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Hey there! If you want to take your Overwatch game to the next level, join a competitive team. You can do so regardless of your current skill, and we are going to show the way. Stay with us! Hello guys, welcome to the dojo! We have been saying that you should try out competitive gaming to experience a new way to play Overwatch. When we are saying competitive team, we are referring to a 6 stack who is getting together regularly to play either ranked or scrims and tournament games.

Is joining a team and playing together really that different from your everyday ranked play? We can tell you from our experience that it is. Let’s get to the details. Before diving deeper into the topic of the benefits of playing in a competitive team and how to find one, let’s go over the terminology we’re going to be using so you don’t feel left out. Competitive team: A 6 stack who plays together regularly to work towards a common goal. A common goal can be fun, better ranked SR, participating in tournaments or getting signed by an esport organization, etc.

Scrim: A game played between competitive teams. Usually a custom game with competitive ruleset, where the teams are practicing against each other. Ringing: Substituting a player in an already existing team for some matches or a full tournament. The best way of networking in the competitive scene. Tournament: Online or offline competition that has a predefined ruleset and usually spans over multiple days or weeks. Cup: A competition for teams usually done in one day. These terms are the most important ones when we are talking about playing in a team. Let’s get to the part where we discuss the benefits! We already have an episode about the topic of amateur competitive gaming, but let us repeat some things to be able to explain them in more detail. You can check that video by clicking on the card right now. For most Overwatch players solo queue is the go-to solution for being competitive.

Players are working towards higher ranks and trying to earn more SR. We don’t deny that playing in solo queue has it’s own beauty. There are 5 random people that you need to figure out how to work with in order to win. In most cases you need to rely heavily on your own skills and prepare for the worst from your team. There are random events, disconnects or trolls more than we would love. Kind of like a coin flip, right? On the other side, joining a competitive team is a really secure environment. You will spend the first few matches getting to know your teammates of course, but after experiencing teamplay, and communication with them, you will be able to rely on the team members heavily. This setting is really different from solo play, as you can pull some things off casually that are hard to execute in solo queue. You can depend on your teammates, know that that the team is there to support you. There is an opportunity to experiment with cheesy compositions too. No one is going to scream at you if you are picking Widowmaker in defense, if you discuss it with your team and you agree on the pick.

Apart from those aspects, you can safely dedicate your full attention to improving specific character skills. Scrims are not about ranked points, there is no pressure there. You are doing these matches to improve as a team, and the goal for the sessions can vary greatly. Your objective can be team centered, to develop your coordination and communication for example, or just learn to execute a strategy that you devised.

There are also heavily player oriented goals in these scrims. Your team may want you to get better at playing Hanzo for a specific comp, or solidify your PharMercy play. The potential things that you can do are virtually limitless. A competitive team is a group of players who want to spend time together. The players may not necessarily be your friends, but they can get to be in time. You will have a chance to play regularly with teammates who you can depend on. This alone can be a really fruitful aspect to those who are looking for social interactions in competitive gaming. You will be able to discuss your ideas together, figure out strategies to help you win games and experience the anxiety of participating in a priced competition with the promise of some serious cash.

Oh yeah there is cash all right. Overwatch is still young compared to other esport titles. But there are tournaments and cups every week not only for highly ranked players and teams, but for the ones with lower SR and less experience too. There are opportunities that you can take if you are taking competitive gaming seriously. You won’t be the next Ninjas In Pijamas in a day, but those guys started somewhere too. The team your are playing in can participate in free cups held weekly in order to gain fame, experience and the promise of some kind of reward.

This should give you a basic idea about why is it really, really good to try competitive Overwatch gaming. Now we are going to show you how to look for teams, apply to them, play your trials and then join the team when you are accepted. First of all you need to stop for a moment and think about your goals. It is important to find group of people, who share the same goal as you to avoid any misunderstandings. Your goal can be one or several of the following, but these are just general ones: Have some company on a regular basis Have consistent games, minimize the random factor from unknown teammates Play together to climb the ladder Develop your team skills such as communication, coordination, etc Develop your personal skills, like game sense, character specific knowledge, etc Participate in competitions Travel to a LAN party with your team Make a living from gaming Of course you can have any kind of goal that you feel you can get excited for.

The important thing is that you think about these and write them down. We included a helper sheet for your journey for finding the perfect team in the description. Make a copy of it and write down your goals there. These are going to be important soon. You can get back here and modify them later if needed. We would like to also see your goals if you are willing to share them, do it in a comment below! We want to mention here that if you are looking for an active Overwatch community looking for improvement, join our Discord server.

Click the card now or the link in the description. Alright, after the goals are clear you need to think about how you want to commit to reach your goal. Think about what you want to achieve and decide how much time do you want to allocate for it. If it is a fun team you are looking for (we are going to discuss the types of teams shortly) then a few hours a week will usually do. If you are looking to participate in competitions and the likes, you may need 10-15 hours per week dedicated for the team at least. Professionals spend even more on that. If you are using the sheet, you can write down how much you want to invest in playing and when. This will help you to find a team with more or less the same schedule as you. If you are flexible with the time or the schedule, just give an approximation.

If you are following the sheet, you can see that the next parts are about your best roles and characters. It is beneficial to think about who you enjoy the most because teams are usually looking for a set of role to fill, like main tank or hitscan DPS. Write these down too. The last personal part is about your strengths and weaknesses as a player. Think about these and try be honest here. Mention if you are really good mechanically or have the ability to inspire others during hard times, think about what you as a person can bring to a team. Then also mention your weaknesses, for example if you are quick tempered or have troubles with authority. These are important, it can save you time if you can identify differences early on with the team. That’s about the your personal things that you need to compile. Now let’s decide what kind of team you should search. Based on your goal, you should be able to identify what kind of team you are looking for. As we said, you need to look for a team where members have the same goals as you.

Here are the different categories of teams that you can find in Overwatch. These teams are usually grouping to have fun together. Generally there are no rules, no leadership, just a democratic group who decide to play together in order to enjoy the game. There may be only casual or custom play involved with a time schedule or without it. The team size can also vary, there may be more than enough members for a full 6 stack just to make sure you can hop into games when some of the members have the time to play.

These teams are still mainly motivated to have fun, but in ranked play. They are looking for more challenge and usually define a small set of rules to make sure the group works well. The members are not necessarily looking for improvement, only want to enjoy the game in a team where they know each other. Joining a team like this gives you an opportunity to play Overwatch in a reliable team and have a lot more fun than in solo queue. The first tier where players are actually more interested in winning the game than having fun.

The members are usually motivated to raise their competitive ranks together and they figured that it will be easier to do with other people that they know. These groups will most likely have a schedule for times when they are playing together. The roles of the members are decided, so they can improve with the set of heroes they want to play. Teams like this usually have strategic planning as well as team exercises to help them beat their opponents. Semi-pro teams are working hard to improve together and participate in different kinds of tournaments, cups and events. These groups usually have a tight schedule, with strict roles and measureable goals that they want to achieve. Every player puts a lot of time in the game in order to improve as a team, and also playing solo when they can to make sure their personal skills are reliable. The actual commitment the team makes in order to be good decides if we are talking about extreme hobbyists, or wannabe professionals.

In the professional tier list, they are considered tier 5. Professional teams are on the top of every competitive game. Players in these teams play for a living, committing a lot of time to improve their game as a team and individually. There are famous and not-so-famous ones, most often spoken about in tiers. This is the top level of dedication you can have as a gamer, so we only suggest this category for the most resolute players.

Now try to match your goals with these team categories, and write down which type of team seems interesting to you. Another important thing to decide here is if you want to be part of a national team speaking your language, or an international one with a different main language. Communications are really important in team settings, so decide which fits you better. It’s usually recommended to look for teams near your timezone, so you can coordinate your schedules. Now that you have compiled your sheet about your personal details and team preferences, it’s time to start looking for a fitting group of players. There are websites helping players and teams to find each other and Discord servers where you can see team ads or post one yourself. You can use the links in the description to visit or join these. Now look through the team ads and search for something that fits the picture we have created so far. You may not find a fitting one right away, check these forums again later to see more candidates. Teams will usually describe what they are looking for in a player.

You can decide whether you fit the description or not and if you want to try to join that particular team. Write down these contacts, you are will need to get in touch with them for the next step. Applying to a team is easy. Read their ad and if they have any questions or request, make sure to answer them in your message. Say hi, describe yourself briefly (you can use the sheet you created) and tell them that you want to apply. That’s all there is to it. After your message, they are going to get back to you in most cases. Sometimes they are not responding at all, you can try again in a few days or just leave them be. When they do get back to you, make sure to ask your unanswered questions about the team and answer theirs about yourself.

After this round, there is usually a tryout where you need to show them what you’ve got. Now here comes the interesting part. Most teams will ask you to trial for a position, because they usually have more candidates for the same spot. You are going to play with the group so they can decide whether they like you and your game or not. This generally means that you need to play a specific hero or a set of heroes. A quick note here, the Overwatchdojo team offers personal coaching if you think you need help to get better. Support us on Patreon if you are interested in that. Getting back on topic, here are the most important things to pay attention to: Always be honest with the team. They are interested in who you are as a person and as a player Try to give your best during the tryout. This applies to both your communications and gameplay.

Pay attention to the team and to yourself. This doesn’t mean that you cant make mistakes, just make sure that you are taking the tryout seriously enough. Prepare yourself mentally for the match. You will be playing with a team who know each other, try to adjust to them. Figure out how they are acting during the game and match their style. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. If you feel uncomfortable or have anything to say, share it with the team. Try to show the group what makes you special. Dominate the enemy with headshots, or use your people skills to cheer everyone up These tips should serve as general outlines. After the trials, you are going to have to wait for them to get back to you. If you have more team you are interested in, you can also trial at them. This leaves you more choices when you need to decide where you want to join.

We recommend having at least two candidate groups, just in case. Okay, so you got your invitations to one or more teams. Now it is time to decide where you want to go. Time to revisit your sheet if you did one, or just think about what we have discussed in this video. Does the group share your objective? Did you have fun playing with them? Was there anything that made the group stand out compared to the others? Make your decision, and notify each team about it. Letting the teams know that you have decided not to join them is recommended, in case your choice proves to be bad. Congratulations, now you have a competitive team! You will thrive together, but sometimes you need to deal with problems together, those are unavoidable.

Make sure that you are keeping to your goal and you will have a good time and a lot of great experience! From here, your team needs to decide what you do with your time together, whether it is just ranked games, scrims, or strategy sessions and tournaments as well. Make sure to share your story or your ideas about the topic . We are eager to hear if you had success in joining a team using this guide. Please like, subscribe and give us a thumbs up if you like what we are doing! See you guys next time!

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