How to install Replay Mod and FFmpeg for Minecraft 1 12

Hello and welcome. My name is Jay and I’ll be your guide in this tutorial This time we’ll have a look at replay mod which is a mod that allows you to record your game play to then edit it in any way you like We’ll have a look on how to install all components to make it work so lets get right in to it First things first. Make sure you have forge installed for this tutorial If you don’t have forge installed yet, then follow the ‘how to install forge’ tutorial which is linked on screen and in the description bellow before going on with this tutorial when you have forge setup properly, we have to first install a tool called FFmpeg This is needed to use the rendering feature in replay mod and replay mod will not work without it So this is quite important To install FFmpeg we need to download 2 things The first one is the latest FFmpeg static build for your operating system which you can find on this link Once you are on the page, under version choose the first one Under architecture, choose the one that matches your system If your not sure, right click ‘my computer’ in the right pane of your documents or in your start menu Choose ‘properties’ to open your system window and under the system section you’ll see if yours is 32 or 64 bit Under linking, choose static.

After that you can click the download button Make sure you know what folder it is downloading to because we will be using all these files in a matter of minutes The second thing we have to download is a batch script to quickly install FFmpeg Using this script, ffmpeg will also be used by other programs with rendering features, and not only this mod For example Blender Go to this website and the download will start instantly. You won’t have to click anything. If you get a security message, click to ignore it so the download starts. Its safe and it is required to use this mod Before we start installing anything, we will also download the minecraft version of replay mod Go to this website and download the replay mod V1.12-2.file under minecraft Click the download button to be redirected to an add page Wait for the timer to run out in the top right and click ‘skip add’.

You’ll get a security message on the download. Click to ignore that so the download starts The file is 100% safe. I am actually using it for nearly all the tutorials on the channel so your safe. Now if you did everything correctly, you should have these 3 files in your download folder Before we continue, make sure you have a program installed to unzip the FFmpeg.zip file I’ll link the different ones in the description bellow Alright. With the 3 files ready, what we want to do next is right click the FFmpeg.zip file And then extract it in this folder, where you downloaded the file to.

‘Extract here’. You’ll get a new folder here and we’ll rename that folder to simply ‘FFmpeg’ So you can remove all that like so Then in a second documents you open up your C drive where your operating system is installed to If its D or E drive then pick that one. You basically want to have the one where your operating system is installed on to. And then you just want to copy the FFmpeg folder in to this one so its right there Open up this folder and then you want to drag the ‘FFmpeg path installer’ in to here And double click it.

You’ll get a DOS window and when it says SUCCESS it means it successfully installed Ignore this part. Its because I installed it before so it basically overwrites all the characters This is what you’ll get, without the top line Then press any button to continue and the window will close and that installed FFmpeg Next we want to add our Replay mod to our minecraft so we’ll type %appdata% at the top here Then we’ll open up the .minecraft folder and go in to the mods folder If you don’t have this folder yet. Right click in the white area, choose new, choose folder and then name that folder ‘mods’ like it is right here. In small letters. I’ll just remove this one like so Open up the mods folder and just drag the replaymod.jar file in to it I already have the mod installed, its the same file, but yeah, you just want to drag it in there And that basically adds it to your minecraft When you did that, open up your mineraft and make sure here, in the drop-down menu, you choose forge and then press play I already opened it to save the whole loading time but as you can see, the mods, replay viewer and replay editor are right there Now i’ll go over over all the details on how this mod works in a later tutorial But just to show you quick that its working.

These are some of the recordings I already made for the pixel art 225 special we did earlier for you guys But if I load this up, you will see that it actually works completely There you go, that is the pixel art that we recorded And as i said before, we’ll go over how you can make recordings for your video’s in a later tutorial A detailed tutorial on how this mod works And there you go, now you have replay mod installed and you can start recording and editing your game play. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and if you did Hit that like button down there and share it with your friends Don’t forget to subscribe for more mod and build tutorials Thank you guys for watching and all your support I will see you in the next tutorial. Byeeeee ‘waves’.

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