Minecraft 5 Optifine Cape Designs! – Awesome Optifine Capes

Hey there! What’s going guys?! I’m here with 5 more Optifine Cape Designs for you guys! I actually recieved a lot of cape designs on the last video. So, I’m going to be making two videos. One today, and One for monday. Tomorrow I’ve got a little different type of video so make sure to check that out too! As always, if your cape didn’t get featured, please feel free to leave it in the comments again or submit any capes you may want to! Alrighty, let’s go ahead and get started! *Music* To start off I have a cape design submitted by _GewoonStan_. They say that the cape is simple but nice and I agree. It’s just a black and white cape. The black on the cape is just a rectangle on the cape. It sort of looks like a substraction sign or something. But yeah, simple capes are good too.

And I show a lot of simple capes because I personally like them. So there ya have it. A simple white and black rectangle type cape design. The next cape was sumbitted by Kappa Keepo. They call it it a heart thing. Well, they formed it as a question. But yeah, it’s a heart thing. It’s sort of like a dull red outline of a heart. I think it’s a pretty interesting design. It’s a different take on the heart capes that we’ve seen in videos in the past.

I always like to see new ways to have heart capes. This is a new way to make a heart cape that I don’t remember seeing before so that’s pretty cool. Nice cape. I’ve shown an L cape design in the past. Well, Shoal submitted a different way to make an L cape design. The L on this cape is positioned at the top of the cape and it’s rather bulky so you can really see it.

We have a black, white, and a bit of grey design for this video. But you can use whatever colors you prefer as always. Just switch out the black for one color and the white for another and you’ll get the color combination that you want. I think a white and red design would look pretty cool for this cape. This cape was submitted by Miner & Trqp. I feature a lot of face designs in my video. Face designs are always popular so I always like to add them into the video whenever I get the chance just due to them being popular. They called this cape a neutral face design. And yeah, I guess that describes it. It’s not really making an expression. The eyes are really big. The back and grey color design looks pretty cool too. Overall, it’s a cool looking cape that I personally like. The final cape is one that I really like.

This cape was submitted by Fearest. This is a grenade design cape. With the use of the brick design, this cape really came out looking awesome. That green color looks perfect for a grenade. The brick design look perfect for a grenade too. There is a grey pin for the grenade at the top. I just really like this cape. It’s really well-designed and it really does look like a grenade. It’s a really cool cape. So that’s gonna do it for me guys! As I said, I plan on having another video out on Monday featuring more capes that were submitted on the previous Optifine Cape Designs video. If you have any cape designs you want to submit, feel free to do so here. If you’re cape was featured in this video feel free to submit it again! If you’re new to the channel, please check out some of my other videos! If you’re not new to the channel please feel free to check out some other videos too! Make sure to subscribe, click the bell, and turn on notifications so you do not miss a video from me! Thank you so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed! I’m outta here..

See ya!.

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