Overwatch How to play Sombra Guide – Tips & Tricks

Hey everyone, it’s Zinja here and this is a guide for Sombra, she is a hacker and a stealthy hero, using her hacking abilities she can disable enemy abilities, can teleport using her beacon and can go invisible using her camo. She has a Machine Pistol as her weapon, it is a hitscan weapon, it has 60 rounds per magazine and will take seconds to reload. Sticking to close quarters is your best bet as you won’t be doing much at the medium or longer ranges. When in close quarters she can easily deal with 200 HP heroes but might need a little support if facing tank like enemies. Now her abilities, the first one being hack, this allows you to hack enemies and temporarily disable their abilities or to hack health packs so that the enemies can’t use them. It will take a second to hack an enemy but do keep in mind if you take any fire when in the process of hacking she will stop hacking. The ability has a 12 second cooldown. When an enemy is hacked his or her health bar and ultimate status will be revealed, the hack lasts for 6 seconds. Health packs will remain hacked for a whole minute, and they will respawn 3 times faster.

Enemies won’t be able to pick them up, though your allies will be. The Sombra icon above the health pack will indicate how much time is left for the hack to wear off, the white part of it is the amount of time remaining. If there is a Sombra on the enemy team, try and maintain control over the crucial health packs, do not allow the other sombra to hack and gain control of important health packs. Her next ability is her Thermoptic Camo, this allows Sombra to go completely invisible for 6 seconds, when invisible she will gain a considerable speed boost as she starts sprinting. If you fire your weapon or take damage you will no longer remain invisible. The ability has a 6 second cooldown time.

When you are invisible you are not invincible, if you take damage your invisibility will go away and you will no longer have your speed boost. Her last ability is her Translocator. Sombra will throw a translocator beacon and it will last for 15 seconds, using that she can teleport to the location of the beacon anytime she wants in the 15 second time frame. The ability has a 6 second cooldown. She also has a passive ability called opportunist, this ability allows Sombra to see enemies through walls if their health is below 50%, only Sombra will be able to see them, though with a bit of communication you can let your teammates know where the injured enemy is so that they can finish them off if you can’t. Now for her ultimate, EMP, Sombra will discharge an EMP blast with a range of 20 meters around her, disabling enemy barriers and shields and also hacking all enemies caught in the blast. This is a very powerful ultimate as it can completely stop enemy ultimates as well.

The Ultimates that can be stopped are, McCree’s Deadeye, Pharah’s Barrage, Reaper’s Deathblossom, Roadhog’s whole hog and Lucio’s Sound Barrier. Other Ultimates won’t get affected by the EMP blast. A strategy I like to use with her is that I place my beacon in a safe spot, use my camo and flank the enemies, I either kill 200HP heroes or I disable abilities for the tank heroes, once I start taking damage I then teleport back to my beacon. Sombra is a good counter to Roadhog, Roadhogs hook is an essential ability as he can’t do much without it, hacking him and disabling that ability will cripple him severly, and you and your team can take him down within seconds. Sombra is also a good counter against lucio, since she completely counters Lucio’s ultimate with her own. When Lucio activates his sound barrier to protect his team from your teams ultimate, you can activate EMP to disable all the barriers he provided and that will allow your team to clean up. Reinhardt is easily countered by Sombra as well, once she hacks him, he will no longer have his shield and the main purpose for Reinhardt is his shield, this can disrupt the whole enemy team as if Rein is in a team comp, he generally helps push forward with that shield, and if the shield itself isn’t there, it allows your team to more easily wipe up the enemy team.

Although Sombras EMP doesn’t disable Genji’s Dragonblade, it can be useful since he does use his abilities a lot when he’s using his ultimate. This will severely cripple his mobility and he will no longer remain a threat to your team. And that’s the guide for Sombra, this has been Zinja, thanks for watching and goodbye!.

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