How to build Medieval Rustc Tavern Inn Minecraft Tutorial Skyrim Riverwood tavern

Hello, my friends and welcome My name is Jay And today we are going to build the tavern or inn from Riverwood in Skyrim in the style of the medieval Village we are building together here on the channel In today’s tutorial we will be handling the structure itself and here is what you’ll need We are going to make a follow-up tutorial on this one for the landscaping around the tavern for those building the entire Village once it is completed Now lets get in to building First things first if you are building the entire village then start in line with the middle pathway of the marketplace 23 blocks away from the sidewalk of the main road with your first two pillars.

So that would need a pathway of 23 blocks and your first two pillars would be on the 24th block Make those five blocks high And then three blocks gap Place two logs, three blocks again and two logs Behind that we’ll leave a three block gap, and then we will place six logs with a one block gap between each one of them Around this corner. We’ll do that eight more times Then we’ll go to the back of the build and place four logs around that corner four again And then we’ll go back to the front of the build with four logs Then two to the side And after that we’ll place five more Then we’ll go back in two and four to the front Then in the front we want to place four more and go four to the back Now that last one, you want to extend that one with one more so it’s two blocks wide Then leave a three block gap, place two logs, three block gap, two log and three block gap after that you want to extend all pillars so they are five blocks high.

So add four blocks on each pillar With that done. We’ll go to the inside and we’ll do the concrete Now here we will have a door but leave a three block gap because the floor will be a one block higher than the grass To the right of that place two rows of concrete and to the left in these two as well Then on the sidewall we want to place a pillar five blocks high and one block away from the side again and then fill that middle gap with two rows of concrete Here as well two rows and a pillar We’ll do that three more times. So three times two rows and three blocks wide with two pillars in between Then we want to place two pillars with a one-book gap two times And bring those to five blocks high Leave a three blockgap, place a pillar one block gap, pillar. And fill that gap between those two with concrete then next to that two rows of concrete again On this side, it’s the same as the other side so two pillars and then two rows of concrete in between and in this corner as well And then here it’s the same as the opposite side as well So concrete pillar, two spruce wood pillars, a three block gap and then three more pillars now in the back of that gap the second block we want to place a concrete pillar as well.

This is where the ladders will be that go to the first floor we won’t have a staircase It’s going to be ladders in this build. Now these side squares here those are going to be bedrooms so leave a one block gap there for a door and then just go around it placing two rows of a white concrete And do the same in the opposite side.

Just make sure to leave that one block gap for a door Now with that done. We’ll make a little terrace here in the front and we’ll start on this corner block here we’ll connected to this wall and then also on the side here And then we just fill up that entire area. Now don’t forget that one block in the doorway after that place three stairs in the first gap Leave the second one open and then the third and fourth gap as well Leave that one open Then place nine fences, spruce wood fences on those stairs And then in those two gaps that we left open, we’ll place Spruce wood plank slabs Now again with Cobblestone stairs in those three block wide gaps in the front we’ll place two stairs in each of the gaps on both the sides and in these two gaps as well Then we want to place a normal and upside-down stair in each one block gap against the concrete going around the entire build now with that done We are going to start with the most annoying part And that’s the roof so just bring that across and then on every side you want to break the middle blocks each time and leave the Corner ones And then connect them with a crossbeam, So I’ll do a few a bit slower, and then I’ll speed it up it’s the same on every side you just want to connect all of them to the corners That way we have our outline to start our roof Place two more crossbeams here as well for that little roof above at the doorway And we’ll start with that one.

So on this side We want to place five stairs and come out one in the front and we’ll do the same on this side And then we’ll connect them going up with upside down and normal stairs until they meet up in the middle At the top, we’ll do upside down stair, normal stair, normal stair and then slab on top we want to continue with our stairs here following that crossbeam and come out one block here We’ll come out one block on this side as well and again connect them with upside down and normal stairs until they meet up in the middle Then again, we’ll make that little shape in the center Again we’ll continue with our stairs around the build until we reach the back of the build And there we have to build the exact same triangle we built in the front so, the big one we built over there So here as well come out one block and again build that triangle And at the top do that little special shape with the normal, upside down stair and then slab on top And then again we can continue with our stairs around the build and that should connect everything together Now for the next bit, with spruce wood stairs, we’ll go around the entire build connecting all those triangles on top of those cross beams we place to connect everything.

Don’t forget this little piece here This is a lot of stairs and a lot of work, but yeah, it’s a really complex roof, But right here we want to place two… Actually make that three blocks, and then we’ll connect that to the corner then we want to place a block and leave a one block gap each time Then also connect that to that corner. So extend that one and connect it with a crossbeam. so you have one block gaps each time We’ll do the same right here. So here we will have three gaps Up until that point and then two blocks in the middle That way you have three gaps there In the back It’s a lot more gaps. So we’ll start right there where the staircase will be. Well… the ladders We’ll place three blocks and connect it to the corner and then again One gap each time and connecting it Then we have two more small ones on this side as well, so again. We’ll start on that concrete here and here and then build those same shapes again now with that on we can start with our filling of the roofs, and then we can do the top roof as well So here its just two lines of spruce and then some slabs on top Then with cobblestone we’ll follow that top cross beam all the way to the corner here then to connect this to the other roof here, we want to place two rows of spruce wood And just stay away one block from the side there So against that top stair we’ll place a full block of cobblestone and then a cobblestone stair in between and then the gap below you just want to fill that with a spruce wood stair.

Straight ahead like that This is the same on each side It’s each time with a cobblestone full block to connect those two so I’ll go a little bit faster over these So cobblestone here, all the way to the corner, full block and then connect it to the roof Then we’ll build this triangular shape so here and here will come out one block and then again with upside down and normal stairs go up until they meet up in the middle and connect it with that special shape there And then we have two more corners we need to do So again we’ll start off with that same pattern towards that full Cobblestone block on the corner Cobblestone stairs here Full block and then connect that last line And then one more time on this side This roof is a lot of work, but it looks amazing when it’s done.

I really love this design And then here one more time we want to build that triangular shape. It’s the same size, so I’ll just skip that And now that we have the main shape of the roof done, we can connect them at the top. So this one we’ll just connect all the way across And then those small ones here We’ll place crossbeams as well bu we’ll bring them to the point where those full cobblestone blocks are like this And just go around the build, filling up that row completely then This is very simple.

It’s just straight lines, so I’ll just skip that part like that, and then here we’ll place some Cobblestone slabs on top so don’t forget to place that one block because we did have a gap there. On the other side you’ll have to do the same thing here Then again placing in those four last lines of spruce wood stairs… or three last lines We are going to place four slabs on both sides Then a stair. Leave a gap, and then a stair in the other direction with a full block in between we’ll do the same on this side and Then again we want to place four slabs on both sides and then in the middle you’ll have three more blocks open to do that same pattern again With that done, we can do the triangular shapes And the windows and all that. So… We can start decorating So we’ll extend those pillars to the roof and remove these We’ll also remove those two bottom blocks and place a crossbeam all the way across That is the shape you should have for the front and the back one.

So the back one is the exact same I’m only going to build it once and then you just have to repeat it in the back. So fill up that entire wall Let’s fill up those sides with Spruce wood fence first Then we want to place two Cobblestone stairs at the bottom with two fences on top and two walls on top of that and then we’ll place cross blocks like this So again spruce logs and just fill up that gap then punch out a two block window At the bottom we want to place a grass block with flowers on top and then a trapdoor. And also in the windows we are going to use trapdoors for this build instead of fence or bars or glass So the back side is the same So I’m not gonna build that again.

I’ll just copy paste that. But then this side is slightly different again So here we want to remove the third and fourth block like that, and then place a crossbeam Then at the top. I’ll have to peek Let’s have a look there okay, so we’ll start with the cross block here Then one block away from the sides we’ll place a pillar going all the way to the roof Now here at the top we want to place two rows like this again, And then we want to fill it up with white concrete and we’ll start against that crossbeam we placed Fill it up all the way to the roof One more block there, and then we’ll do the same pattern so stairs, fences and then walls at the top Grass block, flower on top and then trapdoors inside the window and against the grass block also place fences in here And at the bottom you want to place two fences on both sides as well And then once again you need to repeat that to the other side of the build with that done we’ll do the three windows in the front here and the door This won”t be a window.

We’ll just fill that wall up completely But here we’ll have a window. So two blocks on both sides. And then here as well Let’s move to the inside first and fill up that top line as well because we don’t want that to stay open then back on the outside we’ll place that same pattern so walls and fences and then flowers and all that in between with trap doors Now the only difference being is the door here We are just going to place two flower pots with flowers inside instead of a grass block in the middle Here at the top we wanna place a crossbeam as well and fill that up and then two rows of Dark oak stairs here And there as well And with that done. We’ll go around the build and on top of all those stairs we want to place a cross block in every one block gap. So just go around the build and do that everywhere Then we can move to the inside. So the first thing we want to do is cover up the grass with a layer of dark oak planks And then we’ll start here in the corner and fill up this wall up until that crossbeam at the top On the sides of the build we are going to leave those gaps open So there’s a little bit of light coming in from the sides and then for the rest you just want to fill in all the walls So here you have all those squares you have to fill in On this side It’s again those windows.

So leave those open And then we can do the bedrooms for that we just want to fill up those side walls completely and then here we’ll leave a gap for a door And then fill it up all the way to the roof And we’ll do the same in the other room as well So again leaving a gap for a door and then filling up all the sides and the front Fill up the ceiling as well with white concrete. That one layer. because the the ceiling itself will be one block lower and we don’t want that to be open So place two cross blocks like that, well…beams, and connect them on the sides And then in the middle we want to place another row, no, not like that.

This direction. So away from that window And then fill up those remaining gaps with dark oak slabs and do that again in the other bedroom as well I’ll just skip this part is the exact same thing Then we’ll start where those staircases are. So those ladders will be there, and we’ll bring that all the way across And connect it here as well, and then again all the way across to those two pillars We’ll do the same on the other side here Then we’ll fill up those three block gaps on both sides here with dark oak slabs at the top Now everywhere where you see a pillar in the sidewalls, you want to place a crossbeam like this so just follow that pattern of those pillars until you reach the two pillars where the ladders will be Then you actually want to start on the other side here So one block gap and then a three block gap like there That will leave you with a three block gap again in the middle In the center table place a crossbeam going all the way across of this entire room And then we’ll fill up all the gaps at the top with Dark oak wood slabs Now I am going to change one little thing on this side here, So we’ll remove these five and we’ll bring that middle one to above that window there So we’ll have to replace these two as well and change direction and then fill up those gaps with dark oak So let’s do that on the other side as well here it just looks better that way Then we can go to the first floor and fill up all those gaps with dark oak slabs at the top of those crossbeams where the ladders are going to be, those two one block gaps.

We’ll place two blocks Then three in that corner behind them There and here. Actually make that three blocks. Because we’ll have the floor so three blocks So add two more blocks on top of these And then we’ll place crossbeams right under the roof under those four stairs But not in the middle three gaps because we want to fill that up with white concrete So this is what it should look like then Then we’ll fill up this side wall completely with white concrete as well Here you want to also fill up that gap behind the side wall And do the same on this side as well And then we can place the ladders in.

So it’s seven ladders on both sides. That’s 14 ladders in total After that you can cover over the entire floor on this floor with dark oak wood planks Now we’ll place doors in and light it up a bit with torches it doesn’t really matter where you place the torches because we’ll do the interior in a next tutorial Then on the outside, that’s the last thing you need to do Fill up all those one-block gaps around the entire build on the first floor and bottom floor with trapdoors And also place two trapdoors on these pillars Soon we will add the interior and landscape for this build in a second part I hope you like the tavern so far and if you do… give it a like and share it with your friends And then I will give you the best Minecraft cookie you ever had.

‘yupyup’ Subscribe for more tutorials. And remember you can place requests in the comments below so let’s hear it. This was Jay. Thank you for watching and all your support, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye ‘waves’.

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