Disclaimer: this build was worked out by both @ralexinor and @whitespicyrice, so it’s not solely my own work. This build was also worked out from being BiS (best in slot), and I don’t know how well it works at lower gear levels. I’m also not interested in playing against pugs, so this build can mostly be considered a premade and 1v1 build.


P.S: I can’t be bothered to format this properly.
P.P.S: Screw the max image limit. “Images include use of smilies, the BB code [img]tag, and HTML <img> tags. The use of these is all subject to them being enabled by the administrator.” ):[/img]History of the Hunter Ranger in PvP
HR was introduced in Module 2, mostly revolving around being a counter to the strongest classes at the time, TR and GWF. In terms of builds, the BiS builds per module and the metas of each module:

Module 2 Pre-Tenacity patch: Stormwarden Combat HR with Fox Shift, Constricting Arrow/Thorn Ward/Marauders and Vorpal
Module 2 Post-Tenacity patch: Stormwarden Archery or Combat HR with Fox Shift, Constricting Arrow/Thorn Ward/Marauders and Vorpal
Module 3: Pathfinder Archery HR with Fox Shift, Constricting Arrow and Thorn Ward and Forest Meditation/PvP healing set and Plague Fire Enchant
Module 4: Pathfinder Combat HR with Fox Shift, Boar Rush and Marauders with Piercing Blade/Life Steal/Red Glyphs and Plague Fire Enchant (or the idiots using Flaming)
Module 5: Pathfinder/Stormwarden Trapper HR with Fox Shift, Hindering Shot and Constricting Arrow/Thorn Ward with Vorpal

Module 6 has brought many changes and many more bugs to the table. A lot of metas have changed. Right now the meta still revolves around damage, as it has since about Module 4/5 ish. From a premade viewpoint, HRs have always been one of the strongest 1v1 classes. Module 2 HRs were strong all around, while Module 3 HRs were the strongest class in terms of 1v1 with insane healing due to no ICD on the pvp set and forest meditation, with Module 4 HRs abusing piercing blade and red glyphs and healing up to full with life steal, and Module 5 HRs had insane damage from root tick bleeds.

Module 2 and 3 HRs were primarily node-only classes (module 2 HR less so), due to Thorn Ward being a useless POS on anything not a node. Module 4 HRs could roam due to damage coming from non-node locked skills such as Fox Shift and at-wills/feats. Module 5 HRs were probably the most versatile in terms of roaming, as they weren’t forced to fight on a node only, and had high damage ranged encounters (which is what Module 4 HRs lacked).

Current Meta
Module 6, due to additional tenacity rendering crit damage bad, as well as the addition of the OP and the multitude of bugs flying around, and the lifesteal/regen changes, is a completely different ball game to the last few mods. It’s hard to figure out what builds are best atm due to the lack of solid meta for classes right now, and the range of different class abilities there are now.

Right now the meta for HR is Pathfinder Trapper. Most people are running full Trapper (or 5 points in either combat lifesteal or archery stamina regen or somewhere just as useless due to serpent issues), however, there are complaints about low DPS from that build (I don’t necessarily agree with that, but let’s just move off that issue). Full trapper builds are mostly CC, and is very good for intercepting and holding opponents (unless elven battle…), and allows you lock a single target down fairly consistently between crit Careful Attack with Trapper’s Cunning and Swiftness of the Fox/Forestbond CD reductions on Constricting Arrow and Hindering Strike. From a premade perspective, this is useful as it allows for your team to clear a node while you intercept an opponent, or your teammates to clear someone while you keep the DC or CW locked down so they can’t harm your teammates.

At-wills, Class Features, Encounters and Dailies
At-Wills: Hunter’s Teamwork/Careful Attack, Aimed Shot/Aimed Strike
Class Features: Aspect of the Serpent or Aspect of the Lone Wolf depending on if you want to DPS or tank, and Crushing Roots
Encounters: Constricting Arrow, Hindering Shot, Thorn Ward (swap Fox Shift in if you fight another HR or you’ll get wrecked)
Dailies: Forest Meditation, Disruptive Shot (can also replace Forest Meditation with Forest Ghost if you’re fighting a TR, or with Slasher’s Mark if you need the stamina)

This build makes use of Longshot from the Archery tree, which is actually Piercing damage. Nowhere near as strong as Shadowy Opportunity’s damage (TR piercing), and seems to not really be affected by certain damage buffs, but it’s roughly 20% of your damage, with another 10% from Lostmauth set, 15% from Thorned Roots, 10% from Careful Attack and 10-15% from Thorn Ward and another asofyetunknown% from noonecares sources.

NWCalc link: http://nwcalc.com/index.html#/hr?b=1oa5:k6rwk5:8dep:5tb7d,13k3iii:1uu0u00:1000000:1uu2kn1&h=0&p=swd


There’s something like 5-10 variants of this build as well.
Variant 1: http://nwcalc.com/index.html#/hr?b=1oa5:k6rwk5:8dep:5tb7d,13k3iii:1uu0o00:1000000:1uu2kt1&h=0&p=swd
Variant 2: http://nwcalc.com/index.html#/hr?b=1oa5:k6rwk5:8dep:5tb7d,13k3iii:1uu0u00:1000000:1uu3en1&h=0&p=swd
Variant 3: http://nwcalc.com/index.html#/hr?b=1oa5:k6rwk5:8dep:5tb7d,13k3iii:1uu0u00:1000000:1uu3dt1&h=0&p=swd
Variant 4: http://nwcalc.com/index.html#/hr?b=1oa5:k6rwk5:8dep:5tb7d,13k3iii:1uu0u00:1000000:1uu0wn1&h=0&p=swd

And I can’t be bothered to do the rest, but it’s basically moving points between Forestbond/Trapper’s Cunning/Swiftness/Ancient Roots. I like having at least 2 points in Ancient, because then you have 3 root ticks for Thorned, but having more points in Swiftness is nice. Trapper’s Cunning is really good for the CC but having less recharge speed with more points in Forestbond is also nice. It just depends on what you like. Main point: damage from longshot.

Sharandar: *Note: you can swap Elven for Fey Thistle, also defense is useless atm, once arp res is fix then I would go defense over power

Dread Ring:

Icewind Dale:

Tyranny of Dragons:

PvP Campaign:


Mainhand power: Hunter’s Teamwork/Careful Attack
Offhand Artifact stat: Regeneration
Offhand Artifact power (important!): Cruel Recovery
Offense slots: Brutal (Power/Crit)
Defense slots: Savage (HP/Life Steal)
Armor Enchantment: Negation
Weapon Enchantment: Holy Avenger
Overloads: Greater Black Dragon Glyph (both slots)

Stacking power for damage, crit for procs (longshot procs off Thorn Ward crits, as well as Lostmauth) and healing from Cruel Recovery. Cruel Recovery offhand works without needing the feature slotted, and is not affected by Incoming Healing bonuses or depressions (read: is not affected by healing depression), so with my HP (112k), it heals about 560 per crit (does not work on Thorned Roots, but does on Lostmauth and CA and TW). Life steal for healing/tankiness, to take full advantage of the Endless Consumption DR boon (note: bastion sucks). Holy Avenger for further heals and some damage (the weapon damage is about 4% of your damage in a fight). The HA heal is about 1.5k per second for 16 ticks at Transcendent (heal does not change per rank, only duration of buff does, you kinda need Pure or Transcendent at least for HA to do good).

Damage wise, from ACT logging, it goes:
Longshot: 20%
Thorned Roots: 15%
Thorn Ward: 10%
Careful Attack: 10%
Lostmauth: 10%
everything else: x%

Healing wise:
Life steal: 50%
Cruel Recovery: 20%
Holy Avenger: 15%
pots/artis/boons/etc.: x%

1. Drop TW on a node
2. Proc MT
3. Crit Careful Attack
4. Dodge around
5. ???

(also add in forest meditation if you get scared)

Countering other classes
DC: You won’t kill a good bis DC, but you can try if you swap to vorpal for more damage, and Forest Ghost/Slasher’s Mark.
SM GF: Pretty sure you will win most of the time here if you slot lone wolf, just make sure you actually dodge and bait their stuff. Stay in ranged stance as much as possible for the stamina regen, and the crit from Broadhead Arrows. Crescendo is difficult to counter, but against most scrub GFs you can see when they’ll use – question is whether you have enough dodges and reaction/ping to avoid it.
IV GF: Technically IV GF is easier than SM GF, but it also happens to be the best offensive GF in the game is IV, and he’s just about the only GF I’ve actually died to with some consistency. Same as SM, but you don’t need to watch for Crescendo. Watch out for Fighter’s Recovery and Villain’s Menace though, make sure you dodge everything they throw at you if they’re in FR, and just dodge a bit through VM and then sit in Forest Meditation for the rest of the duration of it.
HR: HR 1v1s lol?
CW: Try to keep them cc’d as much as possible, crit CA is a must, don’t chase around too much with TW, try to corner them into standing on TW but don’t chase where they go with your TW, just pop it in the middle of the node. Unless you’re not on a node. You may need Forest Ghost for CWs.
OP: Dodge Divine Judgement and you’re fine. You’ll heal up very quickly anyway, just the dazes are annoying as all ****.
SW: Warlock’s Bargain is going to **** you up so hard. Probably will need to run Fox Shift against SWs.
GWF: Kite as much as possible, avoid stuns such as Takedown and FLS (if they use it), /try/ to dodge hidden daggers because that’s 20k damage you don’t want to take, and watch as TW/crit CA kills them. Meditation if you get a panic attack.
TR: TRs have been the biggest ***** of the game since module 5. This mod is even worse with +1s to ITC, Transcendent Terror BS, CoS/SO spam, Shadowy Opportunity multiprocing (this **** makes me rage). Last mod the playstyle was to kite and force TRs to make mistakes by missing dazing strike, or by interrupting Shadow Strike with Disruptive and hoping the bad ones would dodge, so you could just fire constricting arrow off after and root them just as ITC finishes. Didn’t always work because of lolbbpanicbutton, but was still the best way to fight TRs 1v1 (and using binding arrow/oakskin for the heals too). This mod you can’t do that or you’ll get your *** kicked in. Playing against TRs this mod is all about pressuring them and forcing them not to attack you so you’re taking less damage (aka mind games). You still won’t consistently beat the bis TRs who kinda know how to play 1v1, but you will have a better chance and should be able to beat the worser TRs 1v1 by staying close (watch out for dazing/smoke bomb though), and forcing them to dodge instead of spamming CoS. You will need to blow dodges on CoS unfortunately, so it is a hit and miss thing, but if you don’t you’re going to die so fast from SO multiprocing hitting you for a total of 10-20k damage per cos. It’s not even funny. Just stick close, try and make them miss dazing if they use it, kite around pillars, use terrain as much as you can, run off node if you know they have to come close to get off their refill, count ITC seconds and cooldown, and you will still die but you might live a few seconds longer, or if you get lucky, you might win!

Fighting against other classes (whether you should win or die)
TR: you die.
HR: no one cares
SW: probably a win but can be difficult (this is not taking into consideration the HOB bug, which is actually relatively easy to counter for a HR)
GWF: you win (generally at least a 50-50 chance, dependent on skill)
GF: you win if you dodge their stuff, you die if you don’t
CW: you win if your RNG does suck and CA actually crits
DC: stalemate, can win with fire wheel sometimes though
OP: stalemate

Closing notes
All in all this build is probably one of the best HR builds for 1v1s against other classes, although it does lack in team usefulness which is why Rookz and I have moved off it. However, this build probably has the highest node DPS (I nearly always came out on the top of DPS charts in pvp matches in premades) and has some pretty insane healing to go with it. Overall a very strong build for 1v1s.



Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!