Minecraft: Villager Business!

Nice view from these mountains. I wonder how they were formed… Hello. It is I, Dragon Souped, also known as IceDragoon in-game. Villagers are among the most useful, but also the most annoying mobs in the game… …but when you enter a village, you may not expect what business plans they have in mind. I’ll be taking a look inside a village to inform you of such hideous plans. Many of them give ripoffs… After this video, you should know what they want from you, for what they have. Prepare for launch in 3… 2… 1… WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Downwards… Spinning… PUNCH! That was some sturdy wood… First, we have the butcher villagers. These guys wear brown robes with white aprons. It might be hard to differentiate them from the others at a distance. These guys will buy raw chicken, raw porkchops, leather and coal for emeralds, their respective currency. You can also pay them emeralds for various things. They can sell leather armor, cooked chicken and cooked porkchops. Leather tunics bought from them will have guranteed enchantments. They will pay back in emeralds, if you give them materials.

Stupid fences. Have to go hover mode for a bit… Next, we have the farmer villagers. These guys look like Butchers, but have no aprons whatsoever. Don’t confuse them between each other, and blacksmiths, who I’ll talk about later. They can offer, and sell a great variety of things that will almost certainly help you. There’s a load of materials that they may ask for. Gravel, wool, carrots, fish, arrows and pumpkins are some of the many things they want. And obviously, you can pay emeralds for their stuff. And do they provide a great bounty of things for emeralds. Pause the video and take a look. Do note that flint is given when you trade in gravel. They’ll also buy materials for emeralds, of course. Stupid gravel… WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Ow, rough landing… Oh boy, what happened here? Next, we have the nitwit villagers. They may have the freshest of green robes, but they don’t offer anything at all for trades. Hate these guys. TRICKSHOT! WOOOHOOOOOOOOO!! Downwards… Spinning… OWW MY BUTT Little pranksters… Next, we have the blacksmith villagers.

The one here has left their home, but they look like butchers, except with black aprons. They will buy coal, iron and diamonds- Ack, stupid camera! Let me start that again, they buy coal, iron and diamonds. Like all other villagers that can trade, they will offer stuff for emeralds. They will offer various iron and diamond tools, armor and weapons. Some are enchanted, so keep an eye out for them. Iron axes from them are guranteed NOT to be enchanted though. WHEEEEEEEEEE!! SUPERSONIC PUNCH! Holy mother of Notch, how did the wood survive that? Next, we have cleric villagers. These guys wear purple robes fitting of their mystical arts. They sell mystical stuff from adventures and misadventures alike. The only two materials they want from you are gold and rotten flesh. You know, zombie meat. Wonder what they do with that stuff. Emeralds can be paid for their stuff, as always… They sell glowstone, ender pearls, bottles o’ enchanting, lapis lazuli and redstone. Materials can be given to them for emeralds. Still wondering what they do with that…

Oh noes, not rain. Better wait this out… There we go. WHOOOOOOOOOP!! SURPRISE FROM ABOVE! crap Pranksters…my new shirt’s all wet and dirty… Ah, must be why they left this waterfall here. Finally, we have librarian villagers. They wear white robes fitting of their role. Wow, you’re quite the master of home defense. They sell arguably some of the most useful items in the game. They only buy books and compasses from you for emeralds. They sell name tags, clocks, enchanted books and compasses, as well as one more thing. And yes, they pay you emeralds for materials. These guys also sell explorer maps that show you the locations of woodland mansions and ocean monuments. Check out my dungeons video which covers them. Real nice map here. This one leads to an ocean monument, and by the way, orange on these maps means water.

Whoops, camera issues… YEEEHAWWWWWWW!! Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to like and subscribe! Check out my other ones too! Ack, hate this cloud… This is Dragon Souped… SIGNING OUUUUUUUUUUUT!!!.

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