Hello everyone,

before you read this guide you should know, that this build needs a lot of expensive things to be effective, but its a lot of fun if you get to the point where you have all those things. (things you need: Fail Snail, Sigil of the Devoted on mythic and a good equiped Fire Archon with 3x bonding runestones[at least lvl 10]).

This is the OP build i use since mod 6:

Stats without buffs:

Defensive stats:


Encounter powers: Binding Oath(no other tank in group), Burning Light(for max dmg), Vow of Enmity + Bane (single target boss fight), Smite (always equiped), Templar’s Wrath (always equiped)
At-Will powers: Shielding Strike, Radiant Strike
daily powers: Divine Protector, Divine Judgement
class powers: Aura of Wisdom, Aura of Courage

Attributes: charisma > wisdom = constitution > intelligence > dexterity > strength

Mount: Fail Snail

Companion bonuses and Insignia: Protector’s Camaraderie, Artificer’s Persuasion, Cavalry’s Warning, Gladiator’s Guile and Protector’s Friendship. Most Insignia are Power/Companion Influence, Crit/Combat Advantage, Hit Points.

Weapon enchantment: Vorpal

Armor Enchantment: Negation

Enchantments: In your offense slots you can use Radiant, Dark, Draconic, Brutal (i am using 1xBrutal,1xBlack Ice and all other slots are Radiant) and in your defense slots you should only use Radiant .

Stats you want: ~5000 recovery, ~5000 armor penetration (you will get more than enough from companion gift), 1000-1500 action point generation, 1000-1500 combat advantage, as much power as you can get, as much crit as you can get and as much life as you can get.

Stats you dont want: deflect (its useless and you wont need it), defense (you will get a lot of defense anyway so dont push it with anything else than gear).

Artifact you need: Sigil of the Devoted.

Artifacts that i use: Black Ice Beholder, Sigil of the Great Weapon, Tiamat’s Orb of Majesty.

Companions: Fire Archon (3xbonding runestone), Errinye (10% critical severity), Siege Master (4% damage), all other companions are optional (i am using earth and air archon for more % dmg).

Artifact belt and cloak: You can use Lathanders, Tiamat, Black Ice or Lostmauth. I prefer Tiamat, Black Ice or Lathanders.

Boons: You can change them according to your gear.

I hope you like my build. If you have a question, just ask here.

Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!