How to build a well – 3 design Minecraft tutorial

Hello and welcome My name is Jay and I’ll be your guide in this tutorial Today we will be going over 3 different well designs you can use for medieval, rustic, fantasy and desert builds But before we start, take a moment to visit the artists of the music you hear in this video You can find the links in the description bellow to gain access to their amazing music tracks Now lets get in to building The first well we’ll build is this one And we’ll start off with a 5 by 5 block square area on the ground How deep you make this well is entirely your choice but for this tutorial I made it 1 block deep We’ll start off with full blocks of cobblestone and we’ll leave one gap between each block Then with cobblestone stairs we’ll place 2 upside down stairs on the corners and in those gaps as well And we’ll just do that around that square area Then switch to wooden trapdoors and against each stairs in those centers we’ll place 2 wooden trapdoors Next we will switch to cobblestone wall and on each of the corners we’ll place 1 wall On top of each of the walls we’ll place 2 spruce wood fences And then on top of those fences we’ll add another wall 2, 3 and 4 And then with slabs, again in cobblestone, we’ll add 2 slabs at the top of that last wall and place 2 stairs to form a little corner So one more time.

Two slabs and two stairs like that And then 2 more times In between those stairs we’ll make a little curve shape by placing two upside down stairs 2 stairs, an upside down in between and a slab underneath One more time. 2 upside down stairs 2 normal stairs an upside down in between and a slab underneath And then just repeat that 2 more times Then we’ll go to the inside and place 2 glowstone across from each other Leave 2 sides without glowstone because we’ll need those sides later on On top of these walls we’ll place 3 spruce wood plank slabs so they come out a slab at the top And that is the start of our roof and we’ll just go up half slab each time to form little curve shapes like so Again doing that on the 4 sides And then we’ll place the crossbeam to hang our bucket from We’ll do that from the side where there is no glowstone and just come across and the two outer blocks, we’ll replace those with 2 upside down cobblestone stairs and that will make it look a lot better Then back to the roof with spruce wood planks again We’ll add 4 blocks coming out at the top.

I’ll remove that slab right there and then we’ll add 3 more blocks in each of the corners In those gaps between the blocks we want to add spruce wood stairs And then in that middle gap we’ll add 2 cobblestone slabs so it comes out half slab at the top Now for the bucket and the rope where the bucket is hanging from I used black stained glass to make it as dark as possible for the rope So just 2 of them and then for the bucket, to represent the bucket, I just used a cauldron You can fill that with water if you want to but for the tutorial I’ll just leave that empty And then we’ll add a few more slabs in the ceiling to make that look a little bit better 2 to cover up the glowstone and then 4 more, in each of the corners 1 to finish off that ceiling And that is the first well finished so lets move on to the second one The second design will be that one and we’ll start in the same fashion as the first one by placing a 5 block square in the ground And then again we’ll place blocks with one block gaps in between going around that square Now this time we’ll be placing cobblestone walls in the gaps instead of upside down stairs And on top of the corners we want to also place another wall On the corners we’ll place 2 stairs but this time not upside down but normal Then on top of the cobblestone walls we want to place one spruce fence on each one of them And on top of the spruce fence we will place one more cobblestone wall Then on top of these cobblestone walls we’ll place a full block of cobblestone Next, change to spruce wood and we’ll connect these blocks with side beams like this On the corners we’ll come out one block on each side going around the well Then add a button of each of those blocks that come out just to give it a little more detail With spruce, excuse me, cobblestone slabs we’ll add 4 slabs like that And then 2 upside down stairs, a normal stair and a slab underneath So upside down, normal and slab.

And then 2 more times With that done we’ll place a crossbeam in the center. The direction is your choice And then underneath in the center of those 3 blocks, we’ll add 2 spruce fences. and thats where we will attach the bucket to Now we’ll add a full block of spruce wood 2 slabs and 2 stairs behind that So slab, slab, full block and two stairs And then 2 more times And thats the start of our roof On top of that crossbeam we will be adding 2 glowstone blocks for the lighting And then at the top of this layer we want to place spruce wood slabs and that way there will be a little bit of light inside the well place 4 stairs like that and then come out half slab at the top with cobblestone And then lastly we just have to add the bucket, so a cauldron right under those fences And that is the second design finished Now lets move on to the third and final design For this last design I do want to mention a few things The way we are building this design in the tutorial is not really survival friendly because we are using end portals for decoration in this design However.

If you want to make this design survival friendly, you can replace those end portals with either birch wood planks. The same as in the roof or maybe even chiseled sandstone And you can probably find some other blocks that match it But yeah, the shape at the bottom is slightly different then the other 2 We’ll make a small little circle with 3 blocks on the sides, then 1 in the corner, 3 blocks again, 1 in the corner And just make a little circular pattern like that and again its 1 block deep for this tutorial Now we’ll start with end stone blocks on the corners so you’ll have to go in to the end if you want to build it on survival Then we’ll add end portals on top with eyes of ender on top of that In the corners between those end blocks, we’ll place 2 sandstone slabs like that And then on top of the eyes of ender we want to place 2 birch wood fences I went for a lighter shade for this so it matches the whole desert theme kind of build that this is meant for In the center we’ll place stairs.

Now these are just temporary so we can easily place these stairs against them And then you can just break that middle one And we’ll just do that on the four sides Then we’ll go to the inside, so the center of the well and we’ll place upside down stairs between those so you have that little shape like that Then 2 more times On top of the fences we’ll place end portals once again with eyes of ender on top of those And again, use a different block when you build this on survival. There’s plenty of blocks that will match this build So just play around a bit with that On top of the eyes of ender we’ll place sandstone slabs and then birch wood slabs against them on each corner In between those gaps that remain, we’ll just place a sandstone stair Then..; we want to have that little circular pattern we have at the bottom at the top as well So we’ll place 3 slabs and break those first 2, and place 2 stairs against them so you have this little shape I’ll do that one more time 1, 2, 3 slabs break the first 2 and 2 stairs against it and then just repeat that 2 more times on the remaining 2 sides For the next bit we’ll do the roof and what we want to do first is…

In those corners we want to place a full block of birch wood planks Then we’ll place a crossbeam in, i think i used, yes, oak wood for this and the direction is again your choice For the rope i went for the same stained glass again because it matches this one a lot better then fence Then at the top we’ll add 4 more sandstone slabs in a little cross pattern like this To finish the roof we’ll place 1 more end portal with an eye of ender on top And then all we need to do is light it up by placing 2 torches on the sides of that crossbeam and your bucket right under those glass stained panes right there And that finishes the 3rd design I’ll also have a view on the previous 2 designs And then we can call this the end of this tutorial I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and if you did Hit that like button down there subscribe to the channel for more video’s just like this one Don’t forget to share it with your friends so they can enjoy this build as well With that, thank you guys for watching and all your support And I will see you in the next tutorial…

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