How To Rank Up In Overwatch Season 2!  Skill Rating System Explained

Class is in session. This is Professor Ganymede. In this video I want to go over how Blizzard has change the way we rank up in Season 2. Apparently Blizzard has completely done away with how we used to rank based on our performance and hero picks. So gone are the days where the dps on a team was ranked 70 and the supports were ranked 60, having played the exact same games grouped together. According to a post in the Blizzard forums by Morgoth, there are 4 main factors that determine how much rank you gain and lose. And I’ll link the post in the description. http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/17613333748 Number 1.The biggest factor in gaining rank comes from win and loss streaks. The easiest way to rank up is to have a massive win streak and the easiest way to go down is to have a massive loss streak. Now this was always a factor even in season 1, but this has now become the MAIN factor. Number 2. As we get closer to our average rating the system punishes us less for loss streaks. And the system punishes us more the closer we get to our highest rank in the season.

On the other hand if we fall way below our average rating, our punishment for loss streaks is minimized if not non existent. This makes it pretty hard to climb once you start getting close to your peek and the system makes you really work to increase your rating. But it works both ways. If you fall below your average rating and get a good win streak, you can count on a large income of rating points. Number 3. The boost of Income gets smaller or stabilizes as you surpass your average rating and Without win or loss streaks your rating will slowly decrease if you are winning and losing games one after another.

This again makes ranking past our average level hard but punishes us less for falling below our average rank by making it so that our last loses in the series will be less severe. And when we do start winning again, the win streak feature will kick in much faster and with bigger numbers. Number 4. Medals earned, hero picks, and general in game performance no longer seem to factor into how much rating we gain, or at the very least have much smaller impact than last season. So Lucio will gain the same amount of rank as that Genji he is grouping with, with all other factors being equal. So this was pretty big when I found it. And while some people may have already known this, at least we have some data to back up what people were experiencing. So if you want to rank up you’d better get to grouping with some good players and work on those win streaks. Or be prepared to carry really…really hard. If you are going to be solo queuing. So hopefully this was helpful.

This has been Professor Ganymede, thanks for watching. Class dismissed.

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