Minecraft 5 Optifine Cape Designs – Cool Optifine Capes

Hey there, What’s going on guys?! Today, I’ve got 5 More Optifine Cape Designs that you guys have submitted over the past week. Before I get started, I just want to mention that there has been a bit of complaining about not getting featured starting up in the comments again. I only feature 5 capes per week and I like to pick different people for each video. So please just enjoy the capes that are in the video and you can re-submit your capes in the comments again in this video if you want to. It’s only a small portion of people doing that but I wanted to address it quickly. Anyways, I hope you enjoy, let’s get started… *Music* The first cape was submitted by Spook. They submitted a torch cape. The cape they submitted didn’t work in-game because it was too many layers. I re-worked it a bit and well, here is the torch cape. Of course, based off of a torch within Minecraft.

Just as small little cool cape that I thought somebody would be interested in using. Especially since it relates to Minecraft. There’s always people that want capes that actually relate to Minecraft. The next cape was submitted by Korearn Sniper, I think. This is a red, blue, and black design cape. The red and blue split across eachother forming what looks like an X. I just thought it was something a bit different. A pretty cool looking design. And It added in a couple of additional colors so that’s cool. So often, I just add capes that are like black and white or black and red. I like that this adds in blue, red, and black together. The next cape was submitted by jackmines18. They say that this is a simple but pretty cool cape. I agree with them. I like adding in some designs that just look interesting or cool. So often people look for specific designs like faces and what not. Capes that aren’t really based on anything can be really cool too.

I always like to see what people can come up with. In last week’s video, I featured a cape that had a picture of a dog on it. Or a dog’s face. GamingNightmare submitted this dog cape this week. I actually really like this one. It’s a pretty detailed looking dog on this cape. If I’m being honest, this is the type of dog I’d want to have. It honestly looks like the type of dog that would just be so fun to be around. I like this dog. The final cape was submitted by Neutrol__EvENs_.

I’m just going to say that this cape is one that really stood out to me. I get a pretty decent amount of people commenting links with capes each week. And each week, I sit there clicking on the links and seeing what they all look like. This one stood out. There’s always one cape that just for whatever reason stands out. This is the one. The bomb on this cape really looks like a bomb. It’s really cool. You could even say that this cape is the bomb. I’m hilarious. So that’s gonna do it for this one guys! Thank you all so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed! If you have any capes that you want to submit, please feel free to put the link in the comment section. If you’re new to the channel please feel free to check out some of my other videos! If you enjoyed this video, I think you’ll enjoy some others. Also, please be sure to subscribe with notifications on so you don’t miss a video in the future! At least, when YouTube’s actually working, that is.

Alrighty guys, thanks so much for watching! I’m outta here! See ya!.

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