Overwatch Support guide – Tips & Tricks

Healing, most players require this fundamental form of sustenance, and yet much strife befalls those who dare to claim the mantle and patch up their teammates. I’ll be your guide professor Cornelius Winston and today we shall be looking into the world of Overwatch through the eyes of the support. In Overwatch the job of the Support is exactly what you might imagine it would be. To get malisased by Genji’s Tracer’s and Winstons for about 90% of a given match without any signs of mercy.

Assuming that they are not eternally staring at the respawn screen supports generally are expected to keep their allies topped off with hp in some manner or any other, even if they can’t heal. Now it’s not the role that nobody wants to play, why wouldn’t you want to get sniped by a widowmaker over and over again whilst no one cares to compensate for this but instead screams endlessly into the chat for heals. As attractive as that may sound supports are also capable of experiencing one of the greatest ecstasies available in the game.

When one hears a high powered ulti that everyone knows is going to target them first usually the supports can give it a jolly and say yeah no. Q is a very powerful tool and brings no greater frustrations for pretty much every offense hero with the exception of Sombra and her ult. Because death blossoming what you thought was the entire to death just to find out that Mercy was hiding and waiting just for you to burn your ult is wonderful. Still have that sympathy you were holding for supports? Good let’s continue. We’ve now arrived at the territory of the pocket healer. This sub-species of support player usually arrives in a premade group with another player typical a soldier 76 or pharah and proceeds to only heal that player even should the Reinhardt be near death whilst trying to survive a Genji or Tracer adventure and maintain his shield.

It is for these players that I have a simple counter for and that is to simply emote. Will the game be lost by just emoting, potentially it is a calculated risk but stupidity can only be met with equal stupidity in the hopes that it ends once and for all. Next we have the Johnny Jambo dps support. These typically only apply to a specific branch of the Ana species but as you might imagine these players try to do dps instead of healer allies. But what is worse about these types of healers is that they don’t consider what they are doing to be wrong in anyway shape or form. Are they the team’s only support and healer? Haha wrong you have no healer and there goes another failed push, did you say that this was a promo game? Now it is a lot worse when a Zenyatta player or even a mercy player decides to don the mantle of Rambo but I’ll assume that it is a safe bet that few of you lucky chaps have actually laid eyes on such levels of human indecency.

But by far… the worst support species is the friendly. Do not misunderstand, if you want to win this guy is not on your side in fact he quite literally just longs for friendship. In other words you get no healing and instead an ally that runs around spamming the hello command at enemy players in the hopes that they will not be shot and they’ll make a friend because it’s not like they’re aren’t ten thousand better places that you could be doing that.

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