Minecraft: Combat Time!

Hello! It is I, Dragon Souped, also known as IceDragoon in-game. Pretty much every Minecraft player in existence knows about it’s PvP aspect. It’s a seriously taken subject, and any new players promptly get destroyed, most of the time. I may not show you the secrets of sword, bow and axe fighting, but I can at least tell you a few things before you go in. Please do note that I will assume that you are playing on versions and above, due to massive combat changes.

On and below, combat requires less skill, and therefore a bit more friendly to new players. I’ll give you four essential tips to help you in almost any PvP combat situation. Most importantly, you should be checking for hazards to knock people into, and the high ground. High spots can be used for scouting areas, sniping people with arrows, and making overused Star Wars jokes. Just…make sure to watch your back. Literally, and figuratively. In and above, spamming the attack button won’t do you good in a fight, even with the almighty diamond sword. Try to find ways to deal more damage during fights, such as potions, charged attacks, critical hits and the like. Charged attacks can be pulled off by waiting till the charge meter fills after an attack.

Critical hits are when you hit someone during a fall, such as from a jump. And if someone tries to block your attacks with a shield, axes can penetrate them and disable them for a bit. PvP is not just swords, axes and bows. There are other things you can use to kill, or help you do so in combat. Splash potions can be thrown to heal teammates, poison enemies, and the like. Flint and steel can set your surroundings on fire, or light TNT. Fishing rods, snowballs and eggs can be used to knock people off ledges at a safe distance.

In servers with durability enabled, it can be anyone’s best friend or worst enemy. Armor loses durability as it protects its user from attacks, eventually breaking after a while. Losing an armor piece in battle is never a good thing. Check your durability or else this happens to you. However, you can take advantage of this, and not just by constantly throwing potions. Remember snowballs and fishing rods? Yeah, these things can break armor too. If someone brings low durability armor to a fight, whip ’em out and go for it! It’s best to use a texture pack that shows how much durability is left on pieces of armor. After all, it takes a bit less than 4 full inventories of snowballs to break full durability, unenchanted, diamond armor.

Remember: A person without armor can die very quickly to even the weakest sword. Like I said, don’t be this guy. Anyways, thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, leave a like and subscribe, and check out my others too! This is Dragon Souped…..signing out!.

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