Opening Bah of Rough Astral Diamonds, give you 500 AD. If you reserve to open during 2X AD Event, will give 1.000AD. That bags stack, so dont will be problem space. Aways worth reserve for a 2x AD Event, becouse the max price of 1 Zen, is 500 AD. Then if now the price is 300, 360, even if was 500, after the 2X event, you will win aloot AD for wait. When you do Epic Dungeons, you receive special Gear. And all that can be Savaged, wait for savage during 2X event. All will be doubled, so worth more reserve for 2X event. You must invest in new Characters to use as Bag. You can transfer that itens using Bank and reserving for Event. Since you have multiple characters, you will be able to use them for transform Rough AD in AD (36k Day, for each character you have) You maybe should buy some Bank Slots, since is usefull for another things too.

You will need Vip for Daily free Keys. I Have Vip 12, i get 3 Epic Dungeons Keys / day, for each Character. Boss in Epics, drop that gear for savage, so not realy need have keys for that. You can easy, make milions of AD, this way. And you still will receive AD for use, even reserving these itens. I say that, becouse Doing eLol (Dungeon) or Tuern (Skirmishes), you will receive the Daily Bonus AD. This is just a exemple, have anothers Dungeons/Skirmishes for that.

This way need patience, but pay DOUBLE your work. I use 9 Characters for farm, and some are LV70. So i can use some for regular farm and bank, and some for farm itens to reserve for 2X AD Event. The RAD Bag, you get from any regular Dungeon, so any character you have you will receive. If you do Epic, you have to change in a diferent NPC, for Epic Gear for future savage. But you need VIP for bonus Savage too.

Some VIP levels increase the Savage AD Received. If you dont have yet, invest in VIP 12, worth the price. Also buy more Character Slots. You will get less bored, playing diferent classes. Here you can see the price at the START of 2X event, after price got aloot high. During the 2X event, you will receive doubled R-AD from doing all the things, Then transform the limit you can for AD and buy fast Zen, at start of the event, wille price is low.

Or, of course, wait event pass, and price going down again. You can farm Astral Diamonds since Level 12. And even if you only have Lv12 characters, you can farm HARD. You receive a Daily Dungeon Key (regular – no need vip for that key). The item you get from the chest, you AWAYS must sell, if AH sugest a good price. And Dungeons you can make in 8min. So you will receive at least 5k + Bag AD + Item for sell. During 2X Event, doing basic Dungeons, you will receive 10.000 for 15min play. I already got Artifacts droped from LV12 Dungeon Boss. So with lucky you can get somenthing to sell in AH for a Good price too. These days, best farm im my opinion is doing Lair of Lostmauth (Epic Dungeon).

Have a good chance of drops what worth 200k, or even more than 1kk. In a same day i drop twice a item what i sell for more of 200.000 AD. And from bosses and Chest i get these itens what i reserve for savage during 2X event. Regular itens, from 3.300, you will receive 6.600, is aloot more, and worth reserve. Remember aways use your Seals for get Bags of RAD or itens for future savage. If you are realy poor, you may savage, make 200 Zen, and buy 2 Character Slots. Having 3 Characters, is just do 1 Dungeon in each, for BEST results. Or if you have time, and you main is low level, do all you can, like 2 Dungeon, 2 Skirmishes, 2 PVP in each. All this record, was from the first min., after the event start. So, if you can, go fast, before price go up. In the day of the event, price start up, 2 hours before event Start. Aways check ARC Website for privileged informations. And check in-game Calendar for upcoming Events. And even if you want AD, not Zen, you can invest in zen, buying low, selling high, for more profit.

You can buy zen in the start of the event, and sell high in the midle of the end, and buy again after down. Here is where you trade Basic Seal from Bag RAD. Here get the free daily regular Dungeon Key. Then Queue for Dungeon… If you realy poor, you can gell all loot, identify, and try sell at the Auction House. Blue itens, are better, so aways put Need / Greed.

You dont realy need level your characters after LV12. This char i only did Dungeon farming, and now he is Lv63 (this is a old record). You have 3 Ways doing Dungeons, skip all, kill all, and regular way. If is a low level team, usualy you may do regular or kill all. That why, if you leave some enemy behind, some one can get stucked and take aloot time to finish. Some times game bug and you do Dungeons with no Party, or some one else is out.

If you get that kind of party, i sugest you leave and queue again. You may not receive the AD Reward, depending of the DPS in Last boss. The important thing in farm, is the Speed, so you can get AD and move-on. This is the “poor” way… sell all. If item not worth 200 AD+, maybe not worth sell, depend how much ad you have / can get. I only put to sell if woth 200 AD+, even in “poor” way. Since you have multiple characters, you can sell Profession Asets. There many, many ways to make AD. If you have aloot space for sell (AH Slots), you can put any item for sell. But if not, select what is best. Since have a start and end price, you may put less days for fast sells. You also need VIP for dont lose AD if not sell the itens. Some VIP Levels, give the free post in Auction House, what is a MUST HAVE for AD Sells. If you put low AD the start price, you may sell for very low price, and is also bad.

What you dont put in AH, sell for Gold. Gold can become AD, since you can sell itens from Gold. Here i have a “Catch” to teach. You dont need leave the Dungeon to Queue for another Dungeon. So, once ended one Dungeon, doing the second, just queue from inside. This is the best way for fast runs, if you have multiple chars to do the same work. For decide how do the Dungeon, you may check the real level of each player. Becouse if someone is Level 12, 14, maybe you will prefer help kill, in place of just RUN all the level.

In my experience, at morning you can find more High Level players farming. So, if you want do fast runs, is the best time to do it. Low level characters you may use only Critical / Power / Armor Penetration stats, for farm. Of course, feats and Powers, you get what you want for end-game play. When someone is slow, you may use the time to organize itens, and check prices, etc. AWAYS check Boss Drop, REALY check, i already got Artifact rom the first Boss here. For buy zen, you have 2 ways, wait for a lower price, or just get when you have AD. I already lose 50k AD, for a wrong click in Professions. So, i try most of the time transform in Zen the AD. You can just put for buy for 100 AD 1 Zen. And reserve that outside of your character too, since no one will sell for that price.

When you have tom any orders in Zen Trade, just cancel all, and make one with high values. This must be your daily work. Login, buy Bag RAD. Get the free key… Pray (invocation), check how many Celestial Coins you have. Transform RAD in Astral Diamons by click over. Queue for Dungeon… Aways check boss Drop… Get the chest loot, identify, put in AH… I test the prices of many of them, since some times you get some rare what sell for 5k+. Queue from inside, dont leave, take time go to other map for nothing, if you gona do more.

We have one Lv70 in party…. Since this is the most low level Dungeon, is the fast you can do. If lucky, you can do in close of 7min. I usualy do in 8min. Have some “special points”, what you may kill all the enemies to go on. Other parts you can just run, and lure all, or leave them behind. Here is one part you must be NOT in combat mode to open the door. Some seals have limit, so trade for itens before you start to lose them.

Seals of Adventurer have a max of 1.200. When you finish, dont leave map, just go and change for another character, to dont lose time. Most of the Asets from profession you can sell well.. What sell more and easy, is from Leadership. Jewelcraft asets sell well too… Once at day you can make a few and try sell… Since take 18 hours get more, or upgrade. Most of people like Leadership, becouse give XP for the character, i use that aloot. I already have 95 Power Points, some points thanks for Leadership (LV19 now, in Main). I never check prices in AH, i just try put and see the sugestion price.

If is to low, i try another day, and if to high, i just put some, becouse many times dont sell… For sure sells, improve the Asets, like get 4 regular and make one rare. You lose, and win at same time, becouse take more time, but is more easy sell. Some itens only will sell in Wekkends, so if dont sell, just put again. If you low in slots for sells, or is low price, or dont sell many times, give-up, or reserve for another time.

If you invest in a Mount, you can use for farm Jewels (For upgrade Relics and Artifacts). I have Armored Bear, what give-me Wanderer´s Fortune, then killing in all that characters give-me extra itens. This is a old video, was not active this days. If you have the Spider, from the North Pack ($$$), you also can use the Insigneas for that bonus. Have a limit/day to get the Jewels, so, at one Dungeon/day you will get some. Thats why i make MORE characters, and do just 1 Dungeon / Day in each, for best results. You may also will get bored just farming and farming only here.

Boss gear are best from another high levels, you may try for fun and AD Rewards. I am showing a full round, to you understend how i usualy do the “fast” runs. Here you can see what i tell, for get the itens for upgrade. Here have a shortcut, dont need go right, just go over here. Before the next stairs, you may like kill all. Many times bug, becouse some enemy get glich. Professions itens, aways get, even if you dont know for what, you many need or even Sell in AH. If you have Wanderer´s Fortune Active, you may like kill in place of just run, to get the itens.

With my main character, i am able to one shot all, but i usualy dont come here, i farm in Epic Dungeons. I am not getting more Upgrade Itens, from Wanderer´s, becouse i already pass the limit now. Usualy resets 24 hours after. If you do aways at same time, you dont will have problem. I already try do one Dungon at morning, one at Night, but for Wanderer´s not work, is low drop. This is the boss what i got one Artifact. Was “Waters of Elah´zad”. Was not bind for character, i pass for another, using bank. This is a Critical point, if you dont kill here all what folow you, you may get stucked in next door. If somone stop, or just start to Troll, you can go over he nickname and choice for vote kick. Is pretty rare that happen, but happen. Some times is just Disconnection, people back and fine, but many times they just go afk. This is the wrong place to kill, becouse take longer do this way. Best was in the first part i warning in text. You can get itens for savage also doing Demoniac Encounters.

Like in Icewind Dale…. If you find some people farming, is a fast way to get these. I already use some of the AD, and cant transfom the Rough AD to AD, but you can see 1.8kk AD. 5k Zen easy… becouse price was low. As you can see, is not so hard get Zen or AD, just need adapt to the new changes in game. And i dont talk only in the updates, but in the markets flutuation too. If you dont like farm this way, you can just buy low and sell high, using Auction House, work well too. I prefer play safe, so i do this way. 9k AD, and still with some AD. And of course, ALOOT of RAD for next days transform in Astral Diamonds for after the 2X AD Event.


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