I want to introduce this Temptation build to you since I know warlock has got hard times in PVP and a lot to suffer.
PVP is not very famous atm, right. I want to prevent new player who step in PVP to suffer the same way most warlocks did, like mine, with a build that definitely is gonna work even being not BIS and preventing you from dying lot´s of time having unlimited stamina even outrunnig GWF by that with ease

I respecced few days ago into temptation from fury (by accident) and run near all dungeons and raids performing very good in almost every aspect, beside the aggroproblem from the massive healing – the capstone works nice having 30% LS without any effort.
Now I modified the setup a bit towards PVP, but you will also have fun in PVE running it-I guarantee.
I took part in PVP since mod 4 with different builds. I now want to share this one because most ppl tend to keep their secrets and doesn´t share a lot in the forum.
Since my performance was obviously better against some classes running temptation, former fury, I wanted to tell this to the community first hand.

I came from temptation mod 4 to fury mod 5 to damnation mod 6+7 (mega damage, but broken) back to fury mod 7/8 (tab-tab-tab-tab) and now back to the roots and i have to admit , it is by far the best performing build from all builds I run in PVP.
Damnation is the weakest tree to do PVP imo, since your puppet is 90% dead, facing 3k+ PVP player
Fury has nice offense advantage fom capstone, but tbh Creeping Death mostly deals a suboptimal ammount from overall damage.
Temptation lacks a bit in damage/burst but you deal more than other classes do and I could contest vs. meleeclasses like GWF and GF far better than being furylock-the reason lies in the big mobilityboost.
Since most people can´t afford 5x r12´s darks in utilityslots, the only option is to waste 5 points in “Shadow Fold”, boons like “Elven resolve” from Sharandar, “Refreshing Chill” from Dreadring etc.. being fury skilled.
Even doing so you can´t stand against a GWF most time (the good ones), especially the guys with a runner build, since your stamina will run out and he will burst you in no time standing on your feet- you will lose in case he knows his class.
Facing Hunter, CW, TR, SW it may take longer but your defense is much better, being mobile all time using shadowwalk/mitigation and having more lifesteal.
On top you spend some heal (not much) and buff your group with 20% pwwer+5% lifesteal.
Your burst is fire buff from Wheel of elements + lolsetbonus and it happens that you kill 4k TR´s, even non BIS GWF´s and GF´s by that 1vs1 being undergeared.

In case you have improvements please take part and share your knoweledge, any help is welcome to get the warlocks back to PVP, thanks

My setup and encounter

Classfeats are: Borrowed time (allways) and Shadowalk (nearly allways), ACC/warding curse (sometimes)–> normally you need to be mobile, sometimes it could be benefitial to go for ACC because your spark gain is much better, beeing protected by a DC or an OP (these neverending fights) you can burst down other classes by using WB-HG-and spam Soul Scorch, or HS+HG (control them) and spam SS.

Dailies: Brood of hadar most time, spirits sometimes –>starting a fight they can be usefull to stack sparks very quick to build up defense

Encounter: Warlocks Bargain (allways)+Hadar grasp (allways)+Dread theft (GWF, DC, TR-tracking) or Harrow Storm-prone (CW+Hunter+OP)
vs a GWF its benefitial to take WB–>deflects damage + HG to cc him in case he is not “Hulk” or wraith shadow to debuff him 20% + Dread Theft wich stack´s 5 time and adds 60% DR buff ! But even doing so this tanky class burst you most time standing still on a point , so move to get him no stacks and debuff 3-4 times with Hand of Blight in between the moment he is cc´d f.e.

At Wills: Essencedefiler+ Hand of Blight or Dark Spiral Aura (AP gain!) vs CW´s + Hunter + TR

Offhand-feature: Borrowed Time, +15% deflect at 30 sparks, there is nothing better , 15% is huge, pretty sure there are not many offhand feature from other classes better than that, if..

My gear is far from BIS but I do contest all day with 3k+ up to BIS player in DOM. SH PVP is not existent on a contesting level imo, it´s a comedy due to active companions bonus

3x Lionsmane (feet, hands, Head) and 1x Burningset (chest), underdark neck and shirt, (allways) , Lostmauth Set (essential)

Twisted weapon (too lazy to farm that drowned one wich makes PVP very boring atm, since all classes do heal up in no time by that

1. slot: PVP ring lionsmane – duellist (allways)
2. slot: rank 4 power +1150 or
rank 3 ring of vision, power, like to have that deflect one from skirmish

Weapon- and Armorenchants:
actually I wear T Feytouched since it´s BIS, formerly Bronzewood wich is 16% piercing and can be viable if feytouched get´s nerfed…if

could be optimised, but thats what I wear atm.
Utility: 3x darks rank8/7 , I could add 2 more in belt and neck.
Defense: draconic r8+10, radiant 1xr10, 1x r9, taking all radiants in defence will also work fine
Offense: 1x azur r11, 1x black ice r10, radiant 2xr10, 1x brutal r11
–> you can try to switch some radiants vs. deflect and do better than me

Axbeakmount (i found it in a lockbox), otherwise very expensive but needed tbh.

Wheel of elements:
“must-have”, by far the best option because you get this 30 sec 30% fire buff (step forward), or can heal up (step backward), or 10 sec. HP buff to counter some burst (GF ahead step right), or cc immunity for 10 sec (step left)…the variety is not to beat.

If I could, I would go more into deflection, offhand feat gives you 15% deflect at 30 sparks, infight I have about 25% deflect max.
I definitely know there are existing build with high deflect that do work fine
Deflect allways was a good invest for a warlock in every mod. Since some guys run 20k arp (Saber), you play naked vs. them.
Every negation, defenceboon or Ring (I wear rank 4 – 1150+ DR) will be ignored by them, so only way to go is deflect+ LS to counter the burst.

My build

The best about temptation is the high mobility you gain from Eldritch Momentum, making you switch nodes very fast, on top you are very tanky having some ammount of lifesteal and can contest very good on nodes by that, atm I got about 26,5% , 30% LS at full sparks/buffed
Especially low geared warlocks can´t do anything against 4k BIS player, but having the mobility you can decide if these monster are gonna eat you or not by having tons of stamina, a faster movement than all other classes and better Lifesteal.

The reason why I took 1 point in parting blasphemy and 5/5 vengefull curse is stated more or less here:
and it works pretty good in every aspekt, fast spark gain, even not slotting ACC, and even more mobility by using this synergy.
I recommend this heavily for every PVP and PVE build Fury/Damnation/Temptation, no matter what you do…take it is my advise


Stronghold Boon:
Defense vs Lifesteal: -at rank 5/6 I get 4800 Lifesteal or 4k defense, I switch between them, and having those two is a big advantage.
Power vs. Arp: -depends on your target, test things your self what fits best, I prefer powerbuff facing GF/GWF, my arp is too low to get into account vs. classes with high defense.


mobility+500, sure and even more Lifesteal being on node, we support teammates to some degree healing them


Must have 1600 HP, 400 Lifesteal, 3% Lifesteal, 10% incoming healing


I recommend 5% stamina gain since I focus on mobilty in every aspect, other Boons its up to you, and depends on stats and if you do not want to fokus on PVP exclusively, I took power/crit as you can see


I would recommend it exactly that way


must have is 400 lifesteal, 3% deflect and endless consumtion


must have 1600HP and 10% staminagain infight- you need that turbomode

I loaded this vid up, first PVP match that happened to be, intention was to show the performance of my build , not to cap we would have lost anyway :)

you can watch it on youtube if you like –> Neverwinter PVP Warlock Temptation

here a MC run only to show the viability of capstone
youtube : Neverwinter warlock temptation MC run

another DOM facing two TR 3,7 and 3,9kGS,
youtube : Neverwinter PVP warlock meets TR
start at 05:20 if you do not want to watch all that fight

facing a premade from EoA, lost from the beginning, but good to show the “core” of Temptationtree and why it´s “The Survivialist” from all trees.
At 05:24 I stoped casting and only slipped arround being chased and dotted, the rest of that fight was more or less me facing 3 to 4 player better geared 3,1 up to 3,9k
Neverwinter PVP temptation – unlimited speed “hurt me”


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!