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Armor is a beautiful thing that has protected the ranks of men from the deadly of forces, blades arrow fire and bullets. The best of the best is far too heavy and cumbersome for a mere man to don, nay only beasts may wear such powerful creations of destruction. So today we’ll be pitting Reinhardt Overwatch’s tanky crusader against Holden Cross the second commander of the black stone legion. But who would in an all-out battle to the death; we’ll find out by the end of the video. Hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already you’ll enjoy stay I’m sure and I have plenty more versus match ups and lore videos stacked up and waiting for you. Likes are cool too. Story Reinhardt More than thirty years ago, Overwatch was established to combat the global robotic uprising. At this time Reinhardt was a decorated soldier granting him entry into the original Overwatch strike team that ended the conflict. After the conflict’s final phase Overwatch spread throughout the world and proving to be one of its most stalwart champions was none other than Reinhardt. Reinhardt earned the admiration and respect of his peers with his morals and huge personality.

He always spoke his mind being Overwatch’s biggest critic never letting anyone forget that Overwatch was intended to be a righteous force for good. Serving until his late fifties Reinhardt, reluctantly accepted his mandatory retirement and feared the days of glory and purpose had finally faded. Through dark times Reinhardt could only watch has the organization that he had dedicated the better half of his life to crumbled in shame. Reinhardt was not content with merely sitting idly by whilst the world fell into chaos. Donning his Crusader armour he vowed to fight for justice across Europe with the promise of better days to come. Holden Cross During the Story of ‘For Honor’ which btw spoiler alert I’ll leave a tag somewhere on the screen so feel free to skip to that time stamp if Spoilers aren’t your friends? Holden is the second commander of the black stone forces and answers only to Apollyon.

Being a Lawbringer he acts as the judge jury and executioner on the field and during the 4th mission he executes the defeated Viking stragglers after leading the charge that took the stronghold. Eventually as the campaign progresses the ideals of the warden convert the loyalties of Holden causing him to defect from the legion and eventually assuming command of the knight faction. Physical fitness Holden Cross wears standard Lawbringer black iron armour. With it no sword could harm him directly and combatants would have to find a gap to strike at in order to take him down. Additionally being a Lawbringer Holden towers over his foes on the field. Despite the heavy armour Holden is still capable of rolling, sprinting and dashing.

He looks to be a middle aged man with a strong build which is luckily a requirement as his armour is likely the heaviest in all of For Honor. Reinhardt also wears armour and whilst the material that it is made out of is unknown we know that it is a durable material but nevertheless susceptible to being worn down and weakened over time, so the metal is probably not fictional. With that in mind whilst Reinhardt doesn’t appear to be able to sprint or roll in his crusader armour; it is rocket propelled and will dart the champion forward allowing him to use his intense weight to crash into his enemies. If they are not torn asunder by this heavy blows then they are sure to be bludgeoned and immobilized for a time.

Also Reinhardt is capable of jumping whilst inside his suit of armour. The crusader armour is powered by a biofeedback system that allows the user to exhibit superhuman strength. Reinhardt is a 65 year old man whose physical Prime has long since passed, still this does not mean that he is not in excellent shape for his age. It’s just Holden’s age makes him the more reliable candidate in this regard. So Reinhardt is stronger, is more manuverable but is slightly slower and older than Cross.

Additionally we must consider that Reinhardt fights in an age where ranged weaponry is the dominate mode of combat. Holden however lives in an age where sword fighting reigns supreme. If that wasn’t enough the Law Bringer class is dedicated to counter attacking. I do not doubt that the weight of Reinhardt’s blows will off balance Cross at first but after that truth is met the real fight will ensue. Despite his obviously weaker dexterity Reinhardt wears the superior armour and boosts more strength because of it, as such Reinhardt is taking the physical. Weapons Holdon Cross Wields one of the most versatile weapon’s available in For Honor the pole axe. His being a special one with what is presumable an iron handle and build. In For Honor he can use this weapon to transport targets to areas of his choosing and grant justice upon unruly adversaries.

It is a powerful and blunt force weapon used to slay foes but also acts as a decent defence against most attacks. Now I highly doubt that we’ll be seeing Holden raising Reinhardt over his head as head can in game but he may just be able to off-balance Reinhardt with some heavy attacks to the head. In fact Law Bringers are encouraged to strike for the head as their heavy attacks that land their will daze opponents. Remember that inside of that suit of armour both warriors are men and they could possibly be knocked around within their suits potential being put to sleep as they are being slowly silenced by the insides of their helmets. Reinhardt wields a heavy hammer to battle which I’m sure would take a Tracer, Genji or any other 200 hp hero out of a fight were to actually be slammed into them in universe.

It can be propelled by rockets mounted on its back, and then slammed into the ground creating shockwaves and stunning enemies caught by the attack. It goes without saying that if this attack were to make contact with Holden he would likely die. By attack I mean the hammer itself, the shockwave would probably kill him but definitely cause him major issues. Reinhardt’s use of this weapon outside of this is rather straight-forward and he usually swings at his foes in full confidence of his abilities. Also the hammer swings come with a minor dragging effect which is something note should one make contact with Holden’s armour. Reinhardt gets the edge though this is purely for earthshatter and nothing else, other than that Holden has the more beneficial weapon making Reinhardt’s advantage in this area less significant.

Special abilities Reinhardt’s barrier is not going to be effective against Holden as all types of melee strikes may pass through the barrier. Reinhardt’s charge however is a valuable asset to the Crusader and may turn the tides of a losing fight, not to mention the surprise as Holden would likely not expect this charge when it arrives. Lastly there is the most pivotal ability of all fire strike. This could have some pretty interesting applications in this fight and deals constant fire damage for as long as it is touched. Holden’s special abilities are simply that if he were to attack Reinhardt with an upwards attack Reinhardt would be stunned. Yeah… Reinhardt will taking the edge here. The battle Inside the gates of Citadel stand two knights ready for fateful exchange. Reinhardt began by charging into the fray propelled by rockets, narrowly avoid the attack Holden raced towards the crusader poleaxe extended and ready for carnage. He charge into Reinhardt and confirmed a clean hit pushing the titan backwards. The two men crashed into a nearby wall as Reinhardt violently shunted back topping Cross onto the floor.

With the greatest belly laugh the field has ever know “is that all?” Reinhardt exclaimed before releasing a fire strike, piercing into Holden’s armour, increasing its temperature to extreme levels. Were it not for his firm second layer of Armour the pain may have been unbearable; but he persisted through the hideous pain, glaring though his visor at stolid knight who stood before him. Reinhardt Smiled and rushed towards Holden who simply walked towards the goliath. Reinhardt swung at hit recklessly and as the third came crashing down upon the Law bringer he caught and repelled his offensive returning a strike of his own which chipped away at the crusaders armour. Reinhardt Grit his teeth, head butting the titan before him who staggered backward. Raising his hammer into the yeah Reinhardt cried with every ounce of strength that still resided within him “Hammer Down”. Huddled downward came a hammer swing with so much virtue that it sizzled through the air like a heated mortar round.

Blood spewed from the Holden’s visor as he grasped for air. Reinhardt raised his hammer for the final blow but with his last breathe Holden positioned his weapon underneath the towering hulk, as he plummeted to the ground Holden grasped for what little air he could regain. The giants arose together readying their last strikes Holden swung at who caught the blade his left arm as he returned his own mighty blow which landed upon the Law bringer’s head and echoed across his entire body; causing his helmet to cave inward.

The main difference that you were all likely aware of coming into this fight between the two fighters was technology. In a different environment with more hazards and things for both men to take advantage of there is a chance that Holden could have found a way to win the fight. We know that at this point Reinhardt’s Armour has seen better days which is why I believe that Holden’s weapon should not have had to many issues giving it some scraps, ruffing it up a little but the force of presence of Reinhardt’s advantage meant that he could fight Holden with a power that Holden simply could not combat and we know that in game heavier hits drain stamina far sooner than litter one’s so the enhanced strength gifted to Reinhardt made the fight all the more swifter. The winner of this Showdown is Reinhardt. This was quite an unusual fight I know if you want more crossovers make sure to give this video a massive like and comment telling what other kinds of characters if any you’d like to see in future fights.

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