Getting Roadhogs Achievements And Cute Sprays | Overwatch Cute Sprays #2

Alright let’s go Roadhog. Havn’t tried him, going all in. Let’s go! Outch! That was not my plan. Woo. Let’s go! Vape! And run. Oh no.. Alright, it doesn’t look too good. Tank ahead with 4 eliminations and silver in damage that’s pretty, pretty bad. Oh f*ck! No that just didn’t happen. Yes! Let’s go! Come on guys, push together please. A good first game with Roadhog, he’s insane! Juice, thank you! Ouch. Ouch. Pew, vape. I’m vaping my day away! See you. See you rollerboy. Alright let’s go, and let’s go behind. Ouch! YES! I actually managed to hit a hook. That’s nuts. Let’s go piggy piggy. Let’s just get the ult, get in there and push the enemies away. And take the site. Boom. Flank, flank and win, that’s the keyword.

Hahaha, eh well. This is kinda awkward. Comon guys, push together! Ouch! Wauw! That was nice, i must admit. No, come on. Heal up! Jeez, the hook is too big. No, yes, thank you! Ah that f*cking Mei! Are you kidding me? And i’m not there for the site. The timing x3. Oh good lord! Come on! Are you kidding me? Alright we change it up. Let’s go Soldier 76. Yes, let’s go. Sticking to the same hero one entire game, usually a bad idea. Not saying it is always a bad idea, but usually it is. That was so close. And Junkrat’s bouncing x3 bullets. 60 seconds, okay let’s flank it. Yeah let’s go boys! Let’s go! Yes, i like that! Are we getting the legendary? I feel it. Hahaha. 5 coins, yes.

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