Master of Flame Renegade guide: Burn with me!


Table of Contents

  1. Preamble
  2. Paragon Differences
  3. Introduction
  4. Statistics
  5. Ratings
  6. Rating formulas
    1. “New” ratings
    2. “Old” ratings
    3. Power
    4. Armor Penetration
    5. Summary
    6. Maximum Hitpoints
  7. Ability Scores
    1. Attributes distribution
    2. Race
  8. Gear
    1. Armor Set (PvE)
    2. Armor Set (PvP)
    3. Weapon Set
    4. Artifact Set
    5. Rings (PvE)
    6. Rings (PvP)
    7. Underwear Set
    8. Primary Artifact
    9. Secondary Artifacts
    10. Offense Enchantments
    11. Defense Enchantments
    12. Utility Enchantments
    13. Weapon Enchantment
    14. Armor Enchantment
  9. Companions
    1. Introduction
    2. Summoned companion vs Augment companion
    3. Summoned companion
    4. Active companions
  10. Powers
    1. Mechanics
    2. Class Features
    3. Encounters (AoE PvE)
    4. Encounters (PvP)
    5. Encounters (Single Target PvE)
    6. At–Wills
    7. Dailies
  11. Feats
    1. Heroic Feats
    2. Renegade Feats
    3. Oppressor Feats
  12. Boons
  13. Items
  14. Rotations
  15. Final Speech

First of all, mof14.png Master of Flame is not the best choice for AoE PvE.
If you want to make the highest possible DPS in dungeons, choose ss14.pngSpellstorm — alternate, 2nd CW paragon.
ss14.png Spellstorm, because of his exclusive passive power, Storm Spell, makes about 2 times more overall damage in AoE PvE.

Thus, ss14.png Spellstorm is chosen by the very most of the CW.
If you are one of the common, trivial majority, choose ss14.png Spellstorm and enjoy your DPS.

However, if you rather rekt in PvP and lead the zerg, mof14.png Master of Flame is the paragon for you!

Paragon Differences
mof14.png Master of Flame (MoF) — Control Wizard paragon prepared for long, hard and epic fights.
Main MoF trait are dots and his main damage source is unique mechanic — smolder_twin14.png Smolder,
available for mof14.png Master of Flame only.

While ss14.png Spellstorm depends on dots, that activates Storm Spell, his main damage source, mof14.png Master of Flame
distributes dots, dealing huge amount of damage over time. So MoF have to put and keep smolder_twin14.png Smolder,
while controlling enemies and supporting allies.

mof14.png Master of Flame is not pure DPS paragon. His damage is almost two times lesser than ss14.png Spellstorm `s in AoE PvE.
mof14.png Master of Flame however is second to none on fights with bosses, long battles with the whole horde of enemies.
mof14.png Master of Flame is also superior to ss14.png Spellstorm on PvP, because of smolder_twin14.png Smolder and it`s all debuffs.

As Control Wizards, our primary role is to control. Then, our secondary role (inferior to control) is to deal high damage.
Because majority of our most? powerful spells both deals high damage and provides enough control, we can focus on DPS.

Our performance in game is determined by our character level, statistics, game mechanic knowledge and practice.
This guide will give you knowledge. Leveling, gaining proper and good statistics and finally a lot of practice is the way your character will become a true mof14.pngMaster of Flame. MoF paragon is not easy, but mastering its arcana awards powerful flames that just burns out our enemies.

Statistics are the main performance indicators.
Complementing character level, our skill and practice, leads us to the mastery.

Statistics are determined by three factors:

  • Armor Class — every point increases Damage Resistance by 0.5%.
  • Ability Scores
  • Ratings

Statistics determines certain character related mechanics. There are four groups of statistics:

  • Offensive and Healing
    • Critical Chance — base 3%. Determines character`s chance to make a Icon_Float_Crit.14.png Critical Hit.
    • Critical Severity — base 75%. Determines character`s amount of bonus damage dealt
      or Hit Points healed on Icon_Float_Crit.14.png Critical Hit.
    • Resistance Ignored — base 0%. Decreases foe`s Damage Resistance in calculation of damage reductions.
    • Recharge Speed Increase — base 0%. Decreases Encounters cooldown.
    • Action Point Gain — base 0%. Increases the amount of Action Points gain.
  • Defensive
    • Damage Resistance — base 0%. decreases the amount of damage taken.
    • Deflection Chance — base 0%. determines character`s chance to Icon_Float_Deflect.14.png Deflect an attack.
    • Deflection Severity — base 50%. educes character`s damage taken on Icon_Float_Deflect.14.png Deflect.
    • Health Regeneration — base 0%. Determines percentage amount of heal done every 3 seconds out of combat.
    • Bonus Incoming Healing — base 0%. Increases the amount of heal gained by healing spells.
    • Life Steal Chance — base 0%. Determines character`s chance to heal itself when striking a foe.
      The amount of heal is determined by damage dealt on this strike and multiplied by Life Steal Severity stat percentage value.
    • Life Steal Severity — base 100%. Determines the multiplier of heal amount when striking a foe that involves Life Steal Chance stat.
  • PvP
    • Damage Resistance — base 0%. Decreases damage taken while flagged for PvP.
    • Armor Penetration Resistance — base 0%. Decreases foe`s Armor Penetration effect while flagged for PvP.
    • Critical Strike Resistance — base 0%. Decreases damage taken from Icon_Float_Crit.14.png Critical Hits while flagged for PvP.
    • Control Resistance — base 0%. Decreases character`s Crowd Control duration while flagged for PvP.
  • Utility
    • XP Bonus — base 0%. Increases character`s Experience income.
    • Gold Bonus — base 0%. Increases character`s Gold income.
    • Glory Bonus — base 0%. Increases character`s Glory income.
    • Run Speed Bonus — base 0%. Increases character`s movement speed.


While statistics are percentage values, ratings are integers that comes with many boons, feats, buffs, items and primarily from gear. Ratings involves statistics with different formulas. There are several ratings:

  • Power — increases character`s damage and healing.
  • Critical Strike — increases character`s Critical Chance.
  • Armor Penetration — increases character`s Resistance Ignored.
  • Recovery — increases character`s Recharge Speed Increase & Action Point Gain.
  • Action Point Gain — increases character`s Action Point Gain.
  • Combat Advantage Bonus — increases character`s damage vs foes with Icon_Float_CombatAdvantage.14.png Combat Advantage Debuff.
  • Control Bonus — increases character`s Crowd Control duration.
  • Defense — increases character`s Damage Resistance.
  • Deflect — increases character`s Deflection Chance.
  • Regeneration — increases character`s Health Regeneration & Bonus Incoming Healing.
  • Life Steal — increases character`s Life Steal Chance.
  • Tenacity — increases character`s PvP statistics:
    • Damage Resistance
    • Armor Penetration Resistance
    • Critical Strike Resistance
    • Control Resistance
  • Stamina Gain — increases character`s Stamina refill rate.
  • Incoming Healing Bonus — increases character`s Bonus Incoming Healing.
  • AoE Resist — reduces character`s damage taking from AoE abilities.
  • Control Resist — decreases Crowd Control duration vs character.
  • Movement — increases character`s Run Speed Bonus.
  • Companion Influence — increases character`s summoned companion`s stats.
  • Gold Gain— increases character`s Gold Bonus.

Rating formulas
Like said above, Ratings involves Statistics with different formulas.
In practice, many enhancements will either increase:

  • Ratings (integer integer)
  • Ratings (integer percentage)
  • Statistics (percentage integer)
  • Statistics (percentage percentage)

It is very important to know the difference. Examples:

  • Campaign_Boons_Sharandar_General_01.14.png Dark Fey Hunter boon increases Power by 400.
    It`s Ratings (integer integer) increase. Ex.: 400 + 400 = 800
  • Icons_Powers_Feat_Presence_01.14.png Prestidigitation feat increases all party Stat Ratings by 1% per rank.
    It`s Ratings (integer percentage) increase. Ex.: 400 * 101% = 404
  • Icons_Powers_Feat_Knowledge_01.14.png Learned Spellcaster feat increasesDamage Bonus (hidden Statistics) by 1 + max(0, Icon_Powers_Abilities_Intelligence.14.png INT – 10) ÷ 100 %.
    It`s Statistics (percentage integer) increase. Ex.: 50% + 1.16% = 51.16%
  • Campaign_Boons_DreadRing_EndlessConsumption.14.png Endless Consumption feat increases Life Steal Severity Statistic by 300%.
    It`s Statistics (percentage percentage) increase. Ex.: 120% * 300% = 360%

While some ratings are affected with diminishing return, or even capped, increasing their responding statistics is not limited nor diminished. Statistics, hoever, can be overcapped and thus, partially wasted.

There are two types of ratings: “old” and “new”.
While “old” ratings exists both on character, most enemies and companion, “new” ratings exists on player characters only.

“New” ratings

  • AoE Resist
  • Action Point Gain
  • Control Resist
  • Control Bonus
  • Combat Advantage Bonus
  • Companion Influence
  • Incoming Healing Bonus
  • Stamina Gain

All of “new” ratings follows the same formula (for character level 70):


This means, all those ratings are hard capped at 11.36%.
Formula Chart limited to 2000 Rating value:


“New” ratings have high investing return at the beginning, but meets huge diminishing return:


As you can see, there is a high diminishing return after about 1000 Rating value invested.
Any additional Rating value over about 1000 is mainly wasted, thus rating cap is about 1000.
Especially, maxing aka stacking one of those “new” ratings is highly uneffective.

Because of high returning result before about 1000, we want to maximize those ratings first.
However, we want to cap them at 1000. To achieve the best possible result, we shall rorate & balance:

  • Artifacts
  • Artifact off–hand “Artifact Stat Increase”
  • Boons

Notice that while gearing up, you will change your artifact. Doing this, remember to balance with those “new” rating not to exceed about 1000 and keep wanted values capped to about 1000 in the following order:

  1. Combat Advantage Bonus — Increases Damage Bonus vs foes with Icon_Float_CombatAdvantage.14.png Combat Advantage Debuff.
    Thanks to Icons_Powers_Feat_Presence_02.14.png Nightmare Wizardy feat, we and our allies have Icon_Float_CombatAdvantage.14.png Combat Advantage in practice all the time,
    thus it`s plain DPS.
  2. Control Bonus — Our primary goal thah we reach secondary. Important as we`re CW.
  3. Stamina Gain — Important survivality boost, especially for PvP.
  4. Action Point Gain — More daily — more DPS & more control. However, not as important, as CAB nor CB.
  5. Control Resist — Situational survivality boost, last really noticeable.
  6. Incoming Healing Bonus — We take more heal from healers. Very situational and not to effective.
  7. AoE Resist — Really, really situational and very rarely useful.
  8. Companion Influence — Increases our companion basic stats only, excluding any gear and buffs.
    Thus, almost useless, because the amount of companion ratings is way too low, even on legendary level.

“Old” ratings

  • Critical Strike
  • Defense
  • Deflect
  • Life Steal
  • Movement
  • Recovery
  • Regeneration

Most of “old” ratings follows the same, linear formula (for character level 70):


This means, every 399.795 points of most those “old” Ratings increases their responding statistics by 1%.
Formula Chart limited to 40000 Rating value:

Power has quite higher investing return with its linear formula (for character level 70):


This means, every 353.767 points of Power increases Damage Bonus by 1%.
Investing in Power has about 13% higher return than in any above “old” ratings.
Formula Chart limited to 40000 Power Rating value:


Armor Penetration
Armor Penetration formula (for character level 70):


Formula Chart limited to 40000 Armor Penetration Rating value:


Armor Penetration has high investing return at the beginning, but meets huge diminishing return:


From all those ratings (excluding discussed already “new” ratings), highest investing return provides Armor Penetration.
Armor Penetration is the value we want to meet the cap in PvE and get as many as possible on PvP, until diminishing return becomes unprofitable, in pair with BiS foe`s Armor Penetration Resistance.

In PvE, enemies Damage Resistance is array based, slightly modified by enemy type constants. Basic array:

  • Level 0 – 3: 0% DR
  • Level 4 – 29: 2.125 – 16.15% DR
  • Level 30 – 60: 17% DR
  • Level 61 – 64: 20.4% DR
  • Level 65 – 71: 22.1% – 25.5% DR
  • Level 72: 34 % DR
  • Level 73: 42.5 % DR
  • Level 74: 51 % DR
  • Level 75: 59.5 % DR

This said, we shall maximize ratings in the following order:

  1. Armor Penetration — T2 bosses have around 59.5% DR and this value is our PvE Armor Penetration hard cap value.
  2. Power — Once we cap Armor Penetration, the most effective Rating is Power,
    providing about 13% more than most other “old” ratings.
  3. Critical Strike — Next, we cap the Critical Chance upto 100% (as any higher value is wasted)
    and maximize Critical Severity.
  4. Recovery — Worst offense “old” ratings as involves encounters only, while all above ratings involves all damage sources.

From defense ratings:

  1. Life Steal — We deal more Damage than take, so it gives us more survivality.
  2. Defense — We take less Damage. Fair enough to place in 2nd place.
    Note that Damage Resistance is hard capped at 80%. Any additional values are wasted.
  3. Deflect — Deflection Severity at 50% makes this rating less good than Defense
    even if it decreses also the control duration.
  4. Regeneration — We take more heal and regenerate out of combat. Meh.
  5. Movement — Useful on PvP, but almost not noticable. Places last as very optional.

Maximum Hitpoints
Maximum Hitpoints are not Ratings nor Statistics itself, but involves our Survivality.
Every 4 hitpoints are equal to 1 rating point in the comparation. However, where places Hitpoints?

beatannier wrote: »

It depends

Well, we can always get 1-hitted and die because of lack of HP.
We can also die cause of lack of LS even with higher pool of HP.


Because it`s complicated, Let`s assume we live long enough to ignore the death aspect and attack often enough and with enought DPS to life steal effectively.

Radiant Enchantment, Rank 12

+2800 HP
Radiant increases our survivality by 2800, compared to our Maximum HP.

Survivality boost = 2800 / Maximum HP

At 50,000 HP, single Radiant will give us 2800/50,000 = 5.6% Survivality boost.
At 100,000 HP, single Radiant will give us 2800/100,000 = 2.8% Survivality boost.
At 140,000 HP, single Radiant will give us 2800/140,000 = 2% Survivality boost.

Dark Enchantment, Rank 12

+700 LS
Dark increases our LifeSteal by 700, divided by 400 it`s +1.75%Life Steal Chance.

Survivality boost depends on current Life Steal Chance and current Life Steal vs All Incoming Healing ratio.
Having X% Lifesteal Chance, Dark will increase total Life Steal amount by around 1.75% * (100% / X%).

At 5% Life Steal Chance, Life Steal amount will increase by 1.75% * (100% / 5%) = 35%.
At 10% Life Steal Chance, Life Steal amount will increase by 1.75% * (100% / 10%) = 17.5%.
At 14% Life Steal Chance, Life Steal amount will increase by 1.75% * (100% / 14%) = 12.5%.

Because of Life Steal is only part of all Healing, we need to divide this amount by LifeSteal vs All Incoming Healing ratio.
Once we get Life Steal amount increase, we need to multiply it by LifeSteal vs All Incoming Healing ratio.

At 1,000,000 Life Steal Healing and 4,000,000 Total Healing (including Lifesteal), the ratio will be 1,000,000/4,000,000 = 25%.
At 3,000,000 Life Steal Healing and 4,000,000 Total Healing (including Lifesteal), the ratio will be 3,000,000/4,000,000 = 75%.
At 3,600,000 Life Steal Healing and 4,000,000 Total Healing (including Lifesteal), the ratio will be 3,600,000/4,000,000 = 90%.

Survivality boost = 1.75% * (100% / Life Steal Chance) * (Life Steal Healing / Total Incoming Healing)

At 5% Life Steal Chance, 1,000,000 Life Steal Healing and 8,000,000 Total Healing, single Dark will give us 1.75% * (100% / 5%) * (1,000,000 / 8,000,000) = 4.38% Survivality boost.
At 10% Life Steal Chance, 3,000,000 Life Steal Healing and 8,000,000 Total Healing, single Dark will give us 1.75% * (100% / 10%) * (3,000,000 / 8,000,000) = 6.56% Survivality boost.
At 14% Life Steal Chance, 5,000,000 Life Steal Healing and 8,000,000 Total Healing, single Dark will give us 1.75% * (100% / 14%) * (5,000,000 / 8,000,000) = 7.81% Survivality boost.

Savage Enchantment, Rank 12

+1680 HP
+420 LS
Savage, in fact, provides 60% of Radiant Enchantment boost and 60% of Dark Enchantment boost.
Survivality boost will be as simple as (Radiant boost + Dark boost) * 60%.

Survivality boost = ((2800 / Maximum HP) + (1.75% * (100% / Life Steal Chance) * (Life Steal Healing / Total Incoming Healing))) * 60%


It depends on three statistics:

  • Maximum Hit Points
  • Life Steal Chance
  • Life Steal Healing vs Total Incomming Healing ratio


Ways to collect required data:

  1. Use Advanced Combat Tracker – Neverwinter:
    • Life Steal amount: All → characterName → Healed (inc) → Health Steal
    • Total Incoming Healing: All → characterName → Healed (inc) → All
  2. Use my topic dedicated, Neverwinter: LifeSteal vs HP simple application (it requires you to compile it, but shows what enchantments are best without any calculations).


My app confirmed my previous calculations and I leave my Defense Enchantments without change: Savage.


Ability Scores
There are six different Ability Scores, each increasing different statistics.


  • 1% Stamina Regeneration
  • 1% DoT Damage Resist


  • 2% Maximum Hit Points


  • 1% AoE Damage Resist
  • 0.5% Deflection Chance


  • 1% Damage Bonus
  • 1% Recharge Speed Increase


  • 1% Recharge Speed Increase
  • 1% Action Point Gain
  • 1% Control Bonus
  • 1% Control Resist


  • 1% Critical Chance
  • 1% Companion Stat Bonus
  • 1% Combat Advantage Damage

Our primary goal is to maximize DPS, then control and recharge stats.
Thus, both Icon_Powers_Abilities_Intelligence.14.png INT and Icon_Powers_Abilities_Charisma.14.png CHA provides about 2% more DPS and we`ll maximize those 2 Ability Scores.
While Icon_Powers_Abilities_Wisdom.14.png WIS provides additional Control Bonus and Recharge Speed Increase, rest Ability Scores are pretty useless.

Attributes distribution
Creating character or changing race, we can reroll beginning Ability Scores.

Ability Scores are rolled pseudo–randomly from array–based pool.
All six values are integers and are clamped at [8;18]. Also, only one Ability Score can be lower than 10.
All values consumes array related cost and the total cost cannot exceed 32. Detailed array score costs:


The most effective roll is 16 Icon_Powers_Abilities_Intelligence.14.png INT, 12 Icon_Powers_Abilities_Wisdom.14.png WIS, 16 Icon_Powers_Abilities_Charisma.14.png CHA and rest 10 each.
Then, we add +1 Icon_Powers_Abilities_Intelligence.14.png INT and +1 Icon_Powers_Abilities_Charisma.14.png CHA every 10 levels (except every 30 levels where we have to take all attributes).



  1. Metallic Ancestry Dragonborn
    MAD allows us to choose the best Attribute Scores: +2 Icon_Powers_Abilities_Intelligence.14.png INT, +2 Icon_Powers_Abilities_Charisma.14.png CHA.
    Then, provides +3% Power, +3% Critical Strike, +3% Incoming Healing Bonus and +3% Maximum Hit Points.
    While bonus provides Ratings (integer percentage) increase, it still boosts two most important Ratings by 3%
    and provides fair good survivality by +3% Maximum Hit Points.
  2. Dragonborn
    Dragonborn is the cheapier MAD race for those, who can`t afford Sigil of the Metallic Ancestry Dragonborn.
    Sacrifies +3% Maximum Hit Points for weak additional +2% Incoming Healing Bonus.
  3. Moon Elf
    Moon Elf is the best option for those, who can afford any paid classes. Provides both +2 Icon_Powers_Abilities_Intelligence.14.png INT, and +2 Icon_Powers_Abilities_Charisma.14.png CHA.
    Additional +1% Action Point gain, +1% Stamina Regen and +10% resistance to Crowd Control effects is also a fair good bonus.
  4. Menzoberranzan Renegade
    Menzoberranzan Renegade provides +2 Icon_Powers_Abilities_Charisma.14.png CHA, but not +2 Icon_Powers_Abilities_Intelligence.14.png INT.
    While this paid class reqauires expensive Hero of the North pack, its Faerie Fire trait looks quite good,
    providing 5% chance on attack to reduce foe`s Power and Defense by 6%.

    Menzoberranzan Renegade can be a quite interesting, unusual alternative to Dragonborns.

Assuming, you have chosen either Moon Elf, Dragonborn, or MAD, +16 initial Icon_Powers_Abilities_Charisma.14.png CHA & Icon_Powers_Abilities_Intelligence.14.png INT +2 from race and +7 from leveling up should left you with +25 for those Attribute Scores that results in +15% bonuses:


Armor Set (PvE)
There are two BiS ilvl 142 sets:

  • Elemental Dragonflight Assault Set
  • Elemental Dragonflight Raid Set

Set differences:

  • Head
    • Assault
      • +947 Critical Strike
      • +649 Armor Penetration
    • Raid
      • +649 Power
      • +947 Recovery
  • Armor
    • Assault
      • +1,010 Armor Penetration
    • Raid
      • +1,010 Power
  • Arms
    • Assault
      • +649 Critical Strike
      • +947 Armor Penetration
    • Raid
      • +649 Power
      • +947 Critical Strike
  • Feet
    • Assault
      • +649 Armor Penetration
    • Raid
      • +649 Power

Choose is obvious:

  • Meh geared character: Elemental Dragonflight Assault Set
  • Well geared character: Elemental Dragonflight Raid Set

Meh geared characters will need Armor Penetration that will add more DPS than any other Rating.

But once the Armor Penetration is capped (about 59.5% for PvE), any additional Armor Penetration is wasted, thus the choice for well geared characters will be Raid Set.

It is also possible to wear three parts of one set and one part of another if you are close under the ArP cap.


Armor Set (PvP)
There are two BiS ilvl 142 sets:

  • Elemental Lionsmane Duelist Set
  • Elemental Lionsmane Executioner Set

Set differences:

  • Head
    • Duelist
      • +325 Power
      • +162 Recovery
      • +325 Regeneration
    • Executioner
      • +487 Critical Strike
      • +325 Armor Penetration
  • Armor
    • Duelist
      • +757 Recovery
      • +505 Regeneration
      • +505 Life Steal
    • Executioner
      • +757 Power
      • +505 Critical Strike
      • +505 Armor Penetration
  • Arms
    • Duelist
      • +487 Recovery
      • +325 Life Steal
    • Executioner
      • +325 Critical Strike
      • +487 Armor Penetration
  • Feet
    • Duelist
      • +162 Regeneration
      • +325 Movement
    • Executioner
      • +487 Critical Strike

Choose is obvious:

  • Elemental Lionsmane Executioner Set

Ratings like Power, Critical Stike, Armor Penetration and Recovery are more valuable than Life Steal, Defense, Regeneration and Movement.

Weapon Set
BiS weapon set consists of Stronghold Talisman and one of 5 orbs (same ratings, different set bonuses):

  • Burning Orb
    When using a daily power, there is a chance 25% of your AP will be immediatelly restored.

    Chance (independing on how high it is) for 25% AP is quite low nowadays. About 5s CD Wizard_Encounter_Disintegrate.14.png Disintegrate makes more damage than our most damaging daily, and we should have enough control not to depend on Dailies, so additional chance for a faster daily is quite weak.

  • Drowned Orb
    When you are struck, Heal for 50% of your Maximum Hit Points over the next 30 seconds, this effect may only occur one every 60 seconds.

    Heal equal to 50% Hit Points every minute is a really nice survivality boost that can save us in either PvE and PvP. Personally, I can`t wait it. It looks really cool. Remember: Incoming Heal > Additional Fixed Damage for CW since we damage a lot and have a very limited heals.

  • Howling Orb
    When you dodge or block, your Run Speed is increased by 50% for seconds, this effect may only occur once every 10 seconds.

    Additional speed after dodge is useful very situational. Usually in this case, Repel should make a work hard enough.

  • Earthen Orb
    When you stand still for 3 seconds, incoming Damage is reduced by 5%.
    This effect stacks up to 5 times and is removed upon moving.

    Not moving 3 seconds (per stack) is quite hard either in PvE and PvP
    and will propably end in getting killed by red AoE in PvE or being CCd in PvP. Quite useless for CW.

  • Stronghold Orb
    You and any allies equipped with a set of Stronghold weapons are granted the following:

    • +2% Outgoing Damage
    • +2% Outgoing Healing
    • -2% Incoming Damage

    This effect may stack up to 5 times.

    2% looks a really low values. Worth it if most party members shall use it.
    If you rather pug msot of the time, any of above orbs looks a better choice.


Artifact Set
Lostmauth Set: Lostmauth’s Hoard Necklace & Golden Belt of Puissance &Lostmauth’s Horn of Blasting.

Weapon damage every Icon_Float_Crit.14.png Critical Hit. It`s way the best option as provides insane high DPS boost.
Many spectated this will be nerfed earlier or later. Well, months passed and no nerf yet. Good for us!

Rings (PvE)
It depends of your Armor Penetration.
If you are undercapped, choose Personalized Adamant Ring of Piercing,
otherwise Personalized Adamant Ring of Recovery are the way to go.

Rings (PvP)
Lionsmare Executioner Ring, because the 469 Tenacity provides huge Survivality boost.
Then, Power and Recovery looks the best option, especially on PvP.

Underwear Set
Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Shirt & Gemmed Exquisite Elemental Pants.
We have no choise here, unlike most other classes.

Primary Artifact
Wheel of Elements
This artifact is great, because provides many options.
Depending on situation, it can save you by Heal, allow you to take a huge amount ofDamage or just make more DPS.

Taking Fire, it provides average +14% more Damage. What else artifact gives you such a high Damage increase?
Taking Water, you can heal yourself beetween fights or just to survive low,
but constant Damage (like on Malabog last boss).
Taking Earth, you get your Maximum Hit Points tripled for 10s. This makes you almost unkillble during this time on PvP.
Cool option to deal with many enemies, especially attacking the node.
Taking Wind provides Control Immunity to one attack and increases Run Speed for 6s.
In practise, 6s is way too short to run away from enemy and single CI during 6s is almost useless.

And the best in this OP artifact is, it boost not only you, but your party emmbers aswell. Cool, isn`t it?
Also, ratings provided by this artifacts, while not best, are quite good so even this makes no issue.

Secondary Artifacts
Lostmauth’s Horn of Blasting (from Lostmauth Set).
Rest of secondary artifacts should balance above mentioned “new” ratings to cap 1,000,
while having good “old” ratings, like Power, Critical Strike, Armor Penetration or Recovery.

Good examples are:

  • Black Ice Beholder
  • Heart of the Black Dragon
  • Heart of the Blue Dragon
  • Kessell’s Spheres of Annihilation
  • Lantern of Revelation
  • Sigil of the Controller
  • Sigil of the Great Weapon
  • Sigil of the Hunter
  • Thayan Book of the Dead
  • Tiamat’s Orb of Majesty


Offense Enchantments
One Tenebrous Enchantment, Rank 12: When striking a foe you have
a chance to deal 5% of your current Hit Points in Necrotic damage.

Tenebrous deals a really high amount of Necrotic damage, usually comes when we are at full HP because of CD mechanic.
It is a quite better than any other Offense Enchantments, unfortunatelly, doesn`t stacks. Thus, we equip only one.

Rest: Brutal Enchantment, Rank 12: +420 Power and Critical Strike.
While single rating enchantments gives 700 at T12, multiple rating enchantments gives a summary of 840 at T12. This is 20% more. We choose Power + Crit, because both of those ratings are increased by 3% from MAD or Dragonborn racial trait. Also, 20% difference from multi–rating enchantment beats 13% from Power formula over other “old” ratings formula.

Defense Enchantments
One Tranquil Enchantment, Rank 12: When you are struck by an attack you have a chance to gain 2,565 hit points.
Tranquil heals really often (struc occurs on any CC so often enough to beat CD), providing best survivality boost.
Unfrortunatelly, like Tenebrous, Tranquils does not stacks, so we equip only one.

Rest: See Maximum Hitpoints and depending on your healing and DPS, choose either:

  • Savage Enchantment, Rank 12
  • Dark Enchantment, Rank 12
  • Radiant Enchantment, Rank 12

Usually, Savage Enchantment, Rank 12 are the best choice because of 20% bonus.

Utility Enchantments
Dark Enchantment, Rank 12 are the very best as are the only Enchantments that involves gameplay itself.
However, if you are meh geared, you will propably get some additional drop (over Glory, Gold or XP).
There are 4 different Enchantments that gives you additional drop:

  • Dragon’s Hoard Enchantment, Rank 12: 5% chance for a refining stone.
  • Fey Blessing Enchantment, Rank 12: 5% chance for an enchantment.
  • Tymora’s Lucky Enchantment, Rank 12: 6% chance for Hidden Pouch drop.
  • Salvage Enchantment, Rank 7: 3% chance for a bag of salvage.

I strongly recommend to use all of them until you decide that you don`t need some of them.

Dragon’s Hoard Enchantment, Rank 12 gives a few Refining Stones (for artifact gear).
Autodrops. Has iCD and daily limit.
Fey Blessing Enchantment, Rank 12 provides enchantments rank 5 (for artifacts, enchantments and runestones).
Autodrops. Has iCD, but no daily limit.
Tymora’s Lucky Enchantment, Rank 12 provides account bound pearls and peridots, a lot of gold, directly, or through treasures. Stacks to 100. Has no iCD nor limit.
Salvage Enchantment, Rank 12 provides unbound Refining Stones, Injury Kits, Potions and Profession resources.
Stacks to 999. Has no iCD nor limit.

Weapon Enchantment

  1. Transcendent Vorpal Enchantment
    +50% Critical Severity. Debuff foes with -2% Damage Resistance on every hit (unlike on Icon_Float_Crit.14.png Critical Hit only like tooltip says) and with -2% Damage that comes on every hit (unlike on Icon_Float_Crit.14.png Critical Hit only like tooltip says) and hidden–stacks upto 5 times (untl non–critical hit that resets stacks to 1, unlike tooltip that says no word about stacking).

    This enchantment provides the very highest DPS boost, especially on PvE.

  2. Transcendent Feytouched Enchantment
    +18% weapon damage as Psychic damage. Your encounter powers siphon away 18% of your target’s damage. This damage is converted into 18% more damage for you. This effect is a 3 target AoE, lasts for 20 seconds, may only happen once every 20 seconds.

    Alternative choice. Provides +54% damage on AoE, but only +18% on Single Target.
    Quite better on AoE PvE and much worse on Single Target, especially on bosses where a high DPS is most important.
    On PvP debuffs foe with a -18% damage, and because of Critical Strike Resistance, may result similiar than Vorpal enchantment. Some people says it`s better, some Vorpal is better. Well, they are just different.

Armor Enchantment

  1. Transcendent Soulforged Enchantment
    When you fall in combat your Soulforged armor will resurrect you and heal you for 7,425 and 1,575 every second for 3 seconds.
    When you are resurrected you do damage to any foes nearby and gain a 3 sec CC immunity. This effect can only trigger once every 75 seconds.

    The best option for PvE. Well, it gives you a second life. Quite weak on PvP, but situational.

  2. Transcendent Negation Enchantment
    When receiving damage each hit stacks a 3% increase to yourDamage Resistance, a 1% increase to incoming healing and a 1% increase too recovery for 9 seconds. This effect can stack a maximum of 10 times.

    PvP BiS survivability option through Damage Resistance increase.

  3. Transcendent Elven Battle Enchantment
    You are 80% more resistant to slows, immobilizes, disables, and stuns. Their duration is reduced. Your stamina Regen is also increased by 30%.

    PvP alternative. For those, who feels too CCd. Sacricifies Damage Resistance to decrease Control Duration vs us.
    Warning: Elven Battle Enchantment is currently bugged and triples CC DoT damage in some cases.


There are 5 active companion slots. One and only one of them can be also summoned.
All of those 5 companions gives their Active Bonus. We can`t have multiple same companions.

While non–summoned active companions gives us Active Bonus only,
Summoned companion also grants +15% Legendary Bonus if its quality is Legendary(level 35+).

Additionally, summoned non–augment companions uses their powers, either buffing us,
debuffing opponents, attacking enemies, healing us, tanking, controlling enemies etc.

Finally, summoned companions can give part of their ratings via Companion Influence (basic ratings only, without gear), Augmentation (100% from augment companions), Eldritch Runestone (up to 12% at T12), or Bonding Runestone (up to 65% at T10+ from non–augment companions).

Note that companion gives its owner only ratings (not statistics!), and only those “old” ratings
(no one statistic nor “new” rating is given to character) and Maximum Hit Points (MHP are granted by Augmentation, Companion Influence and Legendary Bonus only).

Also, no set bonuses works on companions, even those with “old” ratings.


Summoned companion vs Augment companion
Augment companion gives 100% their ratings +15% Legendary Bonus.
Equipping Bonding Runestones, Rank 10+ into any non–augment companions, gives us stacking
+65% companion ratings via Companion’s Gift. Companion’s Gift lasts 20s and then goes into 10s CD.

This is average:
3× 65% = 195%.
20s vs 10s CD = 66.(6)% uptime.
195% × 66.(6)% = 130% ratings.
130% +15% Legendary Bonus = 145%

This analyzed, Summoned companion gives us average 145%. Compared to augment115%, it is 30% more ratings.
Thus, non–augment companions are absolutely better if equipped with Bonding Runestones, Rank 10+.
Besides 30% more ratings, we gain Active, Summoned companion with all its powers.
Active companion can be either tank, healer, buffer/debuffer or damage dealer.

Augment companions are the best choice for poor players and wearing any augment companion by even meh–wealthy characters is just irrational as active companions powers provides 30% companion ratings and uses active powers.

If you can`t afford three rank Rank 10+ Bonding Runestones,
buy either the best augment: Black Dragon Ioun Stone, or just a cheapier one.

Summoned companion

Level 40 Legendary Priestess of Sehanine Moonbow from Bahamut’s Champion Booster Pack.
Priestess of Sehanine Moonbow provides:

  • +20% Critical Chance for the whole party.
  • -40% Critical Chance for enemies.
  • Crowd Control with Confuse.
  • +300 Deflect

From hundreds of companions, Priestess of Sehanine Moonbow gives us the very most.
No one other companion gives us such a high boost and the best is that this boost is party–wide
and stacks with same buffs! This stacking means, 2 Priestess gives party–wide +40%Critical Chance and so on.

Priestess of Sehanine Moonbow powers:

  • Full Moon
    Increases the duration of Moon Shadow and Moon Beams by 50%.
  • Moon Beams
    Reduces Critical Chance for enemies within 20′ by 1% per companion level
    and increases Critical Chance for allies within 20′ by 0.5% per companion level for 6 seconds.

    This power activates every 6s and lasts 9s (6s + 50% from Full Moon).
    Priestess of Sehanine Moonbow targets foe we aggroed first and the
    buff/debuff wave affects all foes/enemies in the radius of this foe.

    This means, we shouln`t attack foes from afar to gain the buff and provide it to our party aswell.
    Even if we miss every 2nd buff wave, we stay at 75% Moon Beams buff uptime.

    Moon Beams not only gives us +20% Critical Chance, but also reduces foesCritical Chance by 40%,
    providing insane good survivality boost for the whole party.

  • Moon Shadow
    The Priestess vanishes from sight, confusing up to 5 enemies within 10′ for 4 seconds.

    This is a really nice Crowd Control power than complements our CC skills,
    especially we don`t have a way to confuse as it is TR`s power.
    Side note: Yes, Priestess of Sehanine Moonbow is a TR.

Priestess of Sehanine Moonbow Gear:

  • Necklace of Loyal Avenger
  • Ring of Loyal Avenger
  • Girdle of the Striker

with the following slots filled:

  • Offense Slot: Brutal Enchantment, Rank 12.
  • Defense Slot: Dark Enchantment, Rank 12.
    Remember, that Maximum Hit Points gets not transfered via Companion’s Gift.
  • Reinforce: Major Stamina Regeneration Jewel.
    Remember, that neither Action Point Gain nor Stamina Regeneration gets not transfered as they are “new” ratings.


Active companions
Following our main goals, we shall want a good DPS increase and control as we`re CW.
Because Legendary Bonus works on summoned companion only and Active Bonusgrows up to Epic companion quality,
we shall want to keep our Active non-Summoned 4 companions at Epic quality.

There are 3 companions that provides us plain DPS or Control with the highest possible amount:

  • Erinyes of Belial from Scourge Warlock Booster Pack: +10% Critical Severity
  • Cambion Magus from Auction House: +10% Critical Severity
  • Cantankerous Mage from Zen Market: +25% Control Bonus

Next, quite worse candidats are:

  • Wild Hunt Rider from Zen Market: 5% chance for +10% Damage for 5s on encounter use.
  • Air Archon from Auction House or Trove of Elemental Evil: +5% Damageagainst targets not at full health.
  • Blink Dog from Tower of Celadaine: +5% Combat Advantage Damage.
  • Intellect Devourer from Call to Arms: Gate Crashers: +5% Combat Advantage Damage.
  • Dancing Blade from Wondrous Bazaar: +5% Critical Severity
  • Will-O’-Wisp from Zen Market: +15% Control Bonus & +25% Control Resist
  • Vicious Dire Wolf from Guardian of Neverwinter Pack: 5% chance to Interruptyour target.
  • Crab from Zen Market: 10% chance to 3s Root on damage dealt every 30s.
  • Cockatrice from Auction House: 10% chance for Root on damage taken for 6s (3s on PvP).

Mechanics rules the gameplay. Understanding them is the key of mastery.


This effect is always active.

Cold based spells Chill your target, Slowing them and stacking up to 6 times.

Some Cold powers can freeze targets who are affected by max stacks,Stunning the target. Frozen targets recover sooner if they take enough damage.

Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.png Chill is the main controlling mechanic of all Control Wizard. Affecting enemy, chills it, stacking itself.
At 6 stacks, foes not immune to control, becomes Frozen, becoming completelly unable to attack.

Fast putting Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.png Chill allows to provide amazing control over weakier enemies,
allowing us to focus on more demanding enemies.

Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.png Chill, as Crowd Control Over Time, matches mof14.png Master of Flame`s playstyle and plays in pair with smolder_twin14.png Smolder.

Arcane Mastery

This effect is always active.

Casting Arcane based spells builds Arcane Mastery, which increases yourDamage by 3% per stack, up to 5 stacks. Many of your Arcane effects gain additional power as well.

Wizard_Skill_Arcanemastery.14.png Arcane Mastery is a really easy mechanic.
Using any Skill that makes Arcane damage, adds one stack of Wizard_Skill_Arcanemastery.14.png Arcane Mastery.

Wizard_Skill_Arcanemastery.14.png Arcane Mastery stacks lasts about 3s and disappears if not refreshed by another Wizard_Skill_Arcanemastery.14.png Arcane Mastery stack.
There can be maximum of 5 stacks and each stack just increases our Damage by 3%. All stacks disappear simultaneously.
Bug: Wizard_Encounter_Disintegrate.14.png Disintegrate gives no Wizard_Skill_Arcanemastery.14.png Arcane Mastery stack while should, as it deals Arcane damage.


Many of the Master of Flame Paragon powers add Smolder to your target which deals damage over time.
If the target is affected by Chill, it gains a Rimefire aspect, allowing its duration to be refreshed by Chill effects.

smolder_twin14.png Smolder is undoubtedly our main damage source.
It`s a unique mechanic, available for mof14.png Master of Flame paragon only.

smolder_twin14.png Smolder can be put on enemy just in a few ways, what makesmof14.png Master of Flame path hard and challenging, while
keeping smolder_twin14.png Smolder on enemy requires a real mastery. Not without a reason this paragon is called the mof14.png Master of Flame.

Common Smolder

Status_Masterofflame_Smolder.14.png Smolder itself as a pure fire, won`t burn for too long
and will extinguish if not kept alive, along with the hope of victory.

Unfed Status_Masterofflame_Smolder.14.png Smolder extinguishes after 5s.
However Status_Masterofflame_Smolder.14.png Smolder, in conjunction with ice imposed by another important mechanic — Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.png Chill,
gains the Rimefire aspect, creating endless mof14.png Rimefire Smolder that lasts 10s if not cooled by Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.png Chill.

Rimefire Smolder Aspect

mof14.png Rimefire Smolder is created in the conjuction of two mechanics: Status_Masterofflame_Smolder.14.png Smolder and Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.pngChill.

Status_Masterofflame_Smolder.png+ Wizard_Skill_Chill.png = Status_Masterofflame_Smolder_Rimefire.png

mof14.png Rimefire Smolder replaces common Status_Masterofflame_Smolder.14.png Smolder in the moment, when Status_Masterofflame_Smolder.14.png Smolder meets the Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.png Chill.
It lasts two times longer, so 10s.

Side note: It is possible to put Status_Masterofflame_Smolder.14.png Smolderonto already existing mof14.png Rimefire Smolder and both buffs will stack.
However once any stack of Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.png Chill is applied again, the redStatus_Masterofflame_Smolder.14.png Smolder will disappear,
leaving mof14.png Rimefire Smolder debuff only.

mof14.png Rimefire Smolder will make Icon_Float_Crit.14.png Critical Hits only if the Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.png Chill source that activated its aspect was a Icon_Float_Crit.14.png Critical Hit too.
mof14.png Rimefire Smolder lasts as long as an affected foe is debuffed with Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.png Chill too.
In practice, that Rimefire aspect allows us to keep smolder_twin14.png Smolderon enemy endless.

Side note: Any other Control Wizard that puts Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.png Chill onto enemy affected with smolder_twin14.png Smolder,
will either activate the mof14.png Rimefire Smolder from Status_Masterofflame_Smolder.14.png Smolder or upstack mof14.png Rimefire Smolder.

The number of mof14.png Rimefire Smolder stacks in practice is determined
by the number of Control Wizards attacking the same foe with Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.png Chill.
Having 3 Control Wizards in party in Dungeon will provide the 3 stacks of mof14.png Rimefire Smolder put on enemies.
Having 10 Control Wizards on Tiamat will make 10 stacks of mof14.png Rimefire Smolder onto the attacked Tiamat head.

And the best is, those Control Wizards can be either mof14.png Master of Flameor ss14.png Spellstorm.
Additional mof14.png Rimefire Smolder stacks counts towards the Control Wizard who puts the Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.png Chill into foe, so the DPS from mof14.png Rimefire Smolder counts also for ss14.png Spellstorms. This only increases the Paingiver gap beetween mof14.png Master of Flame and ss14.png Spellstorm, but don`t care of it. Experienced Control Wizards knows that many of ss14.png Spellstorm damage is made due to mof14.png Master of Flame`s buffs and mechanics, so no experienced Control Wizard should ever blame you for being lower in Paingiver tab as statictics lies a bit and we know why.

This mechanics makes both mof14.png Master of Flame and ss14.pngSpellstorm always welcome in party, especially togheter.

Class Features
Class Feautures provides us the biggest source of power.

Chilling Presence

Wizard_Classfeature_Chillingpresence.14.png Chilling Presence adds +8% Damageper stack of Chill. Double vs Frozen foes.
Artifact Class Feature adds additional +0.5% Damage per stack of Chill.
Artifact Class Feature set to Wizard_Classfeature_Chillingpresence.14.png Chilling Presence is the best option for mof14.png Master of Flame.

Wizard_Classfeature_Chillingpresence.14.png Chilling Presence with active Artifact Class Feature adds +51% damage vs bosses (6 stacks of Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.pngChill)
and +102% damage vs Frozen enemies (non control–immune). This is way best Class Feature for mof14.png Master of Flame.

Swath of Destruction

Increases Smolder damage, and targets affected by Smolder take slightly more damage.

Wizard_Classfeature_Swathofdestruction.14.png Swath of Destruction adds +20%Damage vs enemies affected
with smolder_twin14.png Smolder and increases smolder_twin14.png Smolderdamage by +60%.

This buff increases Damage for everybody who attacks smolder_twin14.pngSmolder debuffed enemy.
Thus, we increase damage by 20% for the whole party (in dungeons) or all allies (like for the whole 25 players in Tiamat).

Wizard_Classfeature_Swathofdestruction.14.png Swath of Destruction is doubtless the best what we can give for our party and all our allies.
Everybody will be thankful for a +20% Damage.

Side note: Many unexperienced, weak mof14.png Master of Flames chooses Wizard_Classfeature_Criticalconflagration.14.png Critical Conflagration instead.
They think they have to use it, because can`t put smolder_twin14.png Smoldereffectively in any possible other way.
Nothing matches newbie mof14.png Master of Flame more than unability to put and keep smolder_twin14.png Smolder.

And why we don`t take Wizard_Classfeature_Criticalconflagration.14.png Critical Conflagration neither way? It adds +20% Critical Severity. Only!
This means, we gain +20% more Damage only if we Icon_Float_Crit.14.png Critical Hit, we loose +60% smolder_twin14.png Smolder damage and,
the most important, this buff does not affect our allies. Avoid it!


Encounters (AoE PvE)
Encounters are mostly used Control Wizard powers.
Unlike other classes, Control Wizards have 4 Encounters and the Tabbed one Encounter gains special ability.

Tabbed Fanning the Flame

Benefits from Arcane Mastery.

You envelop your target in flame dealing damage over time. While burning, your target attracts flame from nearby targets who are affected by Smolder, causing the target to take additional damage. If thoseSmolder targets are killed, they deal an additional burst of damage to the Fanning the Flame target.

Spell Mastery: Now also deals reduced damage to enemies near your target, and adds Smolder to them.

Wizard_Encounter_Fanningtheflames.14.png Fanning the Flame is our the most powerful encounter, that deals damage and puts Status_Masterofflame_Smolder.14.png Smolder on enemies.

Wizard_Encounter_Fanningtheflames.14.png Fanning the Flame perfectly supplements smolder_twin14.png Smolder, providing a huge damage, balancing its distribution.
Damage that comes from tabbed Wizard_Encounter_Fanningtheflames.14.pngFanning the Flame comes from many coexisting and complementing attacks this powerful encounter. We put Wizard_Encounter_Fanningtheflames.14.png Fanning the Flame on the chosen, most powerful, single enemy.
It instantly takes a lot of Fire Damage and gains Status_Masterofflame_Smolder.14.png Smolder debuff.

Every second, Wizard_Encounter_Fanningtheflames.14.png Fanning the Flame will also deal additional Fire Damage.
Main damage takes the main target as a Fire DoT.

  • Gathering Flame: Near enemies takes additional Fire Damage
    from the main target every DoT tick and becomes Status_Masterofflame_Smolder.14.png Smoldered.
  • Fanned Flame: Main target takes additional Fire Damage
    from every near enemy affected with Status_Masterofflame_Smolder.14.pngSmolder every DoT tick.
  • Final Flame: Status_Masterofflame_Smolder.14.png Smolder affected enemies, in the moment of a death,
  • deals AoE Fire Damage every near, still alive enemies.

Tabbed Wizard_Encounter_Fanningtheflames.14.png Fanning the Flame attacks its main target and all near enemies, and the more enemies around,
the more damage takes the main target. Additional, everybody takes affected with Status_Masterofflame_Smolder.14.png Smolder.

The biggest effectiveness provides putting Wizard_Encounter_Fanningtheflames.14.png Fanning the Flame
on the durable enemy surrounded by the less durable enemies.

Side note: Common Control Wizard practice is to use tabbed Wizard_Encounter_Conduitofice.14.png Conduit of Ice instead.
This practice is justified in the case of ss14.png Spellstorm, but mof14.pngMaster of Flame
have a much more powerful encounter — Wizard_Encounter_Fanningtheflames.14.png Fanning the Flame.

Wizard_Encounter_Conduitofice.14.png Conduit of Ice deals significantly less damage than Wizard_Encounter_Fanningtheflames.14.png Fanning the Flame,
even taking into account +30% Wizard_Encounter_Conduitofice.14.png Conduit of Ice damage at 6 stacks of Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.png Chill.

Tabbed Fanning the Flame usage

When we find a group of enemies,

We always target the most durable one.

It instantly takes a lot of Fire Damage and gains Status_Masterofflame_Smolder.14.png Smolder debuff.

Gathering Flame: Near enemies takes additional Fire Damage from the main target…

Gathering Flame: … and becomes Status_Masterofflame_Smolder.14.pngSmoldered.

Every second (DoT tick):
Gathering Flame: Near enemies takes additional Fire Damage from the main target.
Fanned Flame: Main target takes additional Fire Damage from every near enemy affected with Status_Masterofflame_Smolder.14.png Smolder.

Final Flame: Status_Masterofflame_Smolder.14.png Smolder affected enemies, in the moment of a death,
deals AoE Fire Damage every near, still alive enemies.

And this is how to properly use Wizard_Encounter_Fanningtheflames.14.pngFanning the Flame.

Shard of the Endless Avalanche

You conjure a boulder from the Elemental Chaos, and then use the followup power to hurl the boulder though your enemies, Knocking themProne. Standing near the boulder will slowly build Arcane Mastery stacks.

Eventually after being created, shortly after being hurled, or after impacting two enemies, the boulder will shatter, dealing more damage than normal and Knocking back nearby enemies, leaving them Prone.

Spell Mastery: The Shard can now be dropped at target location, and will knock Prone targets it lands on. Once summoned, instead of pushing away from you, you can now propel it towards a target location.

Wizard_Encounter_Shardeternalavalanche.14.png Shard of the Endless Avalancheis a way good,
but underappreciated Crowd Control power that deals fair good damage aswell.
Also, Wizard_Encounter_Shardeternalavalanche.14.png Shard of the Endless Avalanche builds Wizard_Skill_Arcanemastery.14.png Arcane Mastery that futher increases our damage dealt.

First Wizard_Skill_Arcanemastery.14.png Arcane Mastery stack is granted immediatelly on Wizard_Encounter_Shardeternalavalanche.14.png Shard of the Endless Avalanche cast.
Next Wizard_Skill_Arcanemastery.14.png Arcane Mastery stacks are granted every 4s before Wizard_Encounter_Shardeternalavalanche_Push.14.png Push.


Wizard_Encounter_Shardeternalavalanche_Push.14.png Push Knocks enemies on hit, dealing a high AoE damage, finally leaving them Prone for about 4s.


Steal Time

Steal time from enemies around you, Slowing them, and then shattering the collected time to Stun them based on how much was stolen.

The Stun and Slow are further increased based on Arcane Mastery stacks.

Spell Mastery: You and allies near you receive Combat Advantage and aRun Speed buff based on how much time was stolen, and your stacks ofArcane Mastery.

Wizard_3_Encounter_Sleep.14.png Steal Time is a BiS Encounter, multiproccingSlow,
a huge AoE damage with its all related passives,
finally Stunning all enemies around.

Icy Terrain

Freeze the ground around you, briefly immobilizing targets hit by the initial freeze, then adding Chill to enemies while they remain on the ice. Foes who reach 6 Chill Stacks will Freeze.

Spell Mastery: Can now cast at target location.

Wizard_Encounter_Icyterrain.14.png Icy Terrain is our main source of Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.png Chill.
This AoE DoT initially Immobilize foes, then adds one stack of Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.png Chill
togheter with dealing a small amount of damage every second.

Wizard_Encounter_Icyterrain.14.png Icy Terrain has lower Recast Time than existing duration.
This lets us to keep the Wizard_Encounter_Icyterrain.14.png Icy Terrain non–stop on the ground.

Finally, a conjuction with Icons_Feats_WhirlwindSneakAttack.14.png Icy Veinsprovides a fair often Freeze and thus,
thanks to the Wizard_Classfeature_Chillingpresence.14.png Chilling Presence and Icons_Feats_Damnation.14.png Bitter Cold, a +107% damage increase,
and keeps the mof14.png Rimefire Smolder constantly refreshed, providing additional,
allies–wide +20% damage boost from Wizard_Classfeature_Swathofdestruction.14.png Swath of Destruction.

Encounters (PvP)
In PvP, the most important is to survive. Death mage is a useless mage. Then, we shall want to deal damage.
The task is simple: Debuff as much as possible in the possible lower time, breaking any shields, then finally deal the biggest possible damage. Repeat until kill.

Shield Pulse

Form a persistent shield that is diminished by incoming damage. Shield absorbs a large amount of damage if not diminished, and recovers if undamaged for 6 seconds.

Can be recast to pulse the shield outwards, damaging and Pushingenemies away from you, but removing the shield’s protection.

Push and cooldown improved based on stacks of Arcane Mastery.

Spell Mastery: Shield absorbs an even larger amount when not diminished at all and diminishes more slowly. In addition, the pulse will Push enemies further away from you. While Shield is active from Spell Mastery it also grants you 5% Control Resistance.

Wizard_Encounter_Shield.14.png Shield provides a huge Survivality boost.

Side note: Unlike most Class Feautures, Wizard_Encounter_Shield.14.png Shield is slotted into Encounter slot.
Thus, while in Encounter slot, it is our 3rd Class Feauture.

Wizard_Encounter_Shield.14.png Shield provides +30% Damage Resistancethrough its Class Feauture passive power per shield stack.

There are a maximum of 3 shield stacks, that unlike calculated 90% Damage Resistance,
provides only 80% Damage Resistance, because Damage Resistance is hard capped at 80%.
Thus, 3 stacks of shields provides 80% Damage Resistance, 2 stacks: +60% Damage Resistance
and one stack: +30% Damage Resistance.

After taking damage, one stack of Wizard_Encounter_Shield.14.png Shield is taken and will return after 6s if we are undamged during this time.

The last stack of Wizard_Encounter_Shield.14.png Shield cannot be taken out.
In practice, we fight with the only one stack as just two hits takes off our other Wizard_Encounter_Shield.14.png Shield stacks.

What gives us putting Wizard_Encounter_Shield.14.png Shield into Spell Mastery?
30% Control Resistance per stack and additional, third stack of Wizard_Encounter_Shield.14.png Shield. Meh.

Why we use it tabbed then? Because while tabbing it gives us some benefit, tabbing neither Wizard_Encounter_Disintegrate.14.png Disintegrate, Wizard_Encounter_Icyterrain.14.png Icy Terrain,
nor Wizard_Encounter_Fanningtheflames.14.png Fanning the Flame gives us no benefit in PvP, and in the two last cases, it makes those skills even worse.

Tabbed Shield

Pulse the shield outward, damaging and Pushing enemies away from you, but removing the shields protection, requiring it to be recast.

Spell Mastery: Will Push enemies father away from you.

Wizard_Encounter_Shieldrelease.14.png Shield Pulse pushes enemies, dealing small amount of damage, but completelly removes Wizard_Encounter_Shield.14.png Shield and its all related buffs. Thus, Wizard_Encounter_Shieldrelease.14.png Shield Pulse is very situational, and almost never a good option to use in any case, even near death ones.


Deal damage to target foe. If the target is below 280% of your weapon damage, they are killed instantly.

Spell Mastery: Kills targets who are below 480% of your weapon damage.

Wizard_Encounter_Shieldrelease.14.png Disintegrate is a BiS Encounter that deals insane high damage to a
Single Target enemy with an extraordinarily low Cooldown equal to about 5s.

Rest PvP Encounters
I strongly recommend you using “Icy Meta”: Wizard_Encounter_Icyterrain.14.pngIcy Terrain + Icons_Feats_WhirlwindSneakAttack.14.png Icy Veins.

Fourth Encounter can be either Wizard_Encounter_Fanningtheflames.14.pngFanning the Flame as it deals a lot of damage,
or a control encounter, either Wizard_Encounter_Repel.14.png Repel or Wizard_Encounter_Entanglingforce.14.png Entangling Force.

Wizard_Encounter_Repel.14.png Repel has lower Casting Time and can be useful vs CW and especially HR.
Wizard_Encounter_Entanglingforce.14.png Entangling Force controls for a bit longer and perfectly matches “Icy Meta” playstyle.

In the case of Wizard_Encounter_Entanglingforce.14.png Entangling Force, you can swap Wizard_Encounter_Entanglingforce.14.png Entangling Force with tabbed Wizard_Encounter_Shield.14.png Shield
as tabbed Wizard_Encounter_Entanglingforce.14.png Entangling Force will provide a longer control and provide additional Wizard_Skill_Arcanemastery.14.png Arcane Mastery stacks.

Encounters (PvE Single Target)
On Single Target (especially alone bosses),
we shall focus to dealing as high damage as possible with Single Target encounters.

Tabbed Icy Rays

Blasts one or two targets with icy beams, briefly Immobilizing them and adding Chill.

The first cast of this spell puts a rune mark over your target. The second cast will fire at both the rune marked target, and your current target. Spell effectiveness is increased if both beams are fired at one target.

Spell Mastery: Deals 50% more Damage, Immobilizes for an additional half second, and adds an extra stack of Chill.

Wizard_3_Encounter_Icyrays.14.png Icy Rays is very effective, undodgable encounter, especially tabbed — deals 50% more Damage.
Side note: Unlike most At–Wills, Wizard_3_Encounter_Icyrays.14.png Icy Rays is slotted into Encounter slot. Thus, while in Encounter slot,
it is our 3rd At–Will and does not procs any encounter–related passives.

Wizard_3_Encounter_Icyrays.14.png Icy Rays needs to be casted twice, as first cast marks enemy and second send the Wizard_3_Encounter_Icyrays.14.png Icy Rays to attack it.

Ray of Enfeeblement

Over several seconds, deal damage to your enemy while decreasing their damage and Mitigation. Debuff duration increased based on stacks of Arcane Mastery.

Spell Mastery: Gains an additional charge, and if recast on the same target twice, will double the effectiveness of the debuffs.

Wizard_Encounter_Rayofenfeeblement.14.png Ray of Enfeeblement deals a fair, DoT damage. decreasing foe`s Damage and Mitigation by 10%,
providing fair Survivality boost and helping weakier allies with undercapped Armor Penetration.

Rest PvE Single Target Encounters
The place of honor takes Wizard_Encounter_Disintegrate.14.png Disintegrate.
4th slot takes doubtless powerful Wizard_Encounter_Fanningtheflames.14.pngFanning the Flame.

At–Wills plays a minor role in gameplay, but complements our Encounters when on cooldown.

Scorching Burst

Benefits from Arcane Mastery.

You unleash a column of fire at your targets location, dealing damage and adding Smolder.

Hold button down to increase the radius and initial damage of your attack.

Wizard_Atwill_Masterofflame.14.png Scorching Burst is undoubtedly the CW highest damage AoE At–Will. Also, puts a Status_Masterofflame_Smolder.14.pngSmolder into affected enemies.
Status_Masterofflame_Smolder.14.png Smolder is a supplement for tabbed Wizard_Encounter_Fanningtheflames.14.png Fanning the Flame and Wizard_Daily_Furiousimmolation.14.png Furious Immolation in PvE
and the only source of smolder_twin14.png Smolder in PvP.

Togheter with Icons_Feats_ArcaneBurst.14.png Arcane Burst, builds Wizard_Skill_Arcanemastery.14.png Arcane Mastery stacks.

Ray of Frost

Channel a powerful beam of frost at your target, continuously adding Chillstacks, and eventually Freezing them when you reach 6 stacks.

Wizard_1_Atwill_Rayoffrost.14.png Ray of Frost is a BiS PvP At–Will, that adds Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.png Chill into enemies in PvP,
increasing our damage thanks to Wizard_Classfeature_Chillingpresence.14.pngChilling Presence and Icons_Feats_Damnation.14.png Bitter Cold.

In Single Target PvE, keeps Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.png Chill on enemy, keeping constans debuffs.

Dailies are a powerful skills, that used to play lesser and lesser role every module.
Still, Dailies are quite good powers that can help a lot in PvE or finish enemy in PvP.

Furious Immolation

Benefits from Arcane Mastery.

You summon a titanic column of flame at target location that draws nearby enemies towards its center and blasts them upwards.

Wizard_Daily_Furiousimmolation.14.png Furious Immolation is the very best Control Wizard daily power that everybody loves!

Wizard_Daily_Furiousimmolation.14.png Furious Immolation groups enemies, dealing them insane high damage, pulling them into the
centre of a titanic column of flame, finally Dazing them for 4s thanks to Icons_Feats_TwistingImmolation.14.png Twisting Immolation.

Situational in PvP vs a group of enemies, especially useful when attacking a well defended node.


Ice Knife

Summon and slam down a huge blade of ice into your foe leaving themProne, and adding 3 stacks of Chill.

Wizard_Daily_Iceknife.14.png Ice Knife is a pure DPS. Deals a really high damage followed by Prone and 3 stacks of Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.png Chill.
Your best friend on both PvP and Single Target PvE. Right after Wizard_Encounter_Disintegrate.14.png Disintegrate.

Heroic Feats

Weapon Mastery 3/3

Icons_Powers_Feat_Assault_01.14.png Weapon Mastery 3/3: +3% Critical Chance. Pure DPS.

Toughness 3/3

Icons_Powers_Feat_Enduring_02.14.png Toughness 3/3: +9% Maximum Hit Points. Really good survivality boost.

Fight On 5/5

Icons_Powers_Feat_Tactical_01.14.png Fight On 5/5: −10% Cooldown. A really nice DPS boost.

Arcane Enhancement 3/3

Icons_Powers_Feat_Damage_01.14.png Arcane Enhancement 3/3: +3% Arcane Damage. Best choice from left Heroic feats T1–3.

Blighting Power 1/3

Icons_Powers_Feat_Agility_01.14.png Blighting Power 1/3: +2% Cold damage vs Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.png Chill affected foes. Quite weak bonus, but we have no better alternatives.

Focused Wizardy 3/3

Icons_Powers_Feat_Agility_01.14.png Focused Wizardy 3/3: +30% Singe Target Damage and −10% AoE Damage. A must have in PvP.

Prestidigitation 2/3

Icons_Powers_Feat_Presence_01.14.png Prestidigitation 2/3: +2% “old” ratings increase for the whole party. Ratings (integer percentage) increase.

Icons_Powers_Feat_Knowledge_01.14.png Learned Spellcaster gives quite more DPS for a meh geared characters.
Any well geared character will find Icons_Powers_Feat_Presence_01.14.pngPrestidigitation more valuable for itself. Not even counting party members.

Renegade Feats

Critical Power 5/5

Icons_Feats_OverrunCritical.14.png Critical Power 5/5: +5% Action Points on Icon_Float_Crit.14.png Critical Hit every 10s. Better T1.

Arcane Burst 5/5

Icons_Feats_ArcaneBurst.14.png Arcane Burst 5/5: 30% chance to gain a Wizard_Skill_Arcanemastery.14.png Arcane Mastery stack for every foe attacked with Wizard_Atwill_Masterofflame.14.png Scorching Burst.
Main source of Wizard_Skill_Arcanemastery.14.png Arcane Mastery. Really good feat as for T1–2.

Uncertain Allegiance 5/5

Icons_Feats_StayingPower.14.png Uncertain Allegiance 5/5: party–wide +5%Critical Chance. Pure DPS. Mmmph…

Nightmare Wizardy 5/5

Icons_Powers_Feat_Presence_02.14.png Nightmare Wizardy 5/5: 20% chance for a party–wide Icon_Float_CombatAdvantage.14.png Combat Advantage debuff every Icon_Float_Crit.14.png Critical Hit.

Our main source of Icon_Float_CombatAdvantage.14.png Combat Advantagedamage.
15% basic +15% from 25 Icon_Powers_Abilities_Charisma.14.png CHA + a few percents from a Combat Advantage Bonus “new” rating. Must have!

5th renegade feat is determined by character`s Critical Chance.
Characters with high Critical Chance will rather Icons_Feats_DevastatingShroud.14.png Phantasmal Destruction
and characters with lower Critical Chance will rather Icons_Powers_Feat_Cunning_01.14.png Chilling Advantage.

Phantasmal Destruction 5/5

Icons_Feats_DevastatingShroud.14.png Phantasmal Destruction 5/5: Only for characters with higher Critical Chance:
40% chance for a +15% Critical Severity on a Icon_Float_CombatAdvantage.14.pngCombat Advantage damage.
Great feat that plays in pair with a Icons_Powers_Feat_Presence_02.14.pngNightmare Wizardy.

Chilling Advantage 5/5

Icons_Powers_Feat_Cunning_01.14.png Chilling Advantage 5/5: Only for characters with lower Critical Chance: +10% Critical Chance.
A really powerful increase that helps to meet 100% Critical Chance.

Chaos Magic 1/1

Icons_Powers_Feat_Chaosmagic_01.14.png Chaos Magic 1/1: Party–wide powerful feat that changes every 10s
and provides one, two, or three of the followings buffs:

  • Heal for 250% weapon damage every 0.5 s.
  • +30% Critical Chance and +30% Armor Penetration.
  • +30% Damage and +10% Life Steal Chance.


Oppressor Feats

Bitter Cold 5/5

Icons_Feats_WhirlwindSneakAttack.14.png Bitter Cold 5/5: Party–wide +5%Damage boost vs Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.png Chill affected enemies. A relly nice boost, especially for a T1.

Twisting Immolation 5/5

Icons_Feats_TwistingImmolation.14.png Twisting Immolation 5/5: Adds 4s Dazeto the Wizard_Daily_Furiousimmolation.14.png Furious Immolation daily. Insane high Crowd Control boost.

Icy Veins 5/5

Icons_Feats_WhirlwindSneakAttack.14.png Icy Veins 5/5: Adds 5 Wizard_Skill_Chill.14.png Chill stacks to nearby foes every Encounter use. “Icy meta” core.
Allows to insta–freeze enemies, both in PvE and PvP. Really, really amazing combination with freezing Wizard_Encounter_Icyterrain.14.png Icy Terrain.

Sharandar Campaign

  1. Dark Fey Hunter: +400 Power.
  2. Fey Precision: +400 Critical Strike.
  3. Elven Haste: +3% Action Points.
  4. Elven Tranquility: 20,000 Heal every 60s. Heal > Damage as we deal more damage than get healed.
  5. Elven Resolve: +10% Stamina Gain. Only viable option on PvP. Quite good on PvE aswell.

Dread Ring Campaign

  1. Reliquary Keeper’s Strength: +250 Power and +250 Movement.
    Power is about 13% more valuable than Critical Strike.
  2. Evoker’s Thirst: +400 Life Steal.
  3. Forbidden Piercing: +3% Resistance Ignored.
  4. Enraged Regrowth: 20,000 Heal + 4,000 Defense for 10s every 80s.
    Heal > Damage as we deal more damage than get healed.
  5. Endless Consumption: 3× Life Steal Chance. Survivality boost provided by this feat is a really huge.

Icewind Dale Campaign

  1. Encroaching Tactics: +400 Combat Advantage Bonus.
  2. Refreshing Chill: +400 Stamina Gain.
  3. Sleet Skills: +2% Critical Severity.
  4. Cold Shoulder: Chance for a −2,000 Damage taken.
    Quite more valuable than upto a few percents more damage after dodges.
  5. Avalanche: 15,000 Damage every 20th damage taken. Only viable option on PvP. Quite best on PvE aswell.

Tyranny of Dragons Campaign

  1. Dragon’s Claws: +400 Power.
  2. Dragon’s Gaze: +400 Critical Strike.
  3. Draconic Armorbreaker: +400 Armor Penetration.
  4. Dragon’s Greed: +400 Life Steal.
    1. Dragon’s Fury: +5% Critical Severity. Pure DPS.
    2. Dragon’s Grip: +10% Control Bonus. 10% Control Bonus is better than 1.5% Critical Severity.
    3. Dragon’s Thirst: +3% Life Steal. 3% Life Steal looks better than 1.5%Critical Severity.

PvP Campaign

  1. Legion’s Valor: +250 Power and +250 Critical Strike. Pure DPS.
  2. Inspiring Defense: +10% Damage Resistance for nearby allies.
    A way better bonus for our allies than self–only +400 Power.
  3. Tactical Redeployment: +25% Movement Speed.
    Allows us to run away or follow enemy. Can save us or give us a kill. A way better than +400 of any other alternative.


  • Offense (PvE): Barrack: +8,000 Power.
  • Offense (PvP): Stable: +8,000 Armor Penetration.
  • Defense: One of the following options (same rule as in the case of defense enchantments:
    • Temple: +8,000 Life Steal.
    • Wizard’s Workshop: +32,000 Maximum Hit Points.
  • Utility: Stable: +20% Mount Speed. The only gameplay affecting option.




Underrated Inventory_Gond_Refinementitem_T07.14.png Doohickey deals a really nice 4 foe AoE damage every 30s. Also usable in PvP. Treat is like a 5th encounter.

Poking Stick

Underrated Icon_Inventory_Misc_PokingStick.14.png Poking Stick is a PvP only item usable every 12s.
Deals a fair high damage in a close range. Treat is like a 6th encounter.

Icon_Inventory_Misc_PokingStick.14.png Poking Stick can target invisible chartacters, removing them from hide.
Icon_Inventory_Misc_PokingStick.14.png Poking Stick can also heal you and your allies right after fight with Icons_Powers_Feat_Chaosmagic_01.14.png Chaos Magic: Chaotic Growth.





Final Speech
I am [email protected] I play mof14.png Master of Flame since over 2 years.
The first words I heard in Neverwinter was “You need to respec to ss14.pngSpellstorm”. And I am glad I didn`t followed them.

mof14.png Master of Flame is a really much better PvP Control Wizard, because ofsmolder_twin14.png Smolder and Wizard_Classfeature_Swathofdestruction.14.png Swath of Destruction.
It just requires using proper skills and a lot of practice.

I wrote this guide, because many players asks me about it and… there are no good mof14.png Master of Flame guides here.
I wish this guide shall help you. Feel free to ask anything related to this build.

Greetings and… Burn with me!


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!