Minecraft: Taming the Wild!

Hello! It is I, Dragon Souped, also known as IceDragoon in-game. A player in survival mode will face challenges across their world, no matter how powerful their weapon. There are mobs that may assist you in doing so, if you can find and tame them. Apologies for the overly dramatic entrance. Tameable mobs are found across a great variety of biomes. They can help you fight, scout areas for mobs or get somewhere fast. You just have to find the right biome.

First, we have Wolves. Wolves are found in forest and taiga biomes, often hunting animals in packs. They will viciously attack anything that attacks them or their friends. Wolves will gain different appearances depending on if they’re tamed or not. For reference, the left wolf is a wild one. To tame a Wolf, feed it some bones with right-click. Be sure to bring a lot, because some are resilient. Tamed Wolves can also be told to sit down or stand up. They will also teleport to their master sometimes. Oh, and one more thing. Wolves, tamed or not will attack Skeletons. Ouch. As you may have noticed, Wolves also change eye color when angered. Only wild ones, though. Next is the Ocelot. Ocelots roam the jungle biome, hunting unsuspecting Chickens. On the left is a tamed Ocelot. This one is just a baby. Ocelots don’t fight as much as Wolves, but they instil great fear into the hearts of Creepers.

For some reason… To tame an Ocelot, approach it slowly and feed it any kind of Raw Fish. Salmon, Pufferfish, you name it. Here we have Horses. Horses are found grazing in the plains and savanna. They can be ridden, of course, by right-clicking. They are among the fastest ways to travel in Minecraft. Each Horse has different stats, and Horses also come in Mule, Donkey, Skeleton and Zombie variants. They can be equipped with Saddles and Horse Armor, by pressing E while riding one. Donkeys and Mules cannot wear Horse Armor, but can be right-clicked with a Chest for them to store items. To tame a horse, you have to ride it while not holding an item and hope that it gets under control.

You can feed them Wheat, Sugar, all kinds of Apple, Haybales and Golden Carrots to increase your chances of taming one. Of course, you do so by right-clicking. By the way, to dismount you have to sneak. One more thing: The most effective foods for taming horses are Golden Apples. Next, we have Llamas. Llamas are found in the extreme hills and savanna biomes, spitting at the ocassional predator. They provide similar function to Donkeys and Mules, but can be decorated with Carpets. You don’t need any required item to steer them. Unfortunately, you can’t control them while riding them. You’ll need a Leash to do so. Leashed Llamas will cause other Llamas to follow it in a line.

Different color Carpets can also change look and style. You could have your Llama wear a mask using the Grey Carpet for example. Llamas also have varying stats, this time how many items they can carry. One last thing: Yes, they can spit. Their spit counts as a ranged attack and can actually deal damage and knockback. Be careful when attacking one. Finally, we have the Parrot. Parrots are found in the jungle, coming in a diverse range of colors. Hey, how did you get here? You must be quite the ninja. Parrots imitate the noises of mobs around them, and follow them around. This can be useful to check if a place is safe. To tame them, feed them any kind of seed. Tamed Parrots don’t have visual difference, but will follow their master. They can sit down if right-clicked. Cookies, on the other hand will one-hit kill them if fed to them. Just don’t… And bonus thing: They will dance if a Jukebox is being played nearby. Look at ’em go! Anyways, thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to check out my others! This is Dragon Souped…


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