Hey folks,


I’ve had a few people asking about my SW build so it’s time to share. I’ve had lots of help along the way but with the modifications and tweaks I’ve made I now feel comfortable calling it my own.

I’ve gone Hellbringer – Fury and mainly focus on single target damage. I can melt mobs but my job is to pick a fight with the biggest guy in the room! I’m a Dragonborn at the moment, I started as a Human. I WILL be returning to Human as I found the extra feat points made a bigger difference than the Dragonborn extras.

I use a Lostmouth set for my Neck, Belt and Artifact.

In my offensive slots I use Azures/Radiant. In my defensive slots I use Darks/Radiant.

My weapon/armor enhancements are a Vorpal/Soulforged. I will soon be looking at using a Terror enchantment in my weapon as it does additional necrotic damage and with my capstone in the fury tree will cause more damage with creeping death. I’m not sure if that will out weigh the vorpal but I will keep you all posted via this post!

My artifacts I use are The Sigil of the Devoted, Lantern of Revelation, Lostmouths Horn of Blasting, and Tiamat’s Orb.

My Neck, Rings, and Belt have enhancements of +100 AP gain.

I just started using the Dragon Slayer rings, I had 2 Personalized Adamant Ring of Recovery’s for +394 Power & +394 Recovery prior to that and am not sure which are better. Still testing with this. Update: I went back to the personalized rings. Brought my gear score just under 3.5k and Def better to use unless of course I’m doing dragons!!

If you have questions feel free to hit me up in game, [email protected] will find me! You can also reply to this thread and I’ll keep an eye on it!

My dallies never change:
Tyrannical Threat and Flames of P….
I can’t spell it and updating this on my phone so I can’t look at the moment lol

My class feats don’t change either:
Flames of Empowerment and No pity, No mercy

My at-wills are always:
Hand of Blight and Dark spiral aura

My encounters do change depending on what I’m doing.

My layout for clearing trash:
Killing flames, Hadars Grasp, Dreadtheft

Boss melting:
Warlocks Bargin, Hadars Grasp, Killing flames

The single target rotation goes a little some thing like this.

WB, HG, spam hand of blight until there is 5 seconds left on the cool down for Hadars grasp then pop killing flames. Repeat.

When it comes to melting mobs give this a try!

Tyrannical Threat, sigil of the devoted, curse the 2 or 3 biggest guys in the room (tab feat) pick the biggest guy and hit him with killing flames, Hadars grasp, dreadtheft. You’ll have to circle while dreadtheft is going to make sure you hitting as many as possible but the damage is incredible!

As it is now I can keep my single target setup through all the current dungeons and melt everything with a good party. If I need to pickup the slack for other players in the group then I need to change my rotation to melt. I like having the top pain giver but I no longer go into a dungeon with that as my goal. Depending on the group of course I rarely come out of ECC or ETOS with less than 100 mil damage.

Solo play is still tough, I’m squish as hell but my earth archon is a huge help!

Power, Crit and Lifesteal are my goals. Since I’m wearing the Lost mouth set my endgame goal is to hit about 90%+ crit chance. Not sure if it’s possible with this class but I intend to find out!

And finally: Behold Reg1981!!

Here is my overview:

Ability Points:
Starting roll of 16 CON – 16 CHA – 12 INT. Dragon Born allowed +2 where ever I want so I put them on CON & CHA giving me a final roll of 18 CON, 18 CHA, and 12 INT.

Current stats as they sit today Dec 13, 2015:

Movement is 4,250 but missing in the photos, I have the Giant Armored Strider for +4000 movement

My Feats:

My Powers:

My Boons although they are not finished yet:



Icewind Dale:


Tyranny of Dragons:

I have left out the PVP and Stronghold boons for now. As I unlock more I’ll update this build. I currently use the Stronghold boons for Power, Lifesteal, and XP!

Here are my active companions. I do swap out the companion in the 5th spot as needed. It provides me +5% to Crit Severity and is slotted most of the time.


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!