MANSION AND VILLAGE NEAR SPAWN! – Minecraft Mansion Seed 1.12

It’s always an amazing site to see a mansion very close to spawn. Throw in a village and it’s even better. In this Minecraft seed, well, that’s what we get. You spawn inside of a taiga biome and you can instantly see a village building right near you. Unfortunately you won’t be able to go to the blacksmith or the church here.. because there aren’t those buildings here… But, there is a library and food for you to enjoy if you really wish to do that.

When you head south and walk towards the mansion, you can actually get some easy iron and coal on your way. There is a small cave type thing that opens up in the ground for that will allow you to grab these ores. It’s an interesting little indent in the world generation. I personally love seeing intersting things like that in world generation. Plus, the easy iron and coal is just a nice thing to have. Finally, it’s time to actually explore the mansion. The bottom floor has plenty to explore, including the little maze type room with a chest at the end. and you’ll have to break into this room if you want to cut down the tree inside. The second floor also offers plenty to explore and it gives you some decent window views too. If you want to eat dinner with the Vindactors, there’s a room for that. Or maybe you want to read a book, well you can do that too…

In a few different rooms. With 12 rooms on the top floor, you have a massive space that you can rent out to your friends. Make a little bit more cash. In all seriousness, this is a pretty massive mansion that has tons of different rooms for you to look through. The base foundation of the mansion is pretty big too… You can farm the cobblestone and make a massive basement down there. Oh, and did I mention that there’s a mini ravine next to the mansion too? Well, there is.. and it’s, well, interesting looking. So, that’s gonna do it for me guys! I really hope you enjoy this mansion! I hope you enjoyed this style of video too! I took little bit of a twist in how I made this one.

It was fun! I just thought I’d do something a little bit different. Alrighty guys, that’s gonna do it for me. I’m outta here! See ya!.

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