Jericho Onate’s Facebook Monster Fusion Tips and Tricks

I call it “tips” ‘coz it doesn’t seem lengthy enough to be considered a guide: Tip #0: “Monsters who are in a better mood will...

Jercho Onate’s Facebook Monster Fusion Monster Stat Limit

I’m Trying to go around and compile lists of each monster races Stat limit that they can achieve. It may take awhile but bit by...

Facebook Monster Fusion Elements Guide

Fire: Strong vs Air Weak vs Water Air: Strong vs Earth Weak vs Fire None: Neutral Earth: Strong vs Water Weak vs Air Water: Strong vs Fire Weak vs Earth

Monster Fusion’s Facebook Monster Fusion Beginner’s Guide

1 About Monster Fusion 1-1 What is Monster Fusion? In Monster Fusion, you raise monsters as your pets to battle with NPCs or other...

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