Minecraft: Defeating Dungeons Guide!

Hello! Dragon Souped here, also known as IceDragoon in-game. Now, there some pretty darn good loot hidden in every Minecraft world. But you might not know just how to get it. Don’t worry! I’ll be here to help. We’ll be taking a trip through my world, to show you the dungeons and precautions you’ll have to take. First stop, the Woodland Mansion. I’ve got a light, so hopefully I won’t die. Woah, better check my pockets. Forgot to bring it out! There.

And here we are. A dark, gloomy mansion in a Roofed Forest biome. It’s really dark in here, some guy back at the studio left them out… Obviously, there are monsters inside. Better not alert them. So, what you’ll need… …late game stuff. There’s some powerful monsters in there. I mean, one of them deals 19 damage on hard difficulty! Optionally, you could bring another player or a pet.

In a Woodland Mansion, any mob could sneak up on you in the dark. It really comes down to your skill if you are to bring another player or a pet. Now, the pets you’ll want to bring are wolves and cats to keep away most mobs… But you could also bring parrots. They imitate the noises of mobs around them. Just remember that your parrot’s noises are higher pitched than the original mob.

One thing to note, is that they will follow the mob they are tracking. Let it roam with a leash every once in a while. And you will also need an axe to break down walls. There can be some hidden rooms inside walls, some with great loot… Various chest items, Lapis lazuli blocks, And even diamond blocks. Alongside the regular mobs, there are the various Illagers living inside too. For starters, the Vindicator is a simple man. It sees a player, it charges them down with an axe. It can deal a whopping 19 damage on hard difficulty, so watch out! The Evoker is a bit more complicated. It summons bone jaws that spring up from the floor, in various patterns. It also summons these little things called Vexes, small winged ghosts which can phase through walls to attack you. If you kill an Evoker, you get a Totem of Undying that revives you upon death on the spot. Moving on… OUCH Next, we’ll be taking a trip underwater.

Into uncharted oceans. Better put these on. Being blessed by dragons has its benefits! But anyways, the Ocean Monument is a massive temple, filled to the absolute brim with Guardians. Large and imposing, it contains one of Minecraft’s bosses, the Elder Guardian. Whew! I’m out! Better dry my wings. Anyways, you’ll need the same overpowered gear as usual. Be sure to pack Respiration, Aqua Affinity and Depth Striding enchantments. Water Breathing potions may be used if you are to stay for prolonged periods. Your sword will be your best weapon underwater. Bows do not have much range there. Wait, where did the model go? I thought they ordered it! I’ll be right back. *AFK* Alright, I’m back.

Guardians are fast moving creatures that can fire armor and shield piercing lasers. And these spikes will hurt anyone who tries to hit them. Somehow, even with ranged attacks. What you’ll want to do against them is to get in close, which will cause them to retract their spikes and flee, giving a chance to attack. Check out my boss video for the Elder Guardian. You will also need to bring a pick to break walls and mine the resources inside. The treasure here? Gold blocks found in the center of the monument, as well as the sponge dropped by Elder Guardians. Sponges are one of the rarest blocks in the game, and they can be used to clear large amounts of water. Now to get out of this place before the real things spot me. OW And our final destination? Well, it’s right in none other than my domain. Better close this portal after this. Too much corruption! And here we are. Beautiful, isn’t it? Now, after defeating an Ender Dragon, a portal will appear in the sky.

Can’t see it from here though. Oh well. Ender pearl through it, and you may find one of these on the other side… An End City. Filled with one of the mortal enemies of dragons. Now, these blocks at the sides of the door are not actually blocks. This is a Shulker. A live one, in fact. And these things open their shells to shoot homing projectiles at their targets, which cause them to uncontrollably float. Same overpowered gear as usual. Pick for breaking walls. Piling blocks are a must here. There’s a load of potential falls. And an Ender Chest placed in the main world can help you transport loot there. What you’ll be here for, are enchanted items, And the prized Elytra wings. These things can make normal players glide like I did earlier. Well, then. That’s it for today. If you liked this video, maybe you could subscribe to my channel! And the camera’s broken again…ugh.

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