Overwatch | Lúcio – Bunny Hop & Wallride Macro Tutorial

Hello, Hoo Hoo and welcome back to my new video, in today’s video I will be showing you a bunnyhop and wall riding macro for Overwatch. Info/Background: So now you might ask, can you actually bunny hop in Overwatch? (Diva sound) * Yes Diva, You can actually bunny hop in Overwatch. Let me now explain really quickly what bunny hopping is. * Bunny hopping, is a game mechanic where you can maintain the speed you had in the previous jump by jumping again as soon as you hit the ground, very commonly used in CS:GO. The problem in Overwatch is that there is no strafing mechanic like in CS:GO where you can gain speed while you are in the air. But instead Overwatch have a few heroes that can boost your normal speed like Lúcio, therefore I will be talking about him mostly in this video.

Testing: In my testing I used Razer Synapse’s Macro Software to create a macro with as little delay as possible that the server can detect. The servers in Overwatch use tickrate of 64 ticks per second which translates to a delay of about 16ms. So the idea for this video was to create a macro that spams “spacebar” as fast as possible and therefore the delay between jumps in this macro is 16ms. For testing the macro in game I did track the time it took to travel between these two points on the map. Results: Here are the results for the testing… Running normally with the heal ability it took about 14,1 sec between the two points, Compared to about 10,2 sec with the bunnyhop macro. This means that you traveled about 38% faster than normal.

And running with the speed boost the whole time it also took about 10,2 sec. In Conclusion this means that you can use the heal ability while being just as fast like if you were using the speed boost ability instead. How To Use The Macro: Let me now explain how to use the bunny hop macro, All you need to do it hold the key you assigned the macro to for as long as you want to b-hop. What the macro will do is just spam spacebar with a 16ms delay which will make you jump as soon as you land on the ground. Pro tip: The best way b-hop is to use Lucio’s AMP it up speed boost ability at the start so that you will gain the speed boost, then you can switch back to healing and you will still be able keep the speed you had previously while healing.

This also works for wall riding, so if you jump off the wall as soon as you land on it you can keep the speed you had before just like b-hopping on the ground. An extra feature of this macro is that it will make wall-riding much easier because the macro will automatically wallride on a new surface as fast as possible. Which will makes it easier to change walls quickly while wall riding. Problems: Some of the problem with this macro is that if you might get stuck at a door because you will accidentally start to wallride on the walls. Also you can not use the macro to wallride on the same surface for a long while since it will jump off it as soon as possible.

Other Heroes: This macro also works for all other heroes that can gain a speed boost. Also if Lucio speed boost you as Roadhog or any hero you are able to maintain that speed with the b-hop macro. Can you get banned? Blizzard have no way of detecting if you are using a macro or just pressing buttons on your keyboard. Since these gaming 3rd party softwares that are used to creating these macros are allowed that means Blizzard can’t detect it or ban you for it.

But people that consider this cheating are still able to report you, I have used this macro myself for about 15 hours with Lúcio without getting banned. But use the macro at your own risk. Installation Tutorial: Here is a quick tutorial on how to install the macro to Razer Synapse. First download the macro from mediafire.com and save it somewhere safe on your PC. Then import it to Razer Synapse, this requires a Razer mouse or keyboard. But there will also a link to the macro in text format so you can create the same macro by yourself with any other macro software. Now select a button and assign the Overwatch B-hop Macro to it like this. Also make sure that you use the playback option as: “Play while assigned key is pressed” when you install the macro. And that is all you need to know. Outro: I hope you found this video useful and if you want to see more macro videos in the future then please subscribe.

But that is all for now and don’t forget to have fun! ^_^.

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