Minecraft: Firework Crafting!

Hello! It is I, Dragon Souped, also known as IceDragoon in-game. Apologies for the late videos recently. Some plans have been shifting in the background. But anyways… Now, you may want to create firework displays, but you can’t find fireworks in the creative inventory. You may be asking: How do I make designs like these? Don’t worry. As always, I will inform you of the methods to do so.

Let’s get ‘kraken’. First, you’ll need to select your color of fireworks. Multiple colors can be used. (wonder where the light blue went…) For example, I’ll take a red, and a blue. Next, you’ll want to select your explosion pattern. Here’s the ingredient required for each explosion. Note that by not using any of these, you get a small ball explosion. Any head can be used. Even a player head, somehow. There’s also two add-on effects you can add to your firework. Twinkle effects keep the explosion visible for longer. I’ll take a creeper face with a twinkle. And now for the most important stuff to make the firework. Gunpowder can adjust the flight duration of the firework, by adding more pieces underneath. There is a limit of three.

It’s also required to make a firework star. Once you’ve gathered your ingredients… Take the dyes, explosion shape and effect, and place them with one piece of gunpowder in the middle of the crafting table. And you will get a firework star to add effects to the firework. Then put one piece of paper in the center, and put 1-3 gunpowder in the bottom row. Add your firework star to the side of the paper, and you’re good to go! Now to test it! STUPIDBUTTONWHYDOYOUHAVETOBLOCKME Oops, wrong angle. There we go! Thanks for watching. If you liked this video, be sure to subscribe to my channel! And possibly check out my others too! Another camera glitch.


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