Grazilaxx come from a Bundle, with Dusk Arms. Dusk Arms, are a Lv70 Gear, with 135 Gear Score. You can use a 15% Coupon for any companion for this. Or 15% for any item, of course. You can buy from Auction House, but i dont recomend. The gear adapt to each class, when you open the pack. Grazilaxx its a Controler Companion. He increase the Demoniac Ichor you receive… And increase Critical Stats. So, in Heroic Enconters, Skirmishes, Demogorgon, if he is in a active slot, you receive more Ichor. This power also give 50% more damage in Demons. So, he is a companion to fight against Demons. You dont need he summoned for the bonus. But he is good agains Demons, if dont have any better.

Here you can see the message for the increased Ichor. And i dont have him summoned here, just in Active Slot. Ichor are a currency for high level itens. Some Weapons and Armor are from Ichor. If you play to much, maybe he is useless, becouse Ichor have a “400” weekly limit. I usualy reach in 3/4 days, and dont need the Grazilaxx. Here you can see against regular mobs. He is not a DPS, so dont spect much kills from him. Leave your Like and Subscribe for more Videos.

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