Smeggit’s Orcs Must Die 2 War Mage 5 Skull Strategy Guide

Hello! As I did with the first OMD! I want to make a post with a variety of strategies displayed by various forum members....

Kenny’s Orcs Must Die 2 Becoming a Better Player Guide

With an influx of new players on the way with the release of Orcs Must Die! 2. I thought that it might be a...

Rogotin’s Orcs Must Die 2 Combo Guide

i. Bio – The Trap Whisperer Who am I? The community calls me ‘The Trap Whisperer’.  From the darkest depths of OMD2 I helped drag...

Rogotin’s Orcs Must Die 2 Difference between Combos and Kill Streaks

Ok this is getting a little silly. It seems a lot of players can’t tell the difference between a combo and a kill streak....

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