The Ioun Stones are Augment Companions. The best Discount is 20% for Augment Companions. The Black Dragon, is most spansive due the Active Bonus. Augments are Static Companions, they dont atack, dont die. But they give 100% of they Stats to your Character. So, they usualy are the BEST Companion you can have. The Black Dragon, give 10% more crit, when less 50% HP. As Healer, i use for Heal more when at low HP. Also, i usualy use full Critical moded the Augment. That, becouse more high Critical, mean more Heal. But you can use anything you need, like Power , Def, etc. The Bound Runestone, not work in Augment (i try). So, reserve for another Companion (or test yourself). Bound Stones are based in ATACK, and Augment dont atack. But that Runestone also give Power and Defense Stats. Critical is Great, for most of the characters, so i choice the Black Dragon. Have many Augments like the Cat, and other Ion’s.

I also choice the Black Dragon, becouse the Equipment Slots. This come with slots for 3 Rings, what is the best for me. Rings are easy to find, and some have slots for 2 Stones. The Black Dragon have 3 Atack Slots too. The number one companion is Augment, so invest well. As Healer i use to more damage, and more Heal. But, any class can use, for what need. The bad thing, is you lose the Combat Advantage… Since you dont have a Companion to Flank. But i kill twice fast, using Augment, of any Striker. Some quests, levels, like Epic Dungeon, is a Must Have. In some Bosses, i still prefer use Galeb, one Defensor. So, 100% of the Stats of any Augment come to You, when they are summoned, of course. If they just are in Active Slot, just the Active Bonus, you will receive. Look the Sats, with, and without the Ioun Stone. Leave your Like, and Subscribe for more Videos.

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