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So today we have an Overwatch guide video and the character we’ll be going over is Reaper. But not to brag or anything but a few of you saw my 50+ kill gameplay and I’ve posted a bit on twitter showing some of the flawless and crazy gameplays I get with reaper. So I was asked for some advice on using this particular character and I’d love to help out since I personally think Reaper is my best Hero. So lets get into it. First off I hear quite often because of my kills that, “Just because you get a lot of kills doesn’t mean you’re helping your team out. The game is not about getting kills it’s about completing the objective.” I just wanna say when people say that they’re probably just mad they can’t get dope gameplays because that really doesn’t even make sense.

Do the math. If someone has 51 kills, add up how long it takes people to spawn in and get back to the action. How much time did I keep enemies away from the objective. It’s probably well over 5 minutes I kept enemies dead and off of the objective. So when you’re slaying like crazy chances are your team is benefiting quite a bit from it. Are kills the only thing that matters, of course not. But reaper is a killing character hence the reason he damn near 3 shots everyone. That being said, let’s get into how to rack up a bunch of kills with reaper and also make them directly impact whats going on with your team in the moment. Usually when I get a bunch of kills, a nice percentage of my kills are objective kills because you should be clearing out objectives. When you’re using reaper, he is a huge part of your attack force so if you’re not helping clear out objectives then you really might not be benefiting the team. If you’re taking out a bunch of people but the enemy has control of the objective still you’re not doing a good job. When you push up and start slaying make sure to clear out the objective first.

Lets talk about how to properly clear out the objective. So we know reaper is a tank, but that doesn’t mean just walk head on into a bunch of enemies. You are most effective with reaper when you get behind your targets. Usually you can kill them before the even know what hit them. Thats how powerful reaper is. Before they have the chance to turn around they could already be dead. Alot of the time you can take out the entire team from behind and they wont even notice until it’s to late.

In my experience if there is a group of people only the last guy realizes im behind him taking out the team. By that time its far to late because it’s a 1on1 against reaper and very few heros stand a chance in that situation if any. And keep in mind if you’ve taken out a bunch of people reaper can swallow souls so you’ll more than likely be at full health if you have taken any damage prior that encounter. So try to avoid the middle as much as possible. Always attack from the side or behind because thats the safest bet. As soon as someone sees you and starts shooting at you, a smart team will all target you. so don’t give them that chance, kill them all before they can turn around.

Another tip is help out teammates quite often. Most people cant kill as fast as you so if you see a teammate in a gun battle sneak up on the enemy and take them out. A lot of my kills come from enemies being focused on teammates. The never even see me coming. Reaper is very deadly but the way I play him is as a stealth character. Try to avoid being out in the open as much as possible. Go in wraith form to avoid taking damage if you get into trouble…ONLY if you get into trouble. I used to use wraith form to move across the map faster then by the time I got in trouble I couldn’t escape. Use wraith form only in a bind. Also his shadow step I don’t use a lot personally.

I feel like shadow step is situational. Mainly I’ll use it when I have my ultimate. I’ll shadow step in the middle of a group of enemies and take them all out with my ultimate. Also I use it to get to high places and sneak behind enemies who are camping, or just to get behind people in general. If there is a high route most characters can’t get to so it’s probably a safe way to travel that way you can constantly flank the enemy team. Most of the time your team will be challenging the enemies head on. If you can make your way behind them while your team is drawing fire, they are very easy to take out. With most characters you want to stay near your team. Reaper is one of the few characters who can hold his own which allows you to support your team in a better way. You have to watch whats going on though. If your teammates are getting very injured or going down you might not have time to flank, so you’d be much more helpful going head on in a situation like that. Keep in mind you kill very fast so even if there is a group of enemies focus on 1 person at a time never go back and fourth.

The reason is because you’ll probably be taking damage but if you kill one you’ll be able to absorb their soul and regain health to take on the next one and so on. It’s just a constant repeating cycle. Even with your ability though its still smart to know where the health packs are. Some times you might not be able to get a kill. I’ve been sniped by a widow maker, she left me one shot so all I could do was go in wraith form and grab some health. Thats a situation where I’d then flank the widow making since she can cause hell for my team. But I’ve talked about a lot in this video and I think I’ve covered just about everything. If you have any specific questions or wanna see how I’d play certain maps, what routes I like to take just let me know in the comment section and I’d be happy to share my reaper secrets with you all.

But that’s it for now. I hope you found this helpful. Don’t forget to rate the video and subscribe if you’re new. I’ll catch you all on the next one. Thanks for watching. AMF. It’s ya boy VeLL. Peace.

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