I”ve had a few people ask for my build. I’m not running one exactly like any of the published builds out there (but it’s 98 percent similar to all of them, I’d say) and almost everything I know I learned from people here so old timers of the forum don’t expect to learn anything new from this. Its mainly just for guildies who wonder what I’m running really. I don’t know where else to post it. LOL.


This is not the build I started with. I started with a lot of arpen choices because it was difficult to find as I was gearing up. if you are struggling for the basics this build isn’t entirely for you yet. you want 60% or near 60 arpen before you start stacking other stuff. but the feats and powers would remain the same. but don’t pay atten to the boons I chose.


hindering shot, constricting arrow and plant growth. Generally plantgrowth (melee) constricting arrow (melee) switch stance to ranged fire a constricting arrow to trigger master trapper) back to melee for hindering. Then a careful attack, switch back to ranged. Fire another constricting arrow, hindering shot. I only use the ranged plant growth if there are multiple enemies. if there are multiple enemies I’ll fire one off. I also fire one off before an attack has begun where I know it will be. Rinse and repeat. switching often to get that constricting arrow helps keep master trapper triggered. it’s every ten seconds but it’s hard to keep track so just keep spamming that as much as you can. keeping stacks of aspect of the serpent is also important. I don’t really watch it anymore. you’ll want to watch it and watch your attacks to get a feel for how it stacks and how to manage it. It’s less important than keeping master trapper up though. Firing off a couple arrows is usually a good thing to fit in.

constricting arrow and plantgrowth just about never leave my line up but hindershot sometimes gets replaced with longstriders or fox. Longstriders for some bosses and fox for times when your group has low survivability for whatever reason.

aspect of the pack is slotted 99 percent of the time. aspect of the serpent is always slotted.

instead of pack, sometimes I use cruel recovery for low survivability situations. Crushing roots if I get dragged into a pvp outing. I’ve been playing with seekers vengeance but I think pack is better.

Dailies used are slashers mark (helps to get into the battle quickly if you’re a distance away) and for a lot of baddies I use seismic shot.

this is also not the build I’ll end with I’ll probably go with the high crit build when I get my percentages higher. I can’t seem to get the precision rings to save my life.

I have a power mount. Eventually when we get guild power boon I’ll buy a crit mount.

For mount boons the only ones of real matter that I have equipped are wanderers fortune and gladiators guile.

gladiators guile is IMPORTANT.. you want this. hunters are slow. This brings us up to the kind of maneuverability that makes us functional.
I’m stacking azures in offense, darks in defense. utility is mostly dragons hoard with 1 fey.

For pets I have the merc as active and I”m trying to get a set of Combat advantage pets. Get your bonding stones as highly ranked as you can and stack it with stats you are missing or go for the lifesteal and and crit.

For artis I’m not going with a set until I can complete orcus. Right now I have the Dex belt and a personalized necklace. I have controllers sigil, book of the dead and the lantern for my main artis. I have a misc arti that has lifesteal atm that I’ll trade out for a better one later on when we get more stuff thrown our way.

I’ve got greater vorpal and a plain jane negation. I”ll trade the vorpal for a dread when we get that.

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Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!