Hello everyone.

After warlock holocaust(mod6) neverwinter online had almost no temptation warlocks until mod 10. But even now there are no proper guides/builds for Temptation HB.
So I decide to write my own current HB Temptation build.

Now before starting reading and analyzing this build. I want to clear couple stuffs.

1) I am member of guild which have def 5k and arp 4.8k boons so I have more freedom to gear up for offensive. However, in this guide/build I will not use these feats. And all stats which I share here, are without guild boons.
2) This build is more for party runs, but good solo too. For more offensive build I would take couple fury feats over current damnation.
3) its cheap when come building up. Its not build around top end gear sets, legendary mounts and full epic insignias. So mainstream players can easily build up it without requirement of high investments. Or come up with own gear sets builds and make it even better than mine.
4) This build is sub healer, sub buffer, sub debuffer. Thats mean u can replace heal DC, OP only if remaining party is good. If there are bunch of hothead suckers, or udergeared ones, then no way u keep them alive.
5) my warlock is old, so i have more power points spent for encounters, daily powers, at wills and class features..
So I recommend calculate your warlock possible builds in preview/test server. :)


Race: Tiefling


Power stats: (guild boons disabled)


Ability Scores:




These feats I picked to make warlock able not only be good in party but also good solo to.
For more aggressive build i would not pick feats from damnation tree. But since I focusing on party so I picked them.
Why I don’t picked Soul Breaker, Hellish Condemnation, Eldritch Momentum and Compounded Soul feats from temp tree?
Well Soul breaker – restore AP, in old mod 4 or mod 5 it would be good one. But now, everyone regenerating AP fast enough, So its pointless to keep this feat.
Hellish Condemnation – at first its look nice, but, hellish rebuke is not AoE at will like CW’s master of flame – Scorching Burst. So debuffing only single target is kinda waste of points.
Eldritch Momentum – Stamina regeneration is cool, but since Pillar of Power require more sit inside its effect area. Simply kill any reason to use this feat at all.
Compounded Soul – mostly because its work on chance, and give up to 5%. your Warlock’s Max HP as Temporary Hit Points. Which I think is HAMSTER.



Since my current Guild have Def and arp boons, I build up my gear set around them. So more focused on crit, and power. While Arp leaved for guild boon..
Next, my current weapons dps sucks. But they provide life steal rates while new artifact weapon sets do not. Plus I use charisma belt to increase life steal rates and CHA. Instead making artifact set for dps. And more life steal = more higher chance to life steal = more healing.

Gear set is important but, no need making direct copy, anyone can come up with own gear build. Maybe someone increase life steal factors via artifacts, maybe through Guild boon, or companion/mounts insignias and so one.
So I don’t call my current gear set strong one.. But anyone can easily get them. :)

Could collect set for healing, but I need more life steal and dps. After all warlock is not DC or OP :)

Mounts + insignia bonuses:


Companions: be mind that tank is my main active, medic is only when party have strong tank. and other companions I don;t use at all.(too lazy to replace them)



Sharandar Campaign
Dark Fey Hunter You gain 400 Power.
Fey Precision You gain 400 Critical Strike.
Elven Haste You now gain Action Points 3% faster.
Elven Tranquility When being struck by a foe you have a chance to heal yourself for 20000 HP. (60s Internal Cooldown)

Elvish Fury When you kill a foe you gain 135 Power for 45 seconds. This buff stacks up to 30 times.
Dread Ring Campaign
Conjurer’s Gambit You gain 250 Critical Strike and 250 Movement
Evoker’s Thirst You gain 400 Life Steal.
Forbidden Piercing You gain 3% Resistance Ignored.

Enraged Regrowth When taking damage you have a chance to heal 20000 Hit Points over a few (4) seconds. After this effect ends you have 4000 more Defense for 10 seconds. (80s Internal Cooldown)

Rampaging Madness When you deal damage you gain a stack of “Madness”. When you reach 50 stacks of “Madness” you gain 4000 Power, 4000 Life Steal, and 4000 Regeneration. 10 seconds after gaining this bonus your stacks are reset. You may only gain one stack of “Madness” per second. (The 10 second rule only applies once damage is dealt after reaching 50 stacks…also, stacks will last for 60 seconds when not dealing damage).
Icewind Dale Campaign
Encroaching Tactics You gain 400 Combat Advantage Bonus.
Refreshing Chill You gain 400 Stamina/Guard Gain.
Sleet Skills You gain 2% Crit Severity.
Cool Resolve You gain up to 2000 Power based on how much Stamina or Guard you are missing.
Avalanche When damaged by a foe, chance to gain a stack of Avalanche. At 20 Stacks, taking damage will clear the stacks and deal up to 15000 damage to nearby targets.
Tyranny of Dragons Campaign:
Dragon’s Claws Grants 400 Power.
Dragon’s Gaze Grants 400 Critical Strike.
Draconic Armorbreaker Grants 400 Armor Penetration
Dragon’s Greed Grants 400 Life Steal Rating.
Dragon’s Thirst Grants 3% increased Life Steal
Not completed so still missing 2 points for last boons..
Underdark Campaign
Primordial Might You gain 400 Power and 1600 Maximum Hit Points.
Primordial Focus You gain 400 Critical Strike and 1600 Maximum Hit Points.
Drow Ambush Tactics Combat Advantage damage bonus is increased by 10%.
Dwarven Stamina You now regain Stamina 5% faster.
Abyssal Strikes Gain +10% Damage versus Demons.
The Maze Engine Campaign
Abyssal Siphoning You gain 5% Life Steal Severity.
Demonic Influence You gain 400 Combat Advantage Bonus.
Demonic Endurance Your stamina regenerates 10% faster in combat.
Baphomet’s Might When striking a foe you have a chance to gain 2000 Critical Strike bonus for 6 seconds.
The elemental Evil
Wave of Force – You gain 300 power and 2000 maximum hit point
Heart of stone – You gain 4% life steal severity and 2000 maximum Hit points.
Searing Aggression – You gain 400 Critical Strike and 2000 maximum hit points.
Gale of Retribution – When taking damage you have a chance to heal up to 240000 Hit point over a few seconds. After this effect ends your critical strike is increase by 1000 for 10 seconds.

Now powers, encounters, at wills, daily powers and class features..

For non epic dungeons,

Daily powers: gate of hell + accursed souls(panic Button)
Class features: Not Pity no mercy + x
x= optional by situation.
Prince of hell – arp + life steal chance boost.
Flame of empowerment – single target debuff
All consuming curse – over all dps
At wills Hellish Rebuke + Hand of Blight
Encounters: BoVa + PoP + x
x= optional, depend of situation.
DT= over all dps + debuff
Arm of Hadar = Aoe Cc + dps
Hadar Grasp – single target CC + dps + debuff
Vampiric embrace – life restoration tool
killing flame – single target dps
Warlock bargain – single target high dps + life draining

Epic dungeons:
Daily powers: Tyrannical Curse+ accursed souls.
Class features: Not Pity no mercy + Prince of Hell.
At wills Hellish Rebuke + Hand of Blight
Encounters: BoVa + PoP + x
x= optional, depend of situation.
DT = for aoe dps + dps
Arm of hadar for aoe dps + cc.
Hadar grasp – single target CC + dps + debuff,
Vampiric embrace – if enemies are really hard, or simply need more life restoring.
warlock bargain – when fight against bosses and close range is impossible.

Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!