A couple of months ago, I made a video titled “Is Minecraft Really Dying?” And in that video, I went into detail about how Minecraft Java sales are still doing quite well and they’re also doing better than ever for Minecraft Pocket Edition And I do agree that Mojang hasn’t been making the greatest decisions for the game as of lately, as I detailed in another video that I’ll link after the intro is over But those videos were talking about the past and present days of Minecraft But what about the future of the game? Well, honestly I feel that Minecraft is never going to die or ever even come close…

Hear me out though once the video is over feel free to leave your feelings in the comment section down below So, let’s get into why I feel that Minecraft will never die *Cool intro Music Plays* So I can feel what a lot of you are probably thinking right now “Well I find the game boring now and my favorite YouTubers don’t get as many views as they used to so it must be dying” “Plus other YouTubers say the game is dying so it must be!” Well, I have to ask you to step out of your own shoes for a moment And look at Minecraft on a much broader level We’re moving into an age where so much of our entertainment is in digital form and at its core, Minecraft is just digital legos…

And so much more And to me, that begs the question, “did Legos ever die?” No! They just evolved! While the giant multi-thousand brick sets of stock Legos might have been more popular back in the day You can now buy kits that allow you to create something according to a series of instructions If Legos have been around for 84 years and they’re still thriving I honestly feel Minecraft can do it too And hasn’t Minecraft itself already evolved in a similar way? I mean surviving and thriving in Survival mode used to be the main way of the game back in the Alpha and Beta day of Minecraft Then, new styles of play became popular like Creative mode, Then the creation and playing of custom maps, and then mods, then mini-games, role-plays, and so much more! And in the same way Minecraft itself has evolved You have or will evolve! And you will continue to evolve! Your interest will change as time goes on, I mean think about it this way too Minecraft Alpha came out 6 1/2 years ago, If you were 12 and found the game 6 1/2 years ago You’d be over 18 years old now Who you were at 12 and who you are at 18 are 2 VERY different versions of you Almost completely different, but also think about this Someone who was 3 1/2 when Minecraft Alpha came out is now 10! When an older generation grows out of Minecraft a newer generation will always be there to take its place Out with the old, in with the new One last thing that I want to get into What about various Minecraft YouTubers who are getting less and less views? Doesn’t that defend the idea that Minecraft is dying? I mean, I, personally, have million subscribers and I’ll get between 40 and 200 thousand views a video or so, if not more when something goes viral But doesn’t that mean I’m dying?

Shouldn’t those numbers be much higher since I used to get more views than that? Maybe, but if you go back just one year on my channel those numbers were between 15 and 60 thousand views or so For years I failed to adapt my content with the times and I stopped enjoying what I was doing So the fact that I lost a large percentage of my audience was well deserved But in the past 4 months, I turned my channel around, I adapted I found a way to make content that I loved making, that the viewers also seemed to love, that also worked well on Youtube And I’m proud of it, so NO I won’t be quitting Minecraft anytime soon in search of better things, I am not a gamer in the traditional sense I tend to enjoy one game at a time and for me, that’s just been Minecraft for the past 6 years or so who knows what tomorrow will hold? But one thing that I feel I’m willing to bet on is that Minecraft truly will be a 100-year game Just like Microsoft wants it to be, so I know that this was a much different subject than normal But I’ll go ahead and conclude it for now if you guys have different feelings or feelings that you just want to share on the matter feel free to leave a comment in the comments section down below and if you enjoyed the video, please consider leaving a like on it It really would help out myself, the channel, and the video quite a lot, but anyways guys I hope you all enjoyed My name is AntVenom and I bid you all farewell, Thanks so much for watching!

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