D.I.Y : Hanzo’s Bow (Overwatch)

Hi ! Today I want to show my latest project This is the Hanzo’s bow And it works ! Well, I just put a little elastic band, but if you find something stronger it can be really interesting The template of the weapon is in the description! It’s not really complicated, it’s mainly made of wood So, here we go ! So I cut out the template (the colour are a little bit weird because of my printer, but that’s okay) As I haven’t colours I put my own code But we can see that the blue parts on the template a thicker, so we will glue 2 wooden boards together And then we will cut them Then for the grey parts we will just use 1 wooden board And we will try to assemble everything as well as we can Well, let’s go now! 1 hour later Okay, I’ve cut all the blue parts I also numbered them, it will help me to assemble them at the end It was quite long, and difficult …

And boring But I think that now, the most difficult part is done I don’t know if you can see it, but it’s about / centimeters of width Now, let’s use this wooden board (about 2 centimeters) to make the grey parts to draw them correctly, use the parts you’ve already cut Once everything is done, you should have something like that Then I glued them with a wood glue. Press them together until they dry (a vice will help you a lot) I’ve found this little mettalic slab, I could just it here and use the other side to put the arrow And I will strengthen it with a shelf bracket I used the handle of a cheap little gun, that I will fill with expansive foam to make it harder I glued it with a cheap little garden light, screwed it to the wood, and used a curtain-rod on the other side.

Then for the little black parts I cut some shape in a foamboard, and wrapped them into a foam carpet Push them together so that the carpet wil have the same shape as the foamboard And then cut the foam carpet, and just let 2-3 millimeters to glue it on the bow You can add screws after that For the yellow line I simply used a masking tape to paint it To give it a damaged aspect, I put some black paint with a paper handkerchief And then I rolled some piece of fabric that I folded in the middle And to finish I used that as an handle, which was on an old project It was the handle of a a thing used to de-ice windshields that I’ve bought in supermarket for less than 5€ Here is your bow ! you can put a stronger string, but mine will be used as a decoration I hope you enjoyed the video!

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