TOP 5 SURVIVAL ISLAND SEEDS FOR MINECRAFT 1.12! (Best Seeds for Minecraft PC, Java Edition)

Hey there! What’s going on guys?! Your local Mineman Uncle Kirby here… Today I’m showing you 5 Minecraft Survival Island Seeds. Not sure how many people will find this video to be useful or not but I wanted to show you 5 Survival Island seeds anyways. If you’re looking for normal Minecraft seeds, or Manion seeds, or something else.. You can browse my channel because I’ve created many different types of videos featuring Minecraft Seeds in the past too! So I hope you guys enjoy this video! And thanks for watching it! Let’s get started… *Music* To start off, I have a seed with the seed code 58 Noodles.

Space between 58 and Noodles and Noodles has a capital N. I will be putting the numeric code in the description for you to copy and paste instead. But yeah, that’s the name of the seed that was discovered by user PluckMyFeathers on the Minecraft Forums. The island in this seed is actually quite large. There are lots of trees on the seed for you to use for wood and such if you’re looking for somewhat of a quicker start. The terrain of of the island is actually quite cool too. There’s some natural indents in the island that can provide for some decent natural building opportunities. If you want to explore off of the island, there is a jungle to the east of it, A mesa to the south, an Ocean monument northeast, and of course you can explore through other biomes nearby. That is, of course, as I said, if you want to explore off of the island. The spawn survival itself should spawn enough sheep for you for food, a bed, and breeding so you shouldn’t have to worry about that.

Another aspect to this seed that will help you out in a bit of a quicker start if you’re interested in that. The next seed is one that I personally discovered. This survival island sits realtively close to the mainland and another island. If you’re really looking for another food source, you can always travel the north west direction towards the mainland, I guess. Additionally, you could have your whole survival island experience on the other island. That island should spawn in the some cows and it’s a bit of a different type of terrain for you to use too.

The main spawn island, however, is why I’m showing you this seed. Of course, this island is farily nice for a survival island seed. The island is a decent size and it has some nice options for you with the fact that there is sugar cane growing on the island and there are two types of wood. The island is a forest biome so you can get some birch wood and oak wood. Having two different types of trees is very nice when it comes to building on your island. It’s nice to change up the blocks and have options right away. Again, with a decent amount of trees, this island does provide a bit of a quicker start in that aspect of survival island for you if that’s what you’re looking for. And if that’s not what you’re looking for, make sure to stay tuned and don’t leave the video right now. The next seed will be a bit more of a challenge for you. Sodalite1 on the Minecraft Forums discovered this seed by typing in Search for adventure.. With the S capitalized. This seed is a bit tougher due to the ammount of trees on the island and the lack of land near you.

Given the world generation in Minecraft now, with smaller oceans, it is sometimes harder to find islands where you can’t really see the mainland near you. In this case, even with 14 render distance, the nearest land I can actually see on the island is just some other small islands. A pretty small island, with some room and resources to expand, this island offers you a pretty fun experience and challenge. Even with few trees, this seed offers you two different types of trees too. I noticed that there was one birch tree on the island. I think that’s awesome given how small of an island this is and how few trees there are. It just provides more block types for you if you decide not to leave you island. And of course that’s great for building. Because you don’t want to build with just one block. That’s like a… That’s a classic building tip right there.

This seed here brings in a different type of challenge for you. Another seed that I personally discovered, this seed spawns in an ocean monument right by the island that you spawn on. You may need to be careful when you’re on that side of the island and you’ll definitely need to be careful when you plan to go into the water over there. The ocean monument provides you with a chance of having some unique goals for yourself in this type of survival island experience. Especially with the monument so close to the island. It just gives a different type of experience for you than the other islands in this video. An experience that some may want to try out and others may not be looking for but that’s why I try to add a variety of things into videos.

The island itself is a fair size with a decent amount of trees which are again oak and birch. There is also some sugarcane that you can get too. There is a mineshaft underground towards the east of the island for you to explore too. The last thing I want to point out is the generation of the island underneath it. There is a, sort of, half ravine underneath the island. With an opening like a cave, the water says out of the ravine due to the flowing water not having a block update yet. Just interesting to see a flat wall like that in this half ravine type thing. I thought it was cool and that’s why I wanted to share it with you guys.

The final seed I have for you today was originally posted on Minecraft-Seeds.net by AuraEdge as a Minecraft seed. The seed is a triple island seed. You spawn in on one of three islands which are all very close to each other. Having three islands provides for a few opportunities for you, actually. For one, you can just play it as a normal survival island by yourself just having three islands instead of one. For two, you can have three islands for three people on a server. And finally, you can play it as a single survival island but only stay on one island and move to another island or be able to progress to the other two islands when you achieve different goals you set for yourself. Just a few ideas that I had when I saw the seed. There isn’t really much to see in the distance which makes this feel like a true island type experience. So that’s really cool.

If you are wondering though, there is an ocean monument to the south of the islands, a roofed forest to the east of the islands, and a savannah and desert area to the west of the islands. Having three islands really does provide you with some decent and unique experiences that you can’t do with just one island so I thought it was something cool to share with you in this video. So that is gonna do it for this one guys! Thank you all so much for watching! Perhaps you found a seed you were looking for! I hope you did! If you didn’t let me know and I’ll possibly create another one of these videos! As I said in the intro, you can also check out some of the other seed videos I already have on my channel too! I have a lot of different types of Minecraft seeds featured on my channel! If you’re new to my channel, thanks for stopping by! I hope you check out some of my other videos too! If you’re not new around here, thanks for watching another video! Make sure to subscribe, click the bell, and turn on notifications so you never miss an upload from this channel! Once again, thank you all so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed! I’m outta here! See ya!

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