(Last updated 4th September 2016)
(Note that this is mainly PvP focused. However, it is possible to tank all PvE bosses with this build too.)


Hello this is Tony [email protected] I’ve exclusively played Guardian Fighter ever since the game was first released. I quit for a while around the time warlocks were released and now I’m back. When I came back I couldn’t find any up to date builds so I used my own. Now with Mod 10s release, I decided I might as well share it with you people.


In my opinion people should play whatever race they feel like playing. However, some beneficial races are from better to worse:
Dragonborn: 3% Crit rate and you can choose to add +2 to Strength and Dexterity
Half Orc: +2 Dexterity by default and optional +2 Strength, also 5% extra Crit severity
Halfling: +2 Dexterity and optional +2 Constitution, as well as 3% deflect and 10% CC resist.
Human: You can choose to add +2 to Strength, also you get 3 extra feat points and +3% defense
Dwarf: Optional +2 Strength as well as +2 Constitution, also DoT and Knockback Resistance.
Other races don’t really have things that benefit our Guardian Fighter much.


As you well know, Main attributes for GF is Strength, Constitution and Dexterity.
Strength: Give Damage Bonus, DoT resist and increases guard regen. Since we are focusing on a PvP build, damage is king, so get as much of this as you can!
Constitution: Increases Action Point gain and Maximum hit points. HP bonus from this does not affect HP you get from equipment, so not good, but since it’s the primary attribute, game will always roll it highest.
Dexterity: Gives Resistance Ignored, Deflection Chance and AoE resist. Resistance Ignored means more damage, so this is good too, extra deflection doesn’t hurt either.
Intelligence: Gives recharge speed
Wisdom: Gives Control Bonus and Control Resist
Charisma: Companion Stat Bonus and Combat Advantage Damage
Give all your points to strength and dexterity. Constitution isn’t nearly as useful.


I will color code them based on my opinion of them. Gold means good, silver means meh and bronze means bad.


Weapon Masters Strike: Since Mod10, this has become a lot better because animation ends faster now. In PvP, I use it once to put debuff on the enemy then stab from behind my shield or with another At-Will. In PvE, you can out-dps every other class if there are enough mobs around to slash.
Crushing Surge: Very hard hitting single target skill, hurts decently if you can land a few hits after you debuff with WMS. Healing is a bonus although not much in PvP
Cleave: Not as good AoE dps as WMS, not as good single target dps as Crushing Surge, so its really not that attractive at all.
Tide of Iron: Slow and not so damaging, puts a damage reduction debuff on enemy for everyone. Can be useful on PvE bosses.


Lunging Strike: It used to have good damage, they nerfed it. It used to have fast cooldown, they nerfed it. Now it’s only good for solo questing.
Enforced Threat:: AoE damage and a taunt, must have for PvE.
Griffon’s Wrath: Stun is probably the worst CC in PvP, it also has rather low damage and long cooldown.
Knee Breaker: As opposed to Lunging Strike, this ability kept getting buffs. Now with Mod10 You can only activate it with a target and it does a little base damage too. It is the highest damaging skill we have and applies a slow too which allows you to land your At-Wills more easily. I keep this on my encounter bar for PvP and for single target PvE dps.
Knights Challenge: Fun Encounter, however, it got nerfed with Mod10. If you are taking this, putting just 1 point on it should be enough for use in PvP.
Anvil of Doom: Was also very fun and source of much qq. Now it is nerfed and does less burst damage. Knee Breaker has better DoT and Flourish has better spike but it can still be useful.
Flourish: Does good damage, stun is negligible as I said it makes little difference. Also gets you stuck during the animation which may be the death of you if you are fighting few people at once. Still, only burst encounter we have left now.
Into the Fray: Also got nerfed, but still is bread and butter of GF, must have for PvE, good to have for PvP too.
Iron Warrior: Good if you absolutely have to go all in tank in PvE, although loses its necessarity as you get better gear.
Knights Valor: Must have for any PvE GF, I’ve also seen some premades make decent use of it, but irrelevant for PvP for the most part.
Bull Charge: This is love. Only Encounter from the glory days of GF that they didn’t nerf. Prone is one of the best CCs, it does good damage too, and is a gap closer. Would you want a coffee along that too?
Commander’s Strike: Good for zergs like Tiamat or Stronghold DragonsCan be a good damage source for defensive oriented builds. Too situational for PvP.
Line Breaker Assault: Long cooldown and the damage isn’t anything to write home about either. Effective usage is too situational so I don’t bother with it at all.


Villain’s Menace: Combine with WMS in a sea of mobs to top dps charts. Good to have for PvE. Can be used in PvP in some situations too.
Fighters Recovery: Comes in handy when solo questing or tanking bosses without a healer, in PvP healing depression limits its usefulness but you never know, it may save your life.
Terrifying Impact: Slow to activate, okay damage. I don’t use it in PvP though it is too easy to dodge.
Supremacy of Steel: Combine with Knights Valor to ensure agro and decent damage. Not much useful for PvP, however.
Crescendo: Prone, small gap closer and high damage, it is the go-to daily for PvP. Have it slotted at all times.


Shield Talent: Good for going full turtle. I use it against Orcus. In PvP we care more about damage though.
Enchanted Mark: Also use this on Orcus or Demogorgon depending on DPS, helps if you can’t hold the agro.
Guarded Assault: Good for dealing damage while going full turtle, but too situational.
Combat Superiority: It got “fixed”. At rank 4 with the feat to support it, it gives you 1318% extra damage practically all the time.
Steel Blitz: Mathematically does very little damage compared to other features.
Steel Defense: Nerfhammer hit this too. It was barely good before, now it is definitely meh.
Steel Grace: This however, got a complete rework. Now it gives you Crit, run speed and deflection chance. One should never say no to extra crit.
Desperate Survival: 6% deflection chance when your HP is below half. Steel Grace already gives 5% at all times alongside some other goodies, so what’s the point?
Shield Warrior’s Wrath: At rank 4, with 5 stacks, it gives you 20% extra damage. That is some serious damage and it is very easy to stack.


Strength Focus 3/3
Toughness 3/3
Armor Specialization 3/3
Shielded Resurgence 3/3
Powerful Attack 5/5
Weapon Mastery 3/3
(For Humans) Pin Down 3/3

Conqueror Path
Take Measure 5/5
Wrathful Warrior 5/5
Jagged Blades 5/5
Improved Vigor 5/5 (Cruel Cut Style if youre going IV or Stunning Flourish if you use Flourish in PvP)
Tactical Superiority 5/5
Reckless Attacker 1/1

Protector Path
Plate Agility 5/5

Tactician Path

Fight On 5/5
Crushing Pin 5/5


Dark Fey Hunter (400 Power)
Fey Precision (400 Crit)
Elven Haste (3% AP Gain)
Elven Tranquility (Chance to heal 20k HP)
Fey Thistle (Chance to deal 3k damage upon deflection)

Dread Ring
Conjurer’s Gambit (250 Crit and Movement)
Evoker’s Thirst (400 Life Steal)
Forbidden Piercing (3% Resistance Ignored)
Enrage Regrowth (Chance to heal 20k HP)
Augmented Thayan Bastion (Chance to reflect 10k damage to a foe)

Icewind Dale
Encroaching Tactics (400 Combat Advantage)
Refreshing Chill (400 Stamina Gain)
Sleet Skills (2% Crit Severity)
Cool Resolve (Increase Power based on lacking Stam)
Avalanche (Reflect 15k damage to a foe at 20 stacks)

Primordial Might (400 Power, 1600 HP)
Primordial Focus (400 Crit, 1600 HP
Drow Ambush Tactics (+10% Combat Advantage Bonus)
Dwarven Stamina (+5% Stamina Regen)
Abyssal Tenacity / Abyssal Strikes (Doesn’t matter in PvP)

Tyranny of Dragons
Dragon’s Claws (400 Power)
Dragon’s Gaze (400 Crit)
Draconic Armorbreaker (400 Arpen)
Dragon’s Greed (400 Life Steal)
Dragon’s Fury (Crit Severity)

Maze Engine
Abyssal Siphoning (+5% Life Steal Severity)
Demonic Influence (400 Combat Advantage Bonus)
Demonic Endurance (+10% Stamina Regen)
Baphomet’s Might (Chance to gain 2k Crit)

Elemental Evil
Wave of Force (300 Power, 2k HP)
Heart of Stone (4% Life Steal Severity and 2k HP)
Searing Aggression (400 Crit, 2k HP)
Gale of Retribution (Heal 24k HP and get 1k Crit)

Storm Kings Thunder
Frosty Demeanor (2% Control Resist, 1k HP)
Hardy Constitution (400 Stamina Gain and 2% Frost Resist)
Icy Wrath (Chance to deal 2k extra damage)
Glacial Strength (3200 HP, 2% Frost Resist)
Frozen Reflection (Chance to do 5k Damage when you deflect)

Legions Valor (250 Power, 250 Crit)
Vanguard’s Resolve (400 Crit when hit)
Versatile Warrior (400 Power and Recovery)


Head: Prestige Executioner Helm / Warborn Executioner Helm
Armor: Prestige Executioner Breastplate
Arms: Warborn Executioner Gauntlets
Feet: Warborn Executioner Sabatons
Weapon Set: Drowned / Twisted / Stronghold
Neck: Lostmauth’s Hoard Necklace
Rings: Rosegold Duelist / Medic / Executioner
Waist: Golden Belt of Puissance
Shirt: Warrior’s Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Chainmail
Trousers: Warrior’s Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Chausses
Artifacts: Wheel of Elements, Lostmauth’s Horn of Blasting, Lantern of Revelation
Utility Slots: Dark
Offensive Slots: Radiant
Defense Slots: Silvery
Armor Enchantment: Negation
Weapon Enchantment: Terror / Dread / Vorpal
Stack Power on companions, mounts, armor kits, etc. if you can’t, then stack Crit. Artifact Powers should be WMS and Steel Grace. Stat Increase can be anything but Regen.

Example Setups:

PvP: Combat Superiority, Steel Grace, Knee Breaker(or Flourish), Bull Charge, Into the Fray, Crescendo, Fighter’s Recovery, Crushing Surge, WMS. Start off with your shield to avoid your foes CCs, Use ITF in between them, then when you get the chance send them prone with Bull Charge, then apply Knee Breaker. Both of these skills trigger crushing pin so you can use them in any order you want. After that, you should be able to attack them with your At-Wills or wait for your cooldowns to come back up to finish them off. It is very hard for them to get away since they will be slowed by Knee Breaker and you will have the speed from Steel Grace and ITF. You can insert Crescendo anywhere in this combo.

AoE PvE: Combat Superiority, Steel Grace, Knights Valor, Enforced Threat, ITF, Villain’s Menace, Fighter’s Recovery, Crushing Surge, WMS. Get agro with Enforced Threat, then when all the mobs are around you, slash them with WMS over and over again. Villain’s Menace also boosts that damage quite a lot and increases survivability. If you’re having issues surviving, hide behind your shield and use the stab. Don’t forget to keep KV and ITF up to help your party.

Turtle PvE: Shield Talent, Enhanced Mark, Iron Warrior, Knee Breaker, ITF, Supremacy of Steel, Fighter’s Recovery, Crushing Surge, Tide of Iron. Use ITF and Iron Warrior whenever you get a chance, then go back behind your shield. Depending on how often you get a chance, you can also use Knee Breaker, extra damage means extra agro after all.


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!