Minecraft: SkyFactory 4 – AUTO ENDER DRAGON FARM?!

Yes,so you guys know that movie how to train your dragon, right? Well dont let them watch this video. We murder a lot of dragons (??WHY??) Hey, what’s going on guys?! SSundee here and welcome to, Crainer This episode is going to be insane. I have ma-, I have made something on this server I’ll show you in a second it is insane it is going Crainer. I made you something right now I made you something right now what I’m going, what I’m going to show you. you are going to need a heart monitor XD Did you actually bring out a heart monitor? You’re Gonna need a heart monitor okay, okay, I Crainer: Am I ready for this? Ssundee: Dude I’m telling you.

What I have made I looked all over youtube I couldn’t see anything like it .It’s Gonna be insane I hope you guys are excited guys if you like what I’ve made, hit the like button down below and Crainer’s Barney, so uuhh C:I’m not freaking barney dude. Okay. I got S: hold on crainer (do u think) crainer (what) standstill Russell do your thing (Russell?) Russell I swear if there’s a purple dinosaur in all round by face right now. I will I’ll slap you You don’t even know what he looks like There’s a purple dinasour all my face isn’t there Most likely, so I’m not going to give it away what I’ve made, it’s already finalized We’ll look at that a little bit first.

We have to set some stuff up you ready. I’m no spoilers (Did u already make it?) I’ve already made it dude it took forever I had to do a lot of testing, I had to do a lot of murdering. I’ll show you in a little bit (Okay, yeah, dude. I’m freaking excited. It’s never been done before?) I haven’t seen it, but I think it’s been done once or twice But not on YouTube and there are no videos of it so let’s do this (ok) what we need to do first .

Hold on 2x lets make uuh we have a bunch of Manyullyn (Madelyn?) in there, purple. Oh look crainer it’s your favorite color party.(did u put ur wife in there?)yea I put my wife in there it’s purple oh good joke Ian. What wait your wife is purple!? Okay, okay, so what we need to do. We have this ?book?uh knife blade cast put that in there get six (ok right here) Yeah, right there, and then pour it in there ( okay?) You get six of those ,what I’m gonna do I’m gonna make two out of paper Did you get it? (Did you really have to make a barney blade for me?) Kind of looks like a unicorn horn, pu- put it on your head crainer. (I can’t put it on my head) (That’s not how this works ian) okay? so I’m going to do this ah One two, okay.

I have two paper knife blades right (ok) now Let me know if you have six. Do you have six or how many do you have? (Six of these blades?) yeah, we need six of those purple Barney blades (That’s a lot of barney blades dude, i’ll get to it right now) okay Just trust me crainer , you’re gonna like this Pi-pi-pinky promise (if i stand right here if I stand right here ian it might look like I’m actually barney peeing) did it look like barney pee You are actually Barney peeing out. Alright crainer so here take one of these a paper knife blade. There you go, right Thank you, so look in the tool forge. Oh, it’s now right here This is called a shuriken now watch this put that there put that there for the end of the paper in the top left Mm.

Ah and there is a huge and check this out. Why we made one blade out of paper I’ll show you so I’m going to grab this go ahead and make yourself one make yourself one, okay? So there there there and the paper danya there we go this thing does attack damage now watch it if you hover your mouse over that hold shift you see down there It says it has five Modifiers right uh-huh okay, okay? What we need to do now.

Let’s take out the cast the knife casma throw this back in here uh We need to pour a bunch of these casts We need one two three four five six seven a night really ten credit when he ten. It’s been said okay There we go, okay. We need ten of these case. I think there’s already one Yeah, right here okay, so we need nine. We need nine, ortho blank one. Yeah, this is a blank one We need nine or ten of these blank ones I? Did it work but I think it’s doing it dude. Are you paying gold? Well? I guess that’s normal I’m being as honest. I can’t do to whack it on it Okay, let’s get ted of these I – sir you have five of those blank casts, right? And yeah, okay, okay? What we need to do. I’m gonna put that in the center So round this with obsidian and check this out look At that it’s a little creeper face dude. Look okay? Okay, let me grab a 5 over yeah five of those okay.

Now you make five for you Okay, hey, go ahead. Shoot three four five there you go Okay, you got all five of those so what we need to do Let’s go back into the tool forge right and you see remember The the Shuriken has five modifiers now check this out hem. I’ll put this there and I’m going to give this five Reinforcement and watch this watch on the right-hand side. It says right there reinforced 20% you see that right? Yeah, what’s this? 40 60 80 unbreakable You could actually make something Unbreakable there it is there go ahead you do the same thing do it five times This thing has infinite Durability homie look at this dude what oh? Where’d you see? You? Just keep spamming it. It was no durability dude How is this even a thing that is safe do we can play like we can make a spawn out of this okay? Okay, so come down here come down here come down here I’ve Taken the spikes out of the mob trap right now if you hover your mouse over the shuriken you see how it says x P0 out of 500 yes Throw the Shirtkin at a mob just one we have to level what I what I just have to kill it.

Oh Is to kill it it’s at a letter get – at 72 out of 500 dude 98 We just sit here hold right click sit here and spam it We have it has infinite durability, and it does a crap ton of damage. I Don’t know how you do this, but you always find a way to break this game craner This is only the first part wait till we go to the next dimension What? Its Gonna be sick dude. You are gonna like this You are an evil mastermind sir Okay, dude my circuits about the level of what is yours at mine is A comfortable Or your level jump already yeah, I leveled it up a little bit.

Yeah, nice – level clumsy I need a little bit more to level here. I’m going to use it on you. Come here. Come here a little about here I think you actually have to kill me, and I don’t want to get killed ian, okay. Hello ever get these it’s about there We go it just leveled up it is now comfortable which gives us another modifier, dude, so let’s go back up here Let’s go back up here right aha I want to see how much damage this does now it currently sighs we’ll get like a bantam upgrade with it No, I don’t think that does that anymore, so it does attack if I put quartz on it people do of Exo – dude to you.

This is insane This is trejo crater. Just let it happen. I want to see if I get experienced for this crater Just greater straight, or let it happen crater. What it happens. It happened. Okay. Nope stop It okay, okay. Let’s keep leveling this thing. Go. Let’s give it some more ah damage value, right? yeah, and Then we’re going to head to the new submit not the new dimension the other dimension and I’ll show you what I’ve created dude It’s insane the dimension. I’ve actually I don’t I’m not often impressed with like Auto things anymore because we’ve been playing sky Factor for like 19 seasons But this has impressed me. This has actually impressed me dude. All right dude.

So I have two more modifiers on mine You do as well, right? Yeah, okay, okay, so this goes from 7.9. Let’s okay. We have courts ah That is so much what a damaged dude wait. Why isn’t that working? Can it not go up anymore hold on let me do this again wait night? oh did you okay? Well that’s fine. That’s like 10-point goes from to and there it is we need more modifiers, but Damage oh You’re getting it really hurts. No. Yeah, you’re actually gonna kill me bro. Bro. Come on dude and This Shuriken is unbreakable, so crater Are you ready for the next step and I think so but please don’t throw your serious? Let me make sure I have everything oh yeah I need to go activate that the iron spikes can come back down here. Come back down here We need to activate you can help me murder all of these oh Gladly do deny anything to you. This is now my new favorite weapon, okay, you stop stop falling your stupid mobs You’re all gonna die can you even make this unbreakable? That’s so old p and it was so easy to make I Crater, it’s the moment of truth.

Are you ready to get free bring your heart monitor? Go ahead grab that bring that? Obvious, I’m just going to put it in my inventory so it’s ready for use so we are going to the end come with me What are we doing in the Indian? Crater I have never seen anything in sky Factory like this before follow me Let me know what you hear you hear yeah, I’m here. Follow me come this way look look right there Hey, what the heck is that wait? How the heck did this end take it there? Crater look at this is it.

Well I get it I see it and I have absolutely No, freaking clue. What’s going on in? Crater let me explain this to you so well we have going on here We have a redstone clock activating a piston and what this does check this out. Let me grab let me grab this egg, right? I’m going to put this egg down Right here and watch hold on right there the piston breaks the egg the Auto hopper absorbs it and throws it in the chest which activates this redstone signal which sends a signal all the way around this This Bedrock system via the end portal right you follow me yeah What the crap is going audion? What the redstone signal does it activates these? Phantom placers Crater ready, Right-click the Phantom placer and look what’s in it? Cube Crystals the end of Crystals which Automatically places the end crotona Grabbin Em Crystal automatically places the end crystals up there Okay, and a hold on and what happens once the redstone signal reaches all the way around to here it Automatically places it right there. I’ll show you that in a second. Oh Dude, this is what decrepid you’ve been off shit, and now do the next part.

We’re yeah, we’re yet LoL there, you are Okay, so come over here jake okay Okay, so check this out check this out this next system over here are these mom’s hands now before we look at those look at This this is called a mechanical user right okay? Now watch this. What’s this? I’m going to open this and in here. I’m gonna put my Unbreakable Shuriken right look at this Okay, I kinda feel like I know it.

This is going. Oh look at that dude Look at this That’s not a homie check this out use if you open up the mechanical user you see on the right side You could put speed upgrades in here watch this what no way no, I’m good. I’m gonna match this thing out and watch it. Oh You have broken the game. This is not supposed to happen ian. Look at this dude It’s lack in my game is it My how are you? Ian this is not supposed to do it that one So that’s that system We have a shuriken shooting infinite amount of seconds right there now the next thing is right here this Muffin is what makes all of this possible watch this ah I got another muffin what I’m going to do I’m going to turn this on once we turn it on there is no turning it off okay, okay? I’m gonna turn this on right I? Should have placed down this last fan right there? Okay, okay.

We’re good now in this fan. I’m going to put upgrades Now crater try to walk towards that fan gotta walk towards that fan Greater go towards the fan greater distance dishing a fan going go in a different direction try to get to it craner Okay, don’t can see I see what you’re doing You cannot get close to this thing at all you cannot get close to this fan it is you just can’t do it You can’t get close yet? I’m not flying right now It’s the bang Are you dead? Oh? Yeah? You’re getting pushed up by the fan. It’s like a trampoline dude fly lead So crater all of it is set up it is all Ready to go are you ready for this this is the most insane thing? I’ve ever seen you do ian, and we’ve known each other for three years, okay? Let me check this redstone one more time.

Make sure it’s perfect and then we’re ready to do it Okay, I do the moment of truth. Look okay. I’m going to push this down. You know what this does. This is the vanilla ritual That responds the dragon now stay away from this stay away from the redstone. We don’t want that you break We’re just got to stay away from it and hide you I’m going to stay behind you so craner what I want you to know Remember when we killed the ender dragon he hasn’t anok where he tries to fly down to there and rest remember that yeah Remember that mechanic remember that mechanic ericom’s dude there he comes Okay, shimizu me Just stay back don’t even worry about hitting him don’t even worry about it.

Just watch him just watch him Dodge his attack She’s going to do like fireball attacks every now, and then just dodge him ignore him, okay? We’re just going to touch him just just watch dude once he gets tired and goes down there to rest just watch oh My goodness. I can’t believe it. This is what I think it is ian you Just freakin genius dude Okay, hon. Let’s do an arrest Andy Listen Listen Andy calm down homie Andy calm down andy get tired You need to get you need this you need rest homer you looking tired. You look at how you’re looking exhausted, okay? Is it homie listen good? Trait is it greater do your tiger song? and It works So here it is dude. He cannot he is trying so hard To get to his rest point what the fans are pushing him away? look He just watched the rest, but the fans will Adam Meanwhile the Shuriken are endlessly pelting him How much ian this is so freakin clever dude? Look at this crater.

So he’s just Gonna He’s just got to keep going because he can’t get to that point he cannot his Mechanic will not allow him to fly around this world Until he rests he then I rest so opie dude. He’s healing up a lot though He’s healing up a lot, but look his health is draining. He will die Now watch this homie What’s this once he dies check out? What happens a look at him dude. He is like Struggling I? Kind of feel bad for him all the guy wants to do is just take a nap feel it is What’s to take a nap, but the Shuriken czar pelting him in the face and keep in mind? We can keep upgrading your shuriken to give it more and more damage.

So eventually he’ll die an instance When I kill this dude, I can’t believe this is actually Huh, how do you come up with this? Just keep an eye out there. He’s almost dead you ready. He’s almost dead ready for this I am so ready to see what happens to it. I’m actually so excited Just just remember where the egg is once he dies and then just just watch just watch at me But don’t hit me. Why’d you hit me careful dude, okay? Okay? Okay? Here goes almost dead. He’s almost dead Here goes Okay, one more one more No way Look at the Redstone signal look at the Redstone signal no way it puts up another one Puts up another one. No way, you just fit. This it puts up another one, and then finally It is automated Did you know the eGg was going to land right there? I? Killed at least ten or fifteen different ender dragons craner, and I noticed that the egg dropped right there every single time Hey, ian, this is a suspicious I? Gotta put down my hot body – dude hold on okay? Just Gonna Wait, or you put your hook? Am I good so what do you think howard? Do you like it? Do you like? It misses most insane thing I’ve ever seen you do and we’ve done this mud peg so many times dude So what we have to do now all we have to do is uh uh the only thing that’s bad about this this System won’t work unless you’re afk on the server so all you have to do is find Walk into this little hut he can’t knock you out or kill you so you just kind of sit here afk while he dies over and over and over again I’ve never seen anybody ought to make killing the end of drinking life what what do you think ray? Do you like it? Do you approve? This is the coolest thing you’ve ever made oh I Like vine crap this is why I play Minecraft I’m just gonna have my hot button down here for when I’m going afk I don’t that crater great You’re gonna die down there you good.

I’m good It’s keeping me safe. Okay. You got a little bit of Barney vomit above your head. You’re probably in paradise right now Yeah, I’m used to it what? Crater look the next Enderdragon Shine Is so insane dude? It’s so mean I feel like a jerk dude. Oh If I could help out the machine will that miss anything up? Yeah, don’t mess with it Just what the machine do its thing Did you don’t don’t don’t mess with the crazies with the machine this took so long to make but for ND It’s definitely what to do greater.

We’re gonna get so many of those hearts I have excited to see the Dragon hearts It’s just this is business broken gene greater. This is why I play Minecraft But anyways dudes for now I’m Gonna We’re going to end this episode here if you guys have enjoyed of course hit the like button down below Also, hit the subscribe button if you’re new around here turn on notifications Crater Kick the Ender Dragon is time Go save him go hug him cry to go hug him every every like it’s a praying for the interjections. Oh Okay, no, I’m not gonna awesome dude that idea bad idea it is it is dying dude? He’s definitely dead in 3 2 1 no Say hello to your brother for us. This is messed up you but I love it you.

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