Naruto Online 2.0 – SA Hanzo, wind main f2p only.

This is just an example on how this instance could be done with f2p characters only with wind main. Windmain Sakura Kabuto Kakashi Use the following tallents You cant build combo on these, so using kakashi skill on them is wasted. Allways spend your kabuto clones. Use sakura heal to get HP up, shizune will start with aoe dmg. You can cast main skill here to get sakura heal if you cant tank next attack. And this is where the boring part begins.

You basicly have to wait until combo is triggered in the round after shizune heals When that happens you need to use kakashi skill as soon as shizune cast aoe dmg skill. This will trigger our combos again and coupled with normal hits this should do over 15 dmg on her, killing her. Ofcourse spend heal and main skill to heal if you need to. However it is better if you can save them, since next round is hard. No more text untill next fight. 🙂 This is where you need to kill karin as fast as posible.

Use Main skill and sakura heal as needed for survival But allways remember to spend kakashi skill and kabuto clones before popping main skill. (target karin) Doing this you should be able to take down this round if you can tank the dmg. GOOD LUCK!.

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