Basics (after reading this please give your honest opinion and if you think it is good or bad or something needs to be changed)
Hunter Ranger Pathfinder Trapper, control/deflect Tank Build- i use my trapper ability to deal damage, i use the control in my abilities to tank, i do healing with any life steal i will have , lastly i use the small amount of deflect as an extra line of defense for survivability.
more info (i may not have everything i say below but this is what i plan on having, my build be in the future and what i am after)
trailblazers raid set / twisted set / cloak of the seldarine / belt of constitution / ring of rising lifesteal / ring of charging bull / gemmed exquisite elemental tunic and trousers / belial’s portal stone / eye of the lathander / sigil of the guardian / apocalypse dagger
black ice enchant for offense slots / demonic enchant for defense slots / dark enchants for utility slots (dragon horde enchants) / dread enchant for epic weapon slot / shadowclad enchant for epic armor slot / life steal for armor and regeneration for jewelry kits
powers… (i will only name the ranged version even though i use both)
electric shot / aimed shot / binding arrow / hindering shot / cordon of arrows / slashers mark / forest ghost / aspect of the serpent / crushing roots

changes will be: 3/3 toughness, 2/5 predatory action, 0/5 natures enhancement
elemental evil – unassailable tide / heart of stone / searing aggression / gale of retribution
maze campaign – abyssal siphoning / demonic resilience / demonic endurance / displace fate
dragon campaign – dragonheart / dragons shadow / dragonscale defense / dragons greed / dragons fury 1/3–dragons thirst 1/3–dragons fury 1/3
underdark – primordial vitality / primordial regenesis / drow meditation / dwarven footing / abyssal strikes
icewind dale – weathering the storm / appreciation of warmth / sleet skills / cold shoulder / rousing warmth
dread ring – conjurers gambit / evokers thirst / illusion shimmer / enraged regrowth / rampaging madness
sharandar – dark fey warder / fey elusiveness / feywilds fortitude / elven tranquility / fey thistle
storm king – cold hearted / survival instinct / chill determination / glacial strength / frozen reflection
owlbear cub / battlefield medic / paranoid delusion / will o wisp / shadow demon (bonding runestones on whatever is summoned)
armored bulette for combat power/4k deflect for mount equip power
mount insignias – illuminated and barbed and crescent=leaching / enlightened=refuge / regal=evasion
artifact equip powers – main hand=aimed shot and strike / off hand=crushing roots / off hand=recovery
some dialogue :)
now i am not saying this is a perfect build, its built around soloing, but also being able to help in parties.
now i know i can go with the same build as everyone else or make a glass canon high dps build or the mmominds build; but i thought it would be more fun to play something i made.
killing stuff fast is fun, but i think a slower based dps build can also be fun; to kill a target with one attack slowly over time or to kill a target really fast in one attack, the only different is the pace at which enemies die.
a game is more fun when played with others and fast dps build kill mobs, well…fast. but as i dps slower i take longer ot kill enemies and play with my party just a bit longer.


thanks everyone who read this and thanks a bunch to those who read this over and over. since i do update this many times and as often as possible when given good info on how to improve it so thank you all.


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!