal. Remember to smash that like button if you’ve liked this video and what to see more like, and why not subscribe if you haven’t yet, to stay up to date with all of my upcoming paragon content? Thanks again as always for watching champs, stay safe, and I will see you in my next video.

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