Did You Try This For Bastions Pixel Spray And Cute Spray In Overwatch?

Hi, it’s saBotage, and welcome to another Overwatch video! Today it’s time to bring out the big guns, and go robocop style. So we are pulling out Bastion and his little anger management psychiatrist, Genymede. Loads of you will already have these achievements, and you didn’t have to put any efford into it. But, if you wan’t tips for playing Bastion, or you need one or maybe both of the achievements, this guide will definitely help you! First we got “Triple Threat” The achievement says: Kill 2 enemies in each of Bastion’s Configurations without dying in quick or competitive play. The reward is a pixel spray. So the achievement is easy to understand: You got three configurations with Bastion, the recon configuration where he’s fully mobile and uses a submachinegun. the sentry configuration where he’s static and uses a minigun. and lastly the tank configuration where he’s an tiny tank with a huge deadly weapon. So get two kills in each mode, and don’t die in the process.

Here’s my suggestions for getting it: First, Bastions hitbox is huge, so while you think he’s kinda like Soldier, and you can run around and deal damage, to then selfheal, it’s not always gonna go that way. The selfheal will be interrupted as soon as you take damage, so first of all you are easily hit, and secondly you are going to have a hard time healing if you are slightly chased. From my experience, you’ll have so many opportunities to stay behind a Reinhardt shield, and to do all the work from there. And while you are all safe and comfy, pull out your mini gun and go sentry mode, and get a couple of easy kills there. Remember that kill participations also will count towards this achievement! And as Bastion, please don’t make the mistake and just sit somewhere in sentry until you are killed. My Bastion loving heart breaks every time i see it, and while you think you are getting the full potential out of him, sitting somewhere all the time, is exactly what makes Bastion and any other hero easy to counter.

Switch to sentry when you are 100% safe, and switch the fuck out and go recon mode when you are not, run to the middle or backline and stay there until you are safe again. If you just manage to stay alive, the first four kills in recon and sentry will easily come, so just play carefully. Don’t use your ult until you have both the two recon and the two sentry kills! When you have your ult: stay in the middle or backline of your team, and wait until you either have a team combo with Rein, Zarya, Mei or if you spot two 200 hp squishes.

Jumpboosting here can be a great way to make you harder to target, but you should actually be able to just get in the enemies faces, and bomb their asses back to their spawn. So to sum this one up: Stay safe in your group Get the two sentry kills And get the two recon kills – In whatever order Only use ult when you have the first four kills And enjoy your pixel spray! Next achievement is “Charge!” The achievement says: Kill 4 enemies with a single use of Bastion’s Configuration: Tank in quick or competitive play. The reward is a cute spray. We’re making this simple, because i really think it is. Take the previous advices to use, and stay safe. Taking highground around the time you have your ult, will make you able to see when and who to go for, when you are ready to go.

You’ll get 150+ armor when you go into tank, and you’ll deal 205 damage on direct hits. In the perfect scenario, you combo your ult with Rein, Zarya or Mei, or any CC ult, and you’ll quickly get 4 kills in while in tank mode. You could also ask your fellow Ana to boost you, and enemy tanks will even have a hard time dealing with you. You have 8 seconds to achieve all the kills, so if you position yourself inside your group of teammates when your team pushes, you wont have to try getting 4 kills that many times, before this achievement is over. You still don’t need to get the final blow, so don’t chase somebody around, just make sure you go tank mode when the enemies can’t easily run to a safe spot, and i bet your teammates will followup on the enemies on critical health.

So to sum this one up: Go into sentry mode when safe Go out of sentry and run to team when you are not Get your ult ready Position yourself in advantage against your enemies Pop your ult when enemies are in a tight spot Or CC’ed by a teammate And enjoy your cute spray! If you made it this far, i really hope you could use any of this, i enjoy helping those of you who need it and can learn anything. A rating on what you think is very much appreciated, and if you have any feedback or thoughts towards future content, feel free to write it in a comment, i’ll answer as much as i can. And i hope to see you again, – goodbye.

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