How to build end portal and common mistakes Minecraft 1 12 tutorial

Hello and welcome My name is Jay and I’ll be your guide for this tutorial In today’s tutorial we will have a look at how to build end portals and what the common mistakes are when trying to build these This is a question I have seen occurring on Facebook groups and forums quite a lot lately And I haven’t really found a tutorial that explains everything you need to know step by step So I hope this tutorial will really help you guys out But lets get right in to it The first thing we’ll do is have a look at the end portal block itself Because the way it looks is actually really important If you look at the top of the block, you have 2 V shapes And then two sides without V shapes Through one of the V shapes you have a darker green line running through it On the other one, the line is quite a bit lighter And that is whats important for the placement of these blocks If we look at the first example here And people would, well most people would thing this would work However.

If we look at these 3 blocks the V shapes are not pointed towards the center and that is why this portal is not working So these 3 are wrong If you look at the other ones, the V shapes are pointed towards the center and the dark lines are pointing outwards And that is what we want. Now how we place these blocks easily, once you decided where you want to have your 3 by 3 block portal You just stand in the center of your portal and place your blocks from that center block like this 3 on each side and then automatically your V shapes will point towards the center And your dark lines will be on the outside of the portal.

And that is what we want. The second common mistake is the eye of enders Now when I look on Facebook groups or forums, many times I just see a reply saying “Just make sure your eyes are pointed towards the center”. Well, in this case the eyes are all pointed towards the center. Then why is this not working? Lets have a closer look at an eye of ender That white dot in one of the corners, that is what matters here You want that dot to point outside like it is on these 3 sides But here we have one pointing inside Why is that? Because this block was placed from the outside of the portal Then your green line will point inwards and your eye of ender will be placed reversed automatically And that is why this portal is not working But as we placed our blocks correctly by standing in the center If we then place our eyes of ender on top of these blocks…

and it doesn’t matter in what order or where your camera points to If you placed the blocks correctly, your portal will work And there you go, that is how you do it I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you did Hit that like button down there and share it with your friends. Maybe you can help them out as well Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more video’s and tutorials And… Thank you guys for watching and all your support See you next time… Bye.. ‘waves’..

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