Hello Guys.. want to know about the Hero Overwatch with me yudy, I will share information with you what kind of hero this one enjoy this review Surely one of you hear the familiar character by the name of REAPER. Character with a black robe, skull-faced, hovering with carrying a large scythe But for REAPER this one is slightly different guys REAPER has a normal movement speed when compared to any other hero and has a number of HP’s most hero category attacker as many 250 HP REAPER here do not use the scythe as a weapon but uses DUAL SHOTGUN contains 8 bullets REAPER fire speed not so fast, and like a shotgun in general, bullets were fired spreads.

Not really accurate and the skills he had, proving this character actually have to face an opponent with a close range The first skill is named REAPING This skill is a passive skill that means need not be activated like any other skill This skill gives REAPER “DISCORD ORB” which is obtained from any of the enemy dead and has a healing effect as much 50HP for each ORB taken skill that makes REAPER survive in the middle of the enemy although the largest number of attacks from the opponents The next skill with the name WRAITH FORM to use it press LEFT SIFT button This skill makes REAPER turned into a form of soul that can move faster, and immune to attacks and debuff but REAPER also can not hurt his opponent when the skill is still active The duration of this skill only for 3 seconds and has a delay for 8 seconds I often use this skill to provoke opponents or evades when critical juncture REAPER also can teleport to the specified location by the skill SHADOW STEP.

To use it press the E key specify the target location, then left click to move, or right-click to cancel having delay 10 seconds after moving to the locations with this skill makes it easy for him to move to location where the enemy is even if these locations are at the top of the building and last skill is ultimate skill with the name is DEATH BLOSSOM REAPER automatically shoot all opponents in the surrounding areas with great damage However, Although the name is the ULTIMATE skill this skill can be stopped easily by the effects of the opponent’s stunt May require their own strategy when using his ultimate skill To the level of difficulty using REAPER fairly easy His skills is quite simple and quick to learn How guys, interested in using this hero? or you want to know more about the ability of another hero you do not need to worry stimpz gaming room will review all hero’s in overwatch so, for you who like this video you can click the “like” for who want to comment please comment below this video and do not forget to SUBSCRIBE SGR CHANNEL to be updated with the latest videos OK GUYS! see you in the next review

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