Howdy y’all my name is Derp Ssundee And welcome back to my farm Now us farmers. We have a real hard time making money But I got a quick tip for dull on how to become a millionaire It takes one simple step you got to sell one of your kidneys. I mean you got two anyways Hey, what’s going on guys something here and welcome back to star to Valley with Dr.. Lee Barney Hello, Ugly Barney The crap did you just call me Okay, okay. You know what you can. Call me Barney sure but my ugly body is ugly brother now Yeah, Russell and kramer first say hello to Russell He is he is my new Editor Russell make the Greek Rainer look like Barney go ahead Kabbadi okay, and Ross you better internet all I’m gonna find you a dress. I’m gonna punch it me Welcome back to Stardew Valley today as you guys remember last Episode we found ourselves an exploit and now I am going to get wait.

What do you mean my tools not ready? Danieru Sorry to say but your tool is not quite ready, please come back in 156 days Weeks he says please come back in 156 days I you through wait, okay wait. No, really What’s that? He needs a half of a year to fix a hammer What did gives the worst blacksmith ever and that did you that means we gotta sleep 100 and almost 200 times? What are you doing to his house? Then are you I will give you your house back when you give me my hammer back Ian that’s not all this works Ian calm down It is now Barney it is now Okay, anyway, so I guess act.

We’re not doing that this episode. We’re not we’re not messing with my hammer. Oh Country Encryption within a hundred Fifty six days dude It takes me longer to poop that it takes But I mean nevermind what do I want to get that checked out crate if it takes you half a year to take a dump Q isn’t that normal though? Sure, I have very big poops Okay, so I have a plan this episode. I was going to look at the hammer thing, but well we can’t look at that So what we’re going to do. Let’s first sell all of this craner. I forgot How much money do you have right now how much gold? july 11K So you’re at Eleven Thousand I’m at Forty-nine thousand so what sell all of these crops and I have a plan for this episode I was looking at what you love right you with our builder Flunky yeah, yeah our flunky.

I was looking at him He has a specific building that I want to try to build first hey Can you throw me all that greater throw me all day. I need all of the money. I need to become our walking buddy, huh? Not me no no crater. No you don’t get anybody should be – okay? Barney does not have kids What do you mean Bonnie bonnie has a bunch of kids dude? Well, I let me sell all this stuff hold on okay, okay, so I’m ready to come at some last video People are telling me that I can shift right click and it puts everything in the shipment box But it doesn’t you guys are liars you guys are liars you why do you have to lie to me? Why do you always lie? And okay, so pretty I’m currently at 49,000 gold Take a guess how much do you think I’m gonna be up to after we sell all of this? Have we ever sold this bus before no, this was all of this week The tomatoes and the corn from last week plus.

I’m also going to sell a bunch of copper ore oh But I’m gonna guess ok so you have 49 k. I’m gonna get a hundred K You’re gonna guess a hundred K Dude, I know it’s a lot but why not do it like you have so much stuff can we become 1/10 of a millionaire this episode, La Maybe I alt dude Let’s do it alright crater. So we have it all sold can we become a tenth of a millionaire this episode? Oh yeah, you want to try to guess it. No. I’m not going to guess we’re going to see if we can become a tetra millionaire and do it again if you have real quick sellout moment if you’re new Around here still enjoy these videos we upload videos every single day, bro We didn’t throw hit the subscribe button down below turn on little notifications, but also hit the like button or down there as well Let’s get to like 7 likes and ok crazy you’ll get nine lights Are you ready great? I am going to sleep.

I’m at 49,000 gold can we become 1/10 of a millionaire? Do you a what what I? Didn’t even think we come close craner. We have 95,000 gold oh That is so close to becoming it no no no craner. I have 95,000 you have 11,000 we are officially 10 double millionaires I Will take it that is what I’m talking about okay? So crater sets. We have over a hundred thousand gold Let’s spend almost half of it. Are you ready? And that sounds like an incredibly bad and business plan sir? This is going to be good. Let’s do it alright. Dude. So uf is now working Okay, time flunky okay, shop ah There’s it at yeah right here this building here dude is called the Town hall Look how much that cost you see that click. You look go to shop look how expensive That building is you said oh my goodness? $32,000 what and craner here’s the deal I cost thirty two thousand gold right, but at the same time Six hundred and forty logs, I know Do you realize how long this is gonna. Take you live to build these probably got to be done with your hammer is done It’s gonna take them half a year to build that so greater yeah, we need ten sacks of logs and like four stacks of stone Ten stacks of Blocks I have three and a half sacks, so uh Let’s get to Cuttin This gets it xing I guess said a word I Don’t know writer.

This is going to take forever Yeah, it is. Do you have like a diamond axe or something? I only have a study hey, okay? If we’re brussels where brussels what I want to do is it magically? Give us ten stacks it would ready ready magic and there it is greater magic Do not like Russell Russell’s good people Russell’s a good guy. He is a magician, so Okay, so there’s the wood that we have ten stack now we need what I’m gonna go back to you with you with your flunkies Mayor luncheon at Forty Six Stone I 356 stones I wanna let me get let me get a calculator. I Juice 56 divided by 64 we need four stacks of stove.

It’s not that bad. That’s not that bad I think we have sea stone. What wait, what grandpa? It’s not that bad for you. Oh, ho I like Cobblestone Great already got it already got it. It’s right here Yeah, Russell put it in the chest right here Hey with his magical editing you put it in this chest good job Russell Do rustle okay? So we have the wood we have the stone? Now it’s time homie, okay hold on let’s click on oculus I’ve got the best ball pitch around shop and Good 32,000 gold dude.

Are you sure it’s gonna be worth it this Town-hall better have a slide a Swimming pool that T-rex named you whose guitar. I want retard Okay, ripped I guess it’s better than Jimmy. Do you know what reptar is I am. No I have no idea It’s from rugrats What is said what let’s rock let’s rock rats crane you need to learn your Childhood I’m not at managing okay. Anyways, okay? Let’s go ahead. Let’s buy the town hall 32,000 Enjoy, I did it.

I did. I hit you with your I’m sorry if you spot him afterwards Holy Crap this building is huge is it Is it okay to be in the ocean? Now we’re not Gonna put the town hall in the ocean crater. What is wrong with you? Don’t branch out to it do like we’re running out of space look Where do you want to put it you want to put the bridge in the Ocean I? Want to put a bridge to the town Hall details should be the ocean All right, I won’t do that. Okay. I’m Gonna put it ah Is it something you can do hey? I mean I can But I don’t know what I don’t know if it’ll I don’t know if it’ll glitch out dude We’re just best thirty two thousand gold on this you we really want to put it in the middle of the ocean yellow it dude I’m gonna go out here.

I’m gonna go out here. I’m gonna go out here Okay, here. I’m gonna put a log down Yeah, and then on top of the log I’ll place it rape mmM You can do it. Why are we putting a 32,000 gold, what is it call building in the middle of an ocean? Because with Sundy and creative dude. It’s what we do okay. Okay, okay, three two one one go Crater it is being built and I wonder if you live actually is cut yeah. He’s actually Gonna go off and ian look at it He’s incredibly throwing water. I don’t know this is a bad size look at every so slow. Oh my gosh Hey, you live. I’m sorry. This was craters idea you have to work in the water This is all him if you want to file a complaint with Hr. File it with Craters get him fired sue him Don’t sue me all good man All right Ulis. I’m sorry.

Yeah, dude. This is Gonna. Take forever Dude, he’s still going anybody. This is the floor like he’s just doing the floor Okay, so I guess lost you while he does that well flunky works. Let’s go talk to jen a and what sigh Let’s buy more crops, okay? So it’s currently springtime so we can buy turn ups to turn down for whom we should buy potatoes We already have a bunch of cucumbers grass We do tiny grass might give a lot hold on dude We could buy wheat which takes 28 days to grow? it takes 28 days dude I wonder how much so long I wonder how much that will sell for though You want to try it a sickle it requires a sickle which is easy to get we can get that Do you want to try it do you want to try we we should okay? I’m gonna buy a bunch of wheat okay one two three Seasons as well so at least eight nine ten so by the time we get on next week this all should be grown I’m carrying see how much wheat sells for okay? I’m gonna buy half 20.

I just about 20 greater about 20 Okay, even want that him so we have cucumbers up here. Which is springtime, right? So we just need to find a new place for the weed seeds What do you want to do it let this out? On I yell if look around while our forked will get the flunky back there dude Oh, I mean, it’s working pretty fast, but it’s just going to take so long dude. Yeah, really it is alright Let’s find a good spot for this wheat yeah, I guess we can build it back here dude This is this is good this looks good. Yeah, I like it.

Thank you This is great, and this is a little pond with Miss fishies Yeah, there’s a little pond there with fishies, and you know yeah craters. It’s great. You’re swimming in sewage. I was kidding This is a Seward pond wait. Why? Did you poop in this? That’s a sewer pond craner Okay, let’s go All right, so let’s grow try to see how far forward we want to I Don’t want I don’t want to filter us because we have a walkway going here That we can maybe continue on this way and then continue our city back there because Usa is my city Usa is definitely our stated you and I agree with you on that one, okay? Let’s do this all the way back to here.

I guess I’m gonna go to the crater. I’ll go to sleep back here I’m going to save you keep you keep doing you you keep doing that. I’m gonna go to sleep. I’m going to sleep I’m a junky old Kylie greater. I am exhausted. I mean I’ve had a long day um. How are Exhausted. I am exhausted craner. I am tired Okay, I’m so k. I woke up okay. I’ll just slide all of this stuff that I’ve just been working on Oh, did it? Oh? I forgot because we didn’t water it Thank you. I can’t take you anywhere. I’m sorry homie. I’m sorry okay. So what I’ll plant all this let me do it let’s do it three by three, so if I plant Wheat just like that uh-huh three again okay, we need some more space over this way ah Yeah, yeah, let’s break this let’s look what’s extended this way all right dude. So that’s all of the plants 20 bags Full of wheat, okay, okay crater Let’s let’s do it what we have our copper watering can was water everything Water it all water everything how much money do you think we’ve got to make from this alone dude? I really have no clue This is what dude this is so genius.

We can just fill up my watering can only in the sewage thing I Mean you know sewage is good. It’s a good fertilizer like poo. It’s a fertilizer it Dude, you look doesn’t even look halfway done It looks awesome, so far though Okay, what I’m going to do what I’m going to press F1 I’m going to press F1 And I’m not going to move I’m going to stay here and staring the exact same place Russell You like a speed speed thing you’re like It’s I what the hell doing the speed thing do the speech thingy okay, okay, Russell Josh There’s your speed montage with some awesome.

Pokemon go music Is he done crater? Surfing ever look at this building though dude He an auto-da-fe notice this but you live actually planted a flower on wood I saw very planted flower on wood you convinced the man okay? I think it’s still working I think you are still building I think we like minor changes, but it’s not anything that big you said yeah I really hope this building was worth it dude lots of fix gotta be something here It’s gotta be in here like the mayor or something. I’m guessing the mayor is gonna live in here. You guys like yes, dude I think I look at this the Mayor Mayor jet Jet Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jesus. Oh Jimmy is this a woman Game, Jamie. Oh, okay. Let’s click her. This is my town and you remember that What? Did you just threaten me? Did you just threaten him? Oh you just punch me dude.

Sorry Crater I would take it out on her hold on freaky Jimmy dude Hold on. What I did it Does she do anything more than just say that? In the future I’ll be hosting some contests but but now I’m just happy to run this town It’s really hard being Mayor the people just love you too much In the future I’ll be hosting some contests, but for now wait I’m not sure why I have to pay for all these things for others. It’s my money Big crab, Jimmy So we just sat here for over 30 minutes watching you live built this Town hall for her to tell me that she’s Mayor and I better remember that Hey, just a reminder Jimmy.

We made you okay, so don’t even don’t even act like that, okay Well, that was a waste of freaking time Yeah, a little bit wasn’t it the crap was I mean I guess we can mark it off the achievement build the town hall They need to add another achievement burn it down. Yeah, dude. I would like Jimmy. I smell like a man I don’t want to know what tons Ishi’s right now.

Take it man. Ah now she went inside again. Oh, okay crater I’m going to spend another 16 thousand gold. I’m going to buy a cafe I just bought a cafe since that freaking town hall was useless. I just bought a cafe. You know what I’m going to do Get coffee in it. I am I am going to build this next episode Cliffhanger for Craner Why do you always do this to me if you guys have enjoyed this episode of course hit the like button down below also? if you’re new around here And enjoy these videos hit the subscribe button out notifications with that, Little bell thingy but vibrator Yeah, we will show you this cafe next week Okay

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