The FASTEST way to deliver the “Payload” in Overwatch | How to win Payload in Overwatch

Hey guys Zinja here, and today I will be telling you the fastest and most efficient way to deliver the payload. This works if you play solo like myself, but it will definitely be a lot better with a team. Firstly you will need only 3 players to be on or near the payload for it to move at full speed, any more than that won’t increase it’s speed. For this strategy you will need to use the Bastion as your hero, all you have to do is switch to your sentry configuration on the payload and sit on it, if you’re playing solo, that’s basically it, you can shred anyone who dares to stop you and play the objective while doing so.

If in a team, a Reinhardt should defend you by putting up his shield upfront, and a healer like Mercy can provide support by healing the both of you. This will even make it so that there are 3 players on the Payload, the other players can choose tanks and offensive flankers to take care of enemy snipers who are a hard counter for Bastion. When you get your ultimate you should be nearing the final checkpoint, so you can rush the enemies with the tank configuration as generally when you near the final checkpoint enemies are grouped up together making for some easy multikills.

As you can see in the background gameplay, it was a cake walk to deliver the payload. This has been Zinja, thanks for watching and goodbye!.

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