Whats going on everybody CaptnSpicyPants here and let’s just jump right into the news this week our first story comes from the arc forums weaver936 puts out a topic on basically how long it will take to unlock fangbreaker island. Which we do know is a required unlock through the new campaign and basically if you’re wondering what kind of grind you’re looking forward to as a console player definitely stop by by and give it a read it seems like this is going to be yet another grindy campaign similar to that of the Maze Engine and Underdark and while we’re on the topic of mod 10 Fernu Stormborn has dropped a Mod 10 clearing of Castle Never in a non buff party.

Keep in mind this video is a raw run through, no audio commentary, however, it is interesting to watch with the changes of the warlock class he is showing a hellbringer fury spec and what really caught my eye on this came from the comments section where one of his viewers had asked next time can we get a build please? In which Fernu responds give him 2-8 days to do so.

That’s pretty exciting and generous of him to do because Fernu, aside from youtube, is very active amongst the community working with, in my opinion, some of the top players in Neverwinter and sharing very helpful information you can literally google Fernu neverrwinter and find a wide range of topics so be sure to go give him a subscribe and look because the stuff he and his friends do share are definitely worth a look and read also by the time this video goes up sometime between now and by his words 4 days or so, you may as a console player have a look at hellbringer fury warlock which is awesome and appreciated Speaking of warlocks we have a little unknown drama this week from one of Youtubes other known Warlock players I literally showcase him a lot on here and work with him on the side whether it be youtube or in game our friend Garlaanx here recently got banned from reddit.

Now if you are a regular reddit poster or viewer you know just as well as I do Garlaanx is pretty solid and active in the reddit community in fact he doesn’t generally mislead anyone and if he doesn’t know something he usually points around to those that can help out. Well it turns out last week, as I said, he released a 4th astral diamond video and in this video something happens and i’m going to play it for you it’s really quick and see if you can spot just what exactly happens Now as you can see from the video he didn’t explicitly say anything related to a glitch, however, he did in fact use a glitch. Now I am not going to say what that glitch is I do not promote any glitching on this channel what so ever, however, that being said this video was shared on Reddit and honestly it lasted a couple days until someone in the comments pointed out “What he was doing with the Sahha Ball” of course Garlaanx did try to brush it under the table by simply replying let’s not talk about that Well turns out the moderators caught up and smacked him with the ban hammer.

Now i’m a little torn on this. 1. I understand about glitches and exploits and how it’s frowned upon I think anyone understands that but he never said not once in the video, to do such and such with the Sahha Ball this happens and thats where my problem lies with this ban. 2. This is reddit and I understand you have moderators on there but unless someone is actually, vocally, promoting anything game breaking I do feel as if that’s a little harsh and in the end you will ultimately make your decision to which no one can sway it but really you have a lot more harmful players you can be looking at and I think you could have removed his video and PMed him with a “Hey you can’t post this because it shows off a glitch here’s a warning please be more careful”.

And final point is this is seeming to be a trend on the reddit forums in fact, luckily for youtubers, not many views come from Reddit according to most our analytics and I think you lost a valuable asset to that community but again it is your website just as this is my youtube channel so do you and i’m going to do me As with a little self promotion this coming friday meet Baby CaptnSpicyPants from the PC that’s right I had recently rerolled over to the PC and thats for one of two reasons 1.

Having a little information that I can translate to the console is never a bad thing and 2. Until mod 10 drops for console I need some filler time So I’ll be doing an early look at mod 10 and the Paladin for those of you interested and i’m not going to spoil to much. Last week I covered a guy briefly I didn’t know much about but he did use his mic and i’m excited for that because he brought a leadership video to the table and once again anything that can be used to be helpful to the community go give this guy a look and of course subscribe for more content from him and remember not one person on the entirety of the forums or youtube or reddit has all the right answers which is why I do this every week as best I can and I know I can’t grab everything believe me when I tell you if you type in Neverwinter, change the upload date to this week, you will see a lot of videos , very many duplicated topics, and I know with PS4 everyones trying to make a mark here but you can help me as a community if you have something you want me to share or promote and you think it’s worthwhile one drop me a comment below two hit me up on twitter @CaptnSpicyPants and 3 be sure to subscribe for future news and if it seems like a slow newsweek you’re absolutely right I can’t put it into better words so i’m gonna let my friend Nova DBZ take it over from here i’m CaptnSpicyPants I will see you Friday.

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