Overwatch: ROADHOG Guide In-Depth | Hero Abilities + Character Strategy | Roadhog Tips & Tricks

Hey what’s goin on guys, Kris here and in today’s video, I’m gonna be giving you another detailed overwatch guide, taking a good look at the character roadhog. He’s a close ranged killing machine, capable of causing massive amounts of damage, all whilst being able to take a lot of damage himself. Being a tank character, he’s got more HP than most other heroes, with a total of 600 health, though without any Armour or shield. Roadhog’s got a more unique playstyle when compared with other tank characters, as he’s more suited for singling out lone players, flanking enemy positions, and focusing on unaware individuals, before they can react. He’s got a difficulty rating of 1 star, down to his high damage output, sturdiness, and ease of use, though you’ll still have to play smart, and use those abilities properly, to stay in the battle, and maximize his effectiveness. So anyway, as a bit of background detail, Just after the omnic crisis, government officials gave the Australian omnium (aka robotics factory) along with the surrounded area, to the omnics as a gift to try and keep the peace.

Though doing this, displaced everyone who lived in the area, including roadhog. The people weren’t exactly very happy about this, as they lost their homes and their land, so a violent rebellion formed and struck against the factory, and its robot population. This lead to an explosion, that destroyed the omnium’s fusion core, irradiating the entire region, and littering the outback with debris, turning it into an apocalyptic wasteland. Roadhog had to adapt the environment, and live life as a Junker, though he eventually became an enforcer, and was hired as a bodyguard for Junkrat. The two of them left Australia not long after, and went on an international crime spree. Now, Roadhog’s primary weapon, is a scrap gun, that functions in a similar way to a shotgun. The gun fires off shrapnel in a fairly wide spread, dealing a high amount of damage up close, and less further away. The scrap guns blasts, fire 25 pellets per shot, with each pellet dealing between 4-9 damage each.

This basically means that the maximum amount of damage you can deal from a blast with the gun 225, which is more than enough to take out most targets in one shot, though you will have to be right up close to your target, to get those pellets to land. The further away you are, the less damage you’ll deal, with the pellets becoming weaker, as they travel longer through the air. Not only will damage falloff become an issue at longer ranges, but so will the guns accuracy, as the pellets are gonna disperse through the air, with the spread becoming wider over distance, much like reapers hellfire shotguns.

So less of those pellets are likely to make contact with you target, and the ones that do are gonna deal less damage, than they would up close, rendering the scrap guns primary fire, much more effective in close quarters, and not very good at all against anyone in the distance. The weapon can only fire off 4 shots at a time before the need to reload, so it’s best to make every shot count, and try to make sure your opponent is in optimal range, before opening fire. However, the scrap guns not totally useless against enemies beyond close range, as it has a secondary function, that fires a ball of shrapnel, to round about 8 meters, and this ball then detonates, spreading the pellets forwards and outwards, shooting them in a similar way to the primary mode.

All of the weapons stats mirror the primary function, when firing the secondary, as the number of pellets, and the damage they cause, are all exactly the same, the main differences, is that your shot will act, as though it’s been fired closer to a target that’s further away, and can cause much more damage to enemies that are at slightly longer ranges, plus the cone of the pellets is slightly smaller, meaning you’ll have to be a bit more accurate to be effective, though it also means that if you can land a perfect blast, more pellets are likely to hit the enemy, and take away more health.

With that said, the secondary function isn’t very effective up close, as the ball of scrap that you fire, will only deal 50 damage to anyone you hit directly, and if the ball hasn’t exploded by the time it reaches your opponent, it’s not gonna deal anywhere as near as much damage, as it could after detonation. This means that you’re gonna have to judge distances more-so when deciding which way you should fire the scrap gun at a target.

If they’re in close range, then the primary firing mode is gonna deal the most damage, though at medium to longer ranges, you’re probably better off using that secondary function, unless they get closer. Try and judge distances, and even walk backwards away from an opponent, who is slightly nearer than 8 meters, this will ensure that you’re both at a safer distance, and that your secondary blast will detonate just before it reaches them, dealing much more damage. Something that’s gonna compliment that close ranged scrap gun though, is roadhog’s chain hook, and this tool is extremely useful when going against an enemy, that’s just out of reach.

Launching the hook at a target will deal 30 damage, and pull them towards you, allowing for a quick follow-up shot with the scrap gun at a closer range. It can be thrown towards anyone within 20 meters, though missing your target, and hitting a solid surface, barrier, or genji’s deflect, will stop the hook, forcing you to wait another 6 seconds, until it can be used again. The chain hook, scrap gun combo is a great way to kill enemies with normal health pools easily, and will impact most other heroes in a big way too. Its best to aim at your opponent with the scrap gun, holding down the primary fire button once you’ve grabbed them, and start to pull them in, this will cause the gun to fire as soon as the chain hook completes, inflicting large amounts of damage, if your enemy manages to survive, finish them off with a melee attack, or another blast from the gun in close range, and this should kill most targets nice and easy.

Its best using this combo on support characters first, such as mercy, Lucio and Zenyatta, as they can all be killed fairly easily, and this’ll prevent them from giving health to the rest of the enemy team. It can also be used against pharah, whilst she’s airborne, to bring her back down to the ground, plus the chain hook will also stop bastion from using that sentry mini-gun, and reconfigure him into his recon mode. Not only can the ability be used to drag your targets closer to you, but it can also potentially save your team-members lives, as it can stun enemies, stopping some characters using their ultimate abilities, shutting ultimates such as Pharah’s barrage, mcree’s deadeye, reapers death blossom along with other normal abilities too, like Reinhardt’s charge. Using it at the right time could save yourself, and your team from instant death, so remember this, and use the chain hook as a stun ability, to help protect, as well as attack. Now, Roadhog may be a big damage sponge, that doesn’t have many ways to protect himself from hostile fire, but he does have the ‘take a breather’ ability, which lets you regain half of roadhog’s health, 300HP in 1 second, following a short animation.

You will be temporarily immobile and vulnerable to attack whilst using the ability, so its highly advised to run to safe place, out of line of sight before using it, so that you can take full advantage, and prevent enemies from taking away the health you are trying to get back. Depending on which enemy you’re against, ‘take a breather’ can be used in combat mid-battle, but only against heroes that cant deal strong damage quickly such as Winston. It won’t be stopped by damage dealing attacks, but can still be prevented by stuns and other abilities, like mcree’s flashbang, another roadhog’s chain hook, and can be countered by Ana’s biotic grenade. Jumping off ledges and from high platforms whilst using the ability, is a great way to counter your lack of movement, as it’ll still take effect as you fall, but you’ll be moving at the same time, cutting down the animation time and making you temporarily a harder target to hit. Roadhog’s ultimate ability, whole hog, is one that can be used to both cause masses of damage, push players back and suppress the other team, and can be quite effective in different situations.

Roadhog basically loads the scrap gun up with ammo continuously for 6 seconds, and blasts debris outwards in a series of shots. The ultimate itself deals a total of 5000 damage over its duration, but a large portion of this damage won’t be utilized, due to how inaccurate it is, with the pellets dispersing through the air in large cones. You can still move whilst using the ability, but you won’t be able to use any other abilities, and can’t stop the animation whenever you want, meaning you should be extra careful when activating the ultimate, be aware of anyone behind that could kill you, and try to get as much health back as you can beforehand, so that you can survive the ultimates duration. Now, It may deal a whopping 5000 damage in total, but you’re only really gonna be able to inflict high damage at close range, down to the shrapnel’s high spread, and down there being a huge knockback effect for each blast, which is gonna push opponents away from you, out of the guns optimal range for dealing that high damage. So, if you want to use whole hog to kill your opponents, you’ll be better off pinning targets against walls, and using the ability in smaller rooms and enclosed areas, as the shrapnel will push them against these walls and surfaces, and prevent them from being knocked back out of the guns range.

Otherwise, its best as a suppression tactic, to force nearby hostiles away from you, and objectives, acting as more of a crowd control tool. That knockback effect will disrupt enemy attack patterns, and prevent them from pushing forwards. sweeping over a bunch of targets within an area, might not kill them, but it will push them away, which just might stop them from capturing or defending an objective, allowing your team to win the match. The knockback effect can also be used to throw enemies off cliffs and ledges, into bottomless pits, and if there’s a few opponents all standing in-front of one of these pits, sweeping the gun across them all, and forcing them over the edge, can be a great way to kill multiple players at once.

So in conclusion, Roadhog has a very unique skill set, being a tank that acts like a close ranged bullet sponge. Unlike other tanks, roadhog isn’t very maneuverable, he isn’t good at moving away from danger quickly, and he’s not that great at protecting himself or teammates, solely relying on health top-ups to stay alive. He’s useful at both attacking and defending, but despite that large health pool, he should be played in a passive-aggressive way, to flank enemies, focus on lone players, and pick-off vulnerable heroes up-close, staying out of clear line of sight, being the big, slow target he is, and always have a back-up plan, incase you need to escape, and regain health.

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